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Noel Coward (Coward Noel)

( English playwright, actor, composer and director.)

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Biography Noel Coward (Coward Noel)
photo Noel Coward (Coward Noel)
Born December 16, 1899 in Teddington, near London. Received primary schooling, in 1910 appeared on the stage in the troupe Ch Hotri gained prominence as an actor-boy. In 1918, while serving in the army. In 1920, played in the play's own writings leave it at your discretion (I'll Leave It To You), in 1922 - also in his play Fresh idea (The Young Idea), but in both cases go unnoticed and as a writer, and as an actor. Wrote several songs and skits for the show London roll (London Calling, 1923), but the real recognition brought him play Whirlpool (Vortex, 1924), the main role in which he wrote for himself. And although after a Maelstrom Coward were failures, followed by reputation as one of the best British playwrights. The most popular comedy Hay Fever (Hay Fever, . 1925), . musical revue in this year of the Lord (This Year of Grace, . 1928) and the sorrows and joys (Bitter Sweet, . 1929), . well as the drama of life's Eve (Private Lives, . 1930), . Cavalcade (Cavalcade, . 1931) and plans for life (Design for Living, . 1932),
. Nine one-act plays set out under the general title this evening at eight-thirty (Tonight at 8:30, 1935), gave the author an opportunity to show himself in the acting capacity, while virtually denying them the fate of the stage. In 1937 he published an autobiographical book, an eyewitness account (Present Indicative) and then began writing short stories, a compilation of the way of another (To Step Aside, 1939)
. At the beginning of World War II Coward worked as a propagandist in the British information management; this experience formed the basis for his scenario where we serve (In Which We Serve, . 1942), . which he made an impressive film about the involvement in the fighting of the British Navy, . played a major role in it,
. Before his cinematic experience was limited to the execution in 1917, a cameo in the film D. W. Griffith and leadership - in the film Fraudster (1934).

In 1943, Coward traveled with concerts at the front, then reflecting his impressions in his diary the Middle East (Middle East Diary, 1944). During the war he also wrote three plays: carefree spirit (Blithe Spirit, 1941), This laughter (Present Laughter, 1943) and Lucky offspring (This Happy Breed, 1943); the latest Coward in 1944 made a film. In 1945 he set revue No more sighs (Sigh No More) and the film fleeting encounters (Brief Encounter), building on the one-act play from tonight, at eight thirty. Romantic musical Pacific, 1860 (Pacific, 1860) was shown at the end of 1946. Memoirs Coward of World War II Uncertain Future (Future Indefinite) came out in 1954. Among the later plays of the playwright - Nude with violin (Nude with Violin, 1956), Waiting for Release (Waiting in the Wings, 1960), swam (Sail Away, 1961) and the House for three (Suite in Three Keys, 1966). Coward wrote two novels - The flame of battle, and the triumph of victory (Pomp and Circumstance, 1960), and pretty Polly Barlow (Pretty Polly Barlow, 1964). In 1967 was elevated to the dignity of knighthood. Coward died in Jamaica March 26, 1973.

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Noel Coward (Coward Noel), photo, biography
Noel Coward (Coward Noel), photo, biography Noel Coward (Coward Noel)  English playwright, actor, composer and director., photo, biography
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