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Henry Moore (Moore Henry)

( English sculptor.)

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Biography Henry Moore (Moore Henry)
Continued the tradition of monumental figurative sculpture, and enriched it with new artistic methods of formation. In the work of Moore's tendency aimed at the development of 'open form', his aim was to transfer the interaction of plastic mass and space, as the surrounding sculpture, and a prisoner inside her.
Moore was born July 30, 1898 in Castleford (Yorkshire). After the First World War, he studied at Leeds College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, where he taught from 1924 to 1932, he left his job at the college only once for travel in Italy. Moore always been interested in sculpture of Ancient Greece, the Etruscans and the Maya. Under the influence of this interest, as well as ideas of 'loyalty to the materials' made by the critic Roger Fry, he turned to the creation of stressed material forms as representing the natural, earthy Home. On this basis, built his sculptures, which are dominated by female figures and compositions on the theme of family and motherhood. At first his work was close enough to real objects, and later acquired the abstract.

Personal exhibition of Moore in the Museum of Modern Art in New York brought him fame as one of the best masters 20 in. In 1948 at the Venice Biennale exhibition, he won an international prize, and in 1953 - the same prize at the Biennale in Sao Paulo. Among his numerous works of art - sculptural buildings for the magazine 'Times' in London, for the UNESCO building in Paris, the Bank Lambert in Brussels and the Lincoln Center in New York.

The astonishing artistic integrity of his work is unparalleled in the history of sculpture. Forms smoothly and seamlessly into one another, sometimes forming a deepening and gaping emptiness, 'hole'. However, Moore never dealt with problems of pure form, . he was interested in images, . reminiscent of natural forms: the ancient stones, . hewn elements over many centuries, the mountain cave, . washed underground streams; embryos in the mother's womb, the human body as an integrated organic system,

Artistic image represents the master as it originally existing in the material itself, and only waited for him to release the sculptor's chisel. Moore created his composition in wood, stone, bronze, concrete and terracotta, as well as performed a number of works in wood and lead, parts of which were fastened tightly stretched string or copper wire. In the style of his watercolors and drawings of the pen was the embodiment of the increased susceptibility of the master to the realities of reality, . but even in the compositions, . made during the Second World War in the London underground during the German air raids, . central point of identifying the most significant, . generalized forms of the human body, . and emotions and personality patterns play a secondary role,

Moore died at his home near Mach-Hedhem (county of Hertfordshire) 31 August 1986.

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Henry Moore (Moore Henry), photo, biography
Henry Moore (Moore Henry), photo, biography Henry Moore (Moore Henry)  English sculptor., photo, biography
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