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Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (Musset Louis Charles Alfred de)

( French writer.)

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Biography Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (Musset Louis Charles Alfred de)
Born December 11, 1810 in Paris. After a brilliant college after graduating from Henry IV, tried to study medicine, law and art, but then opted for literature. Musset talent is quite apparent in his first collection, which has become quite popular with the public, - Spanish and Italian story (Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie, 1829). The failure of the play Venetian Night (La Nuit vnitienne, 1830) so affected Musset that continue to write comedy as read-only (the collection performance in the chair - Un Spectacle dans un fauteuil, 1832). Of the play mouth and a bowl (La Coupe et les lvres) - a truly romantic drama, . where rampant and unpredictable character placed in the eccentric situation, . comedy as was the dream girl (quoi rvent les jeunes filles) - delightful, . almost Shakespearean to ease the image of young dreams and awakening of love,
. In order to give the book full, Musset added a poem Namuna (Namuna) - in the style of Byron Don Juan. In the poem Rolla (Rolla, 1833), at one time extremely popular, tells of a young rake, who commits suicide after a night of debauchery, - this work can be regarded as the latest example of passionate youthful style Musset.
Fateful meeting with George Sand in 1833, mad joint visit to Italy and the inevitable lag became a tragedy for Musset. He described his torment in his poems, which belong to the best creations of the French love lyrics - in the projected four-Nights (Les Nuits ,1835-1837) and memoirs (Souvenir, 1841). Autobiographical novel, Confessions of a son's age (La Confession d'un enfant du sicle, . 1836) reproduces, if not the facts of, . the atmosphere therefore, in the same spirit, . only in the form of fables, . written narrative history of the white blackbird (Histoire d'un merle blanc, . 1842),

During the same period Musset created a few more pieces to read, which are considered masterpieces of the romantic theater. Caprices of Marianne (Les Caprices de Marianne, . 1833), . Fantasia (Fantasio, . 1834), . With love no joke (On ne badine pas avec l'amour, . 1834), . Do not bet (Il ne faut jurer de rien, . 1836), . Caprice (Un Caprice, . 1837), . if we restrict ourselves only to mention the best of them, . represent a delicate tragicomedy, . devoid of any signs of the times and places, and thereafter they were placed on the stage 'Comedie Francaise',
. A full-scale historical drama Lorenzaccio (Lorenzaccio, 1834; post. 1896) is of special interest masterfully outlined the nature of the protagonist, the type similar to Hamlet.

After 1841 Musset did not write anything that could compare with the work of previous years. Although in 1852 he was elected to the French Academy, the last years of his life were the times of gloom and despondency, guilt which have been bitter disappointments, bad health and addictions. Musset died in Paris on May 2, 1857.

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Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (Musset Louis Charles Alfred de), photo, biography
Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (Musset Louis Charles Alfred de), photo, biography Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (Musset Louis Charles Alfred de)  French writer., photo, biography
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