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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth)

( American poet.)

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Biography Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth)
photo Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth)
Born February 27, 1807 in Portland (pc. Man). In 1825, while Nathaniel Hawthorne graduated from Bowden College, where he was offered a position as professor of modern languages. Preparing for her, he spent three and a half years traveling through France, Spain, Italy and Germany, studying European languages and getting the history and culture of Europe. From 1829 to 1835 he taught at Bowden College, married in 1831 and released a collection of travel essays Ocean (Outre-Mer). In 1835, Harvard University, Longfellow invited for the same position, and he, before you start work again traveled to Europe. During the trip his wife died, he returned home in late 1836 and began teaching at Harvard, where he remained until 1854.
In the first poetic collection Longfellow Night voices (Voices of the Night, 1839) was published poem Psalm of life, earned him glory in all sectors of society. Ballads and other poems (Ballads and Other Poems, 1842) included the loss of 'Evening Star', The Village Blacksmith, and Excelsior. In 1843, he remarried and bought a house in Cambridge. Large, . unrhymed dactylic hexameter poem Evangeline: Prairie Acadian story (Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie, . 1847) tells of his travels expelled from Acadia (province in Canada) in 1755 and separated lovers, despite the heavy size and excessive sentimentality, . Longfellow's poem is a masterpiece,
. In his mature years of family happiness, he also created the Golden Legend (The Golden Legend, . 1851), . The Song of Hiawatha (The Song of Hiawatha, . 1855) and the narrative poem in rhyming hexameter Courtship Miles Standish (The Courtship of Miles Standish, . 1858), . plot which is based on folk tales and historical evidence about the event, . what happened in New England at the dawn of colonization,

Unrhymed chetyrehstopnym trochee narrative poem The Song of Hiawatha owes its appearance G. R. Schoolcraft (1793-1864), who published the legends Ojibwe Indians, and the size of the Finnish epic Kalevala. Hiawatha overestimated, wrongly calling a truly Indian epics: in fact, it was a new phenomenon of literature romanticism. A young American Indian Hiawatha, reared in the Ojibwe tribe, as a child learned the language of birds and animals. Magic gloves give him supernatural powers, magic moccasins can do each step of a mile. They help him pay his due to his father, Medzhekivisu, the personification of the West Wind, for evil, that he caused his mother, Venone. Being the leader of the tribe, Hiawatha protects him for many years cloudless peace. His marriage to Maid Minnehaha celebrate the feast and song, but in the end, death, famine, and white men are destroying the Indians. Hiawatha friends are dying, dying Minnehaha, and Hiawatha himself, giving his people the Council to adopt a new religion of white clergymen, sailed to the Islands of the Blessed

. The tragic death of his second wife in 1861 Longfellow plunged into a deep depression, . but the cycle of poems, stories roadside hotel (Tales of a Wayside Inn), . The race which included Paul Revere, . The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levy and the Saga of King Olaf, . testified about his creative rebirth,
. Stories came out in three editions in 1863, 1872 and 1874 (single volume was published in 1886). Longfellow used this framework to the track on the model Dzh.Chosera and Dzh.Bokkachcho: poem (of 21) are presented as the history, alternately narrated in the warm company fireside rural hotels. For several years, he translated the Divine Comedy by Dante. The result of this work (three volumes, 1865-1867) was a very literate literal translation of the text unrhymed terza rima. In recent years, Longfellow's life was suffering from rheumatism, but never lost courage and spirit of efficiency. Longfellow died in Cambridge (Massachusetts) March 24, 1882.

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth), photo, biography
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth), photo, biography Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Longfellow Henry Wadsworth)  American poet., photo, biography
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