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Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre)

( French novelist, art critic, a statesman.)

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Biography Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre)
photo Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre)
Born November 3, 1901 in Paris, the son of banker. He studied at the Lycц╘e Condorcet and the National School of Oriental Languages, was fond of anthropology, archeology and history. In 1924 undertook a trip to Indochina, and after 1925 he moved to China. Here he became intimate with the revolutionary parties and for several years actively supported the Communists. Up to 1927 participated in the advocacy of revolutionary groups of Canton and Shanghai, Chiang Kai-shek after the break with its allies, the Communists returned to Europe.
The first book of the writer, The Temptation of the West (La Tentation de l'Occident, 1926), represents the Chinese ideological dispute with the Europeans. Roman conquerors (Les Conqurants, 1928) is based on real events - an attempt to make a revolution in Canton. Roman King's Road (La Voie royale, 1930) - an attempt psychological thriller against the backdrop of the ancient temples of Cambodia.

World fame brought the writer a recognized masterpiece of a novel human destiny (La Condition humaine, 1933). In the center of it - a conspiracy to create a new China, along with the Chinese revolutionaries in the enterprise involved several European adventure store, most of the conspirators are killed as a result of betrayal. Malraux has published three novels - Years of contempt (Le Temps du mpris, . 1935), . where the action takes place in a German prison, Hope (L'Espoir, . 1937), . perhaps, . best book about the Spanish Civil War and the saddest of all the novels of Andre Malraux, and rather abstract and ideological novel Walnut Altenburg (Les Noyers de l'Altenbourg, . 1942),

After 1933 Malraux with arms to defend their political beliefs, traveled a lot, getting acquainted with the monuments. During the Spanish Civil War was a pilot in the service of the Republic. However, the atrocities committed by the Communists, and anarchy in the camp of the Republicans soon forced him to revise his views. During the Second World War, Malraux fought in the first tank corps of the French Army, then went underground, became the hero of the Resistance and ended the war, Colonel of the regular army.

After 1945, along with a variety of works devoted to politics, film and literature, Malraux published many articles in Contemporary Art. His writings on this subject are collected in the books Voices of Silence (Les Voix du silence, 1951) and metamorphosis of the gods (La Mtamorphose des dieux, 1957). In 1958, when de Gaulle came to power again, Malraux got the portfolio of Minister of Cultural Affairs.

In 1967, Malraux published autobiography Antimemuary (Antimmoires). Equally irresistible attraction, like his novels, it has fragmented, impressionist style, and describes the dramatic scene, the spirit of the time and philosophical conversations with such personalities as Jawaharlal Nehru and Mao Zedong. In his book The cut off oaks (Les Chnes qu'on abar, 1972) reproduced the conversation with de Gaulle, Malraux. Malraux died in Paris on 23 November 1976.

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Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre), photo, biography
Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre), photo, biography Andre Malraux (Malraux Andre)  French novelist, art critic, a statesman., photo, biography
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