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Jane Austen (Austen Jane)

( English novelist, famous for witty and insightful depiction of provincial society)

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Biography Jane Austen (Austen Jane)
photo Jane Austen (Austen Jane)
Born Dec. 16, 1775 in Stiventone (Hampshire County), the family priest. In the priest's house every day life is not prudish mores, they put on amateur theatricals; enthusiastically read novels, when reading the novels are said to be occupied doubtful; enthusiastically listened to the youthful comic essays Jane. Almost no formal education, Jane read a lot and have to fourteen years old could write amusing and instructive parody of various samples recognized literature 18. - From the sentimental novels to Stories of England O. Goldsmith
. In the work of Austen clearly visible two periods of fruitful activity, . separated by a lengthy pause: 1795-1798, . which were established early novels, . and 1811-1816, . amazingly rich period of the first dizzying success and deepening mastery, . which were revised and prepared for publication, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice and written three last completed novel, Mansfield Park, . Emma and to reason,
. Since all of Jane Austen's novels were published anonymously, . on behalf of a certain 'lady', . Speakerphone literary fame, she, . sure, . use could, . but the three novels have stood with her life in two editions, in particular praised Pride and Prejudice, . but about Emma praised himself Walter Scott,

However, on the life of Miss Austen's work and its success does not seem to have much influence. Judging from her letters and memoirs of the family, she remained until the end of the first cheerful, attentive, gentle and affectionate, ironic daughter, sister and aunt in his large and loving family. Jane Austen died in Winchester July 18, 1817.

Youthful Jane Austen's writings differ from the first experiments of most other authors that are often funny in themselves, regardless of their features visible in her later work. For example, Love and Friendship (Love and Friendship), a work composed in the age of fourteen, is a hilarious parody of the melodramatic opus 18 in. Among the youthful writings of Jane, the savings in her family and published in three volumes by more than a hundred years after her death, there are other very witty essays. These include, without diminishing its literary merit, can be attributed, and Nortengerskoe Abbey (Northanger Abbey, publ. 1818), since this novel was written as a parody of the very popular then 'Gothic novel', and in style, material and time of writing close to the youthful works of Jane Austen. In Nortengerskom Abbey case of a naive young lady, on reading kook 'Gothic novels' and imagine that in real life, if you look too ominous mysticism reigns

. Sense and Sensibility (Sense and Sensibility, 1811) begins as a parody of the melodramatic writings of the last century, a writer who has previously subjected to ridicule in the love and friendship, but then develops into a completely unexpected direction
. The idea of the novel, . lying on the surface, . is, . that sensitivity - enthusiasm, . openness, . responsiveness - dangerous, . if not moderates the circumspection and prudence, . - Warning, . is appropriate in the mouths of the writer, . reared in the priest's house,
. Therefore Marianne, . embodiment sensitivity, . passionately in love with the charming gentleman, . which is proving to be a scoundrel, yet her sensible sister Elinor elect the object of his affection is quite reliable young man, . what obtains in the final reward in the form of legal marriage,

Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice, 1813) - one of the most famous British novels. It is an indisputable masterpiece, Jane Austen. Here it was the first fully in control of their habits and capabilities; moralistic considerations do not intrude into the analysis and characterization of characters, the plot gives the space its sense of the comic and the author's sympathies. Pride and Prejudice - a novel about the hunt for grooms, . and the subject is illuminated by the author on all sides and in all studied outcomes - the comic, . everyday, . emotional, . practical, . unpromising, . romantic, . zdravomyslennyh and even (in the case of Mr. Bennet) tragic,

. In the interval between two periods, . when one after another, set up large-scale works, . v1803-1805, . Jane Austen wrote two incompetent similar opus: Lady Susan (Lady Susan) - a small novel in letters, . in the spirit of ruthless humor of youth work, . bright, . caustic portrait of a heartless society woman; Watson (The Watsons) - not too interesting fragment of the novel, . touching once again the subject of hunting for suitors, . but in the most serious, . strict tone, . anticipating her next novel, complete,
. Mansfield Park (Mansfield Park, 1814) - the most major work, Jane Austen, with the mixed composition of actors and the broad thematic coverage.

Emma (Emma, 1815) is considered the top creative, Jane Austen, the clearest example of its comic writing. Theme novel - self -. The reader is given the opportunity to monitor changes, . that occur with the charming Emma, . is transformed from arrogant, conceited young commander's in Smyrna, . repentant lady, . already ready to marry a man, . which is able to protect her from her own mistakes,

Of reason (Persuasion, publ. 1818), the last completed novel, Jane Austen, again differs from the previous. But this does not turn towards Mansfield Park, and an appeal to not explored until the areas affected only in passing in the image of Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility. The novelty of reason is a serious and compassionate attitude to the sense of. And Senditone (Sanditon, publ. 1925), . work, . by Jane Austen has taken a few months before his death and which has remained an intriguing piece of, . stating, . as a disguise, and how difficult it is to make a fair judge, . and all this with such technical fearlessness and with such plasticity, . what, . seems, . from this book one would expect even greater, . What has been achieved in Pride and Prejudice and Emma.,

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Jane Austen (Austen Jane), photo, biography
Jane Austen (Austen Jane), photo, biography Jane Austen (Austen Jane)  English novelist, famous for witty and insightful depiction of provincial society, photo, biography
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