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KRASS Marcus Licinius (Marcus Licinius Crassus)

( Roman political figure, who was with Caesar and Pompey in the so-called first triumvirate.)

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Biography KRASS Marcus Licinius (Marcus Licinius Crassus)
(ok.113 - 53 BC), nicknamed Dives (rich)
Crassus came from an ancient and rich Roman gens. His father and brother died during the proscriptions Maria in 87 BC, but he managed to flee to Spain, joined Sulla after his return to the East. It Krass, commanding the right wing, most of the credit belongs to the victory of Sulla over the forces of the supporters of Mary in the decisive battle near Kollinskih gates in Rome (82 BC). Skillfully exploiting the property confiscated from the victims of Sulla, Crassus multiplied its already considerable status, firmly linking their financial interests with the activities of riders. He himself, however, chose a career and became a senator of Pretoria (approximately. 73 BC). Then Crassus stood at the head of the army and defeated in 72-71 BC. slave revolt led by Spartacus in southern Italy. Pompey played down the success of Crassus, arguing that only his victory over his way to the North brought an end to the remnants of the insurgent rebellion. Although Crassus and Pompey did not trust each other, they deemed it advisable to unite to achieve power and made the election of consuls for 70 BC. Coming to power, they abolished sullanskuyu constitution, restore the post of tribune of the people and gave part of the bench estate riders.

Crassus opposed bills Gabinius and Manila to confer Pompey extraordinary powers. Moreover, while Pompey had fought in the East (67-63 BC), Crassus has provided political support of Julius Caesar and has taken various steps in order to strengthen their position at the time of the return of Pompey. In 65 BC, being in the position of censor, Crassus spoke in favor of the accession of Egypt and giving the status of Roman citizens residents Tsizalpiyskoy Gaul. In 64 BC. Crassus supported at the consular election candidate Catiline, and in 63 BC. promoted the bill on the distribution of public lands. Krass also suspected of involvement in the conspiracy of Catiline.

All conceived Crassus failed, but returned to Italy, Pompey disbanded his troops (62 BC). Moreover, Crassus and Pompey soon became allies. When the Senate tried to humiliate Pompey, he joined Crassus and Caesar (60 BC), and together they formed the first triumvirate - Union, over the years defined the political life of Rome. In 57 BC. relationship between Pompey and Crassus flared up again, but following a meeting in Luke (56 BC) consent was restored, t.ch. they again occupied the post of co-consul in 55 BC, after which should have been for a long time to obtain authority in the provinces. At the end of that year, Crassus led forces went into Syria, down the grand plans to gain Parthia and expansion of the Roman state to the borders of India. In 54 BC. he invaded Parthia in 53 BC. suffered a crushing defeat for Carr, killer of his son, Army, and in the end of life (Crassus was killed while trying to negotiate with the Parthians).

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    KRASS Marcus Licinius (Marcus Licinius Crassus), photo, biography
    KRASS Marcus Licinius (Marcus Licinius Crassus), photo, biography KRASS Marcus Licinius (Marcus Licinius Crassus)  Roman political figure, who was with Caesar and Pompey in the so-called first triumvirate., photo, biography
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