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KING Mackenzie

( Prime Minister of Canada.)

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Biography KING Mackenzie
Born December 17, 1874 in Berlin (now Kichener) (Ontario). He graduated from the University of Toronto, Chicago and Harvard. In 1900 was appointed Deputy Minister of Labor. His duties included editing the newspaper the Labor Gazette '(' Labour Gazette '). Participated in the elaboration of the 1907 settlement of labor disputes.
In 1909 he was elected to the House of Commons from the County of Waterloo, subsequently appointed Minister of Labor in the cabinet of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Has pioneered the adoption of laws that strengthen the state's role in the control of corporations, trusts and cartels. During the election campaign in 1911 supported the policy of the Government on the development of trade relations with the U.S..

In 1914, King became the director of research programs at the Rockefeller Foundation and worked at Dzh.Rokfellera and his son's adviser on labor relations. Participated in the creation of the trade union of coal and ore Colorado company. Served as adviser on labor relations in the large American industrial corporations. Wrote the book Industry and Humanity (Industry and Humanity, 1918), in which he outlined his views on the role of the state and labor relations.

After the death of Laurier in 1919, King was elected leader of the Liberal Party. Was re-elected in 1925. As prime minister in 1921, King held a conservative domestic policies. In the elections of 1925 the Liberal Party has lost the votes. Allegations of corruption in the apparatus of the Customs Department have led to the defeat of the Government in the House of Commons. King advised the Governor-General Lord Bingu to dissolve parliament and call new elections, but Bing did not follow this advice and asked the leader of the Conservatives form a government Meygenu. Meygen, having failed to secure a majority in the House of Commons, also called for the dissolution of Parliament. At this time the proposal was accepted. In the elections of 1926 King urged voters to support the constitutional principle, which states that the Governor-General is obliged to follow the advice of his ministers.

The parliamentary crisis in 1926 provoked a debate about the relationship between the Dominion and the British Government. The independent status of the Dominions in the Commonwealth and the international community was assigned to the Statute of Westminster (1931).

The Great Depression of 1929 led to the defeat of the Liberals in elections 1930. In 1935, King again took the post of prime minister. Support policies of British Prime Minister N. Chamberlain, which was based on moderate rearmament, coupled with the concessions, which were thought to contribute to the pacification of Germany. After the entry of Canada into World War II King was closely linked with the course of its policy of U.S..

Within two years after the war King actively supported the establishment of the UN. In August 1948, resigned as leader of the Liberal Party, and on 15 November 1948 - with the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament. King died in Kingsmire near Ottawa July 22, 1950.

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KING Mackenzie, photo, biography
KING Mackenzie, photo, biography KING Mackenzie  Prime Minister of Canada., photo, biography
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