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SVO Charles

( English essayist, critic, poet.)

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Biography SVO Charles
photo SVO Charles
Born February 10, 1775 in London. His father, John Lamb, served on the minor positions in the law firm of Samuel Salt. In eight years, Lamb was determined in a London school 'Shelter of Christ'. There ensuing friendship with ST Coleridge largely determine their future destiny of literature.
Leaving school at the fifteenth year of life, Lam worked as a clerk in various small firms to obtain in 1792 places in the East India Company, where he served for thirty-three years until retirement. For literary studies he remained only his leisure hours, but despite this, he managed to enter the circle of the most popular British essayist, was a wonderful storyteller, stories for children, a writer of poems and a master of fine epistolary genre.

Early writings Lema not foreshadowed his later achievements. The first published works saw the light in 1796 - four sonnets in the collection of poems on various subjects (Poems on Various Subjects), compiled by Coleridge. Two years later he made his first appearance as a writer, published a story Rosamund Gray (Rosamund Gray), and published several essays in the book blank verse (Blank Verse), drawn up jointly with Charles Lloyd, who patronized the Coleridge. One of these poems, the familiar old faces (The Old Familiar Faces), sounds very sad notes of sensitivity and strain is characteristic of many early writings Lema.

Worthy of mention are two literary ventures Lema, relating to the early period of his work, though, because he turned to the new genre. Two experiences in drama were not successful. The tragedy of John Vudvil (John Woodvil, 1801 or 1802) only appeared in the press and subjected to ridicule the reviewer in the 'Edinburgh Review'. Fars Mr. G... (Mr. H. ..) waited for performances on stage in 1806, but the prime minister was booed, and the author of the play complacently joined the public.

The situation started to straighten out since 1807, when they were published well-known stories from Shakespeare, written Lemom in collaboration with sister Mary (1764-1847). These stories were intended for children and represented a prose retelling of fourteen comedies and six tragedies of Shakespeare. All told the comedy Mary, according to several characteristics, the collection plan and its composition belonged primarily to her, although her name not mentioned in an edition in her lifetime. The success was confirmed in next year's publication of the book The English dramatic poets, contemporaries of Shakespeare (Specimens of the English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare).

For non-specialists and the broad readership the most significant interest is another important achievement Lema - essay Essays Elie (Essays of Elia; rus. translated 1979). Almost all the essays first appeared in the magazine 'London Magazine' ( 'London Magazine') in 1820-1825, although some essays were published in 1810 and 1811 in the journal 'Reflector', the publication of Lee Hunt. It is worth noting that almost all of the best works Lema appeared after publication of the Collected Works (Works) in 1818. It seems that the peak in the genre of the essay he reached the publication of a collection of essays in 1823 by Elie. In 1833 came the additional volume, New Essays Elie (Last Essays of Elia), which along with later were placed the best essays from the first volume.

On retirement after the 1827 Lam left London, having left with his sister, first in Enfield, and then in Edmonton, where after a short illness, died Dec. 27, 1834.

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SVO Charles, photo, biography
SVO Charles, photo, biography SVO Charles  English essayist, critic, poet., photo, biography
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