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Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward)

( English Cardinal, one of the prominent church leaders in England (along with Newman and Uayzmanom), referred to Catholicism.)

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Biography Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward)
photo Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward)
Born July 15, 1808 in Totteridzhe (county of Hertfordshire). He studied at Harrow with Director, Dr. Dzh.Batlere, who once studied by Lord Byron. Then went to Balliol College, Oxford University, where his best friend was the future Prime Minister William Gladstone Y.. Manning entered the college debating society, which they in turn led Gladstone. Both were devout Anglican. In those years, Gladstone wanted to become a priest, and Manning had dreamed of a career politician, but in the future, their roles have changed: Gladstone became a member of Parliament, while Manning studied theology and began teaching at Merton College, Oxford University. In 1833, became a priest, he was coming, and married Caroline Sargent, getting a W. Wilberforce, the future Bishop of Oxford. Four years later, Manning's wife died, leaving no children.
Manning, 1841 - Archdeacon of Chichester (1841), in subsequent years he became a member of a so-called. High Church (Anglican Church in the direction tending to Catholicism), and just about had to become a bishop. However, when the authorities of the Anglican Church did not adopt a priest because of the unorthodoxy of his views, Manning finally lost faith in Anglicanism. He entered the Jesuit community in London and June 16, 1851 celebrated his first Mass. While studying in Rome, Manning won the position of Pope Pius IX. He founded the Congregation of St. wafers. Charles in Beysuotere and gathered around him a lot konvertitov, became chief adviser to Cardinal Wiseman, the first archbishop of Westminster (the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church in England). During the Crimean War, he had a spiritual and material support to the British nurse Florence Nightingale, sending her to help a group of Irish Sisters of Mercy. Despite fierce resistance from the Catholic conservatives who predicted successor Uayzmanu Erringtona archbishop, the Pope raised Manning (a former provost, ie. rector of the cathedral) to the rank of archbishop of Westminster (1865). Cardinal Manning was only in 1875, which was associated with a hostile attitude towards him after the Vatican, where he headed ultramontane parties with the dogma of papal infallibility (1870).

Manning has the consent of Gladstone to introduce a bill to Parliament on self-government (home rule) for Ireland (rejected by the House of Lords in 1893). He supported the Union of Agricultural Workers and took an active part in the London dockers' strike (1889). The victory of the workers, often called 'cardinals' world', was the hour of birth of the British Labor Party. As archbishop, Manning has provided strong opposition to Cardinal Newman, whom he almost stopped on the threshold of the Vatican College of Cardinals. He was able to thwart the plans of the Jesuits in regard to its educational policies, and the bull, which he obtained from Pope Leo XIII, since the effect on the activities of all religious orders.

Manning died in London on January 14, 1892.

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Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward), photo, biography
Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward), photo, biography Henry Edward Manning (Manning Henry Edward)  English Cardinal, one of the prominent church leaders in England (along with Newman and Uayzmanom), referred to Catholicism., photo, biography
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