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Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis)

( English children's writer, mathematician, logician.)

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Biography Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis)
photo Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis)
(1832-1898; present. name - Latuidzh Charles Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
Born January 27, 1832 in Darsberi near Warrington (Cheshire). Charles Latuidzh was the third child and eldest son in the family, which had four boys and seven girls. Formation of the young Dodgson to twelve years in his father, then a boy identified in grammar school, Richmond. Eighteen months later, he went to Rugby School,. Here he studied for four years, demonstrating outstanding abilities in mathematics and theology. In May, 1850 was enrolled in Christ Church College, Oxford University, and in January the following year he moved to Oxford. Having won the competition for a scholarship Boulter in 1851 and was honored distinction of the first class in mathematics and second in classical languages and ancient literature in 1852, the young man was admitted to the scientific work. In 1855 he was appointed lecturer in mathematics and remained in that position until his retirement in 1881. Dodgson lived at the college until his death in 1898.
A large number of books and pamphlets on mathematics and logic suggests that Dodgson was a conscientious member of a learned society. Among them - Algebraic analysis of the fifth book of Euclid (The Fifth Book of Euclid Treated Algebraically, . 1858 and 1868), . Synopses on algebraic planimetry (A Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry, . 1860), . An elementary guide to the theory of determinants (An Elementary Treatise on Determinants, . 1867) and Euclid and his modern rivals (Euclid and His Modern Rivals, . 1879), . Mathematical curiosities (Curiosa Mathematica, . 1888 and 1893), . Symbolic Logic (Symbolic Logic, . 1896),

Children interested Dodgson from a young age, still a boy, he invented the game, wrote stories and poems and drew pictures for younger brothers and sisters. Unusually strong attachment to the Dodgson children (with girls almost drove the boys from the circle of his friends) has puzzled his contemporaries, . latest same critics and biographers do not cease to multiply the number of psychological investigations of personality of the writer,

From childhood friends Dodgson is most famous for those with whom he had befriended earlier all - children Liddell, the dean of his college: Harry, Lorina, Alice (Alice), Edith, Rhoda and Violet. Favorite was Alice, soon became a heroine of improvisation, which Dodgson entertained his young friends on the river trips or at home, in front of camera. The most extraordinary story he told Lauren, Alice and Edith Liddell and the Canon Dakuortu July 4, 1862 near Godstou, in the Upper Thames. Alice Dodgson persuaded to write this story on paper than he was engaged in over the next few months. Then, . on the advice of Henry Kingzli and Dzh.Makdonalda, . he rewrote the book for a wider readership, . adding a few more stories, . first tell children Liddell, . and in July 1865 he has published The Adventures of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland),
. Continued, . also from the early stories and later stories, . elicited young Liddell in the Charlton-King, . near Cheltenham, . April 1863, . came out at Christmas 1871 (listed 1872), entitled Through the Looking Glass and What it saw Alice (Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There),
. Both books are illustrated by D. Tennel (1820-1914), follow exactly the instructions Dodgson.

And Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass talk about events that take place as if in a dream. Fragmentation of the narrative allows the writer of the episodes include stories, . which play with the restructuring sayings and sayings, . like 'smiling Cheshire Cat' or 'Mad Hatter', . a funny unfolding situation such games, . as croquet or cards,
. Through the mirror in comparison with Wonderland differs greater unity of plot. Here, Alice falls into the "mirror image world and becomes involved in a chess game, where a pawn of the White Queen (this is Alice) reaches the eighth cell itself becomes a queen. In this book, too, have the popular nursery rhyme characters, including Humpty Dumpty (Humpty Dumpty), with comic-professorial air would treat 'invented' words in 'Jabberwocky' ( 'Jabberwocky').

We Dodgson attractively humorous poems and some poems from the books of Alice, he published in 'Comic-Times' (annex to the newspaper 'The Times') in 1855 and in the journal 'Train' in 1856. He has published many poetry collections in these and other periodicals, . such, . as 'College Raymz' and 'Punch', . anonymously or under a pseudonym Lewis Carroll (first was Latinized English name Charles Latvidzh - get Carolus Lyudovikus, . then both names are reversed, and were re anglicize),
. This pseudonym was signed two books about Alice and collections of poetry Phantasmagoria (Phantasmagoria, 1869), Poetry? Meaning? (Rhyme? And Reason?, 1883) and Three of the sunset (Three Sunsets, 1898). Fame was also a verse epic in the genre of nonsense Snark Hunting (The Hunting of the Snark, 1876). Roman Silvia and Bruno (Sylvie and Bruno, 1889) and his second volume Conclusion Sylvie and Bruno (Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, 1893) are complex compositions and mixing elements of a realistic story and a fairy tale.

Carroll died in Guildford on Jan. 14, 1898.

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Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis), photo, biography
Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis), photo, biography Lewis Carroll (Carroll Lewis)  English children's writer, mathematician, logician., photo, biography
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