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Edouard MANET (Manet Edouard)

( French painter and graphic artist.)

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Biography Edouard MANET (Manet Edouard)
Born in Paris on January 23, 1832 in the family of senior officials. In 1850-1856 he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, Tom Couturat (1815-1879), one of the most famous French artists, academics of the time. Manet constantly quarreled with his teacher, he sought to convey 'real light of day' and 'writing life at different times as it is'. The artist believed that reached this goal in a painting Absinth Drinker (1859, Copenhagen, New Carlsberg Glyptotek). In the same dark coloring that Absinth Drinker, written by Music in the Tuileries (1860, London, National Gallery). On this canvas, which represents a charming portrait of Parisian society, shows almost all members of the family Manet, his friends and acquaintances, including J. Offenbach, C. Baudelaire, T. Gautier.
In 1863, Manet created his first major work - Breakfast on the Grass (Paris, Museum п?'п·я€я?п?), cloth, literally filled with light. The picture was criticized for, . that the artist has constructed a composition of the central group on the basis of engravings of Marcantonio Raimondi, . made a drawing by Raphael, . giving it a modern look, . as well as for, . that he dared to depict men wearing next to a completely naked woman,

That same year, Manet painted Olympia (Paris, museum п?'п·я€я?п?), which is depicted lying on the bed naked girl, which the maid-black woman brings a bouquet of flowers - a plot that goes back through Goya to Titian and Giorgione. The painting was exhibited at the Salon of 1865 and was subjected to fierce attacks critics. In 1866 he began the friendship with Manet impressionist Monet. Together with C. Pissarro, A. Sisley, Edgar Degas, Cezanne, and P. PO Renoir, they created a group, the head of which was Manet. Influenced by the Impressionists Manet became a lighter color, though he did not accept their way of imposing on canvas smears additional colors.

The picture Flutist (1866, Paris, Museum п?'п·я€я?п?) depicts a young soldier, playing the flute. It could serve as a preparatory work for paintings Execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. There are four versions of the last composition: the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; in the National Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Art in Copenhagen (all - 1867) and the Kunsthalle in Mannheim. Through precise realism and impartiality of the picturesque interpretations of this product surpasses all contemporary paintings on historical themes. Breakfast in the studio (1868, Munich, Neue Pinakothek), and Portrait of Emile Zola (1868, Paris, Museum п?'п·я€я?п?) clearly show how increased skill Mane.

During these years the artist first achieved public recognition. Art of Manet becomes more direct, self-sufficient and simple, natural and modern. He wrote to his friend Claude Monet and his wife in the boat, which they called 'floating studio' (1874, Munich, Neue Pinakothek), and in the same year, creates a sheet Evening (Tour, Museum of Fine Arts), which also depicts two figures in a boat. Other major works of this period - Nana (1876-1877, Hamburg, Kunsthalle), Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Jules Guimet in the greenhouse (1879, Berlin, National Gallery) and in the pub my dad Lyatyuil (1879, Tour, Museum of Fine Arts ). In these works the art of Manet reached maximum ripeness and perfection.

From 1879 Manet often painted portraits of friends and still lifes, the last of artistic purity and completeness are among the best creations of the master. In the last period of life Manet worked a lot in pastels.

The last major work of Manet - Paintings Bar at the Folies-Bergц?re (1881, London, Courtauld Institute). In her reflections on the background of light and reflections in the mirror, he portrayed a young girl at the bar and, perhaps unconsciously created an image of anonymity and the emptiness of urban life. The artist was planning to write a series of canvases - allegories of the four seasons, . which should embody four of his friends, . but was able to complete only two - Spring, . which served as a model for Jeanne Demarsi (1881, . private collection), . and Autumn, . where the model was Marie Lara (1882-1883, . Nancy, . Museum of Fine Arts),
. In these rich color paintings with astonishing skill handed fullness of life.

Manet died in Paris on April 30, 1883. Among the students were masters of his daughter Berthe Morisot and Eva Gonzales.

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Edouard MANET (Manet Edouard), photo, biography
Edouard MANET (Manet Edouard), photo, biography Edouard MANET (Manet Edouard)  French painter and graphic artist., photo, biography
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