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PALLADIO, Andrea (Palladio Andrea)

( Prominent Italian architect, the late Renaissance.)

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Biography PALLADIO, Andrea (Palladio Andrea)
For example, its simple and elegant buildings, he demonstrated how to achieve the antiquity and the High Renaissance (mainly in the Roman version) can be creatively recycled and used, ie. made a classical language of architecture and universal public. His experience proved particularly valuable for architects 17-18 centuries. Followers of the master form a whole new trend in European architecture, called palladianstva.
Palladio was born November 30, 1508 in Padua, and soon the family moved to Vicenza, where most of his creative activity proceeded. Humanist Giangiorgio Trissino (1478-1550) became his patron and persuaded to change the name of the architect Andrea di Pietro (Andrea di Pietro) to the pseudonym Palladio (from the Greek. Palladion: so-called statue of the goddess Pallas Athene, which, according to the beliefs of the Athenians, defended the city from enemies). That advice Trissino future architect went to study in Rome, and return the famous humanist became his first customer. In 1545 Palladio won the competition for the right adjustment of the Basilica in Vicenza. The two most important areas of its activities was the construction of urban houses (TN. palazzo, or palace) and suburban residences (villas).

By the early period of creativity Palladian villa Godi include projects in Lonedo (1540) and Pisani in Bagnolet (1544). In both cases, he created the finest examples of a combination of architecture and natural landscape. Ability to emphasize the harmony of construction, . artfully placed it against the backdrop of the picturesque Venetian landscapes, . use to him in the future in the construction of villas Malkontenta (1558), . Barbaro-Volpi in Mather (1560-1570), . Cornaro (1566) and, . Finally, . Villas 'Rotunda' (or Capra) in Vicenza (1551-1567),
. The latter is considered the most perfect building architect. This is a square, six-building with Ionic porticoes on each facade. All four of the portico leading to the round central hall, covered with a low canopy with a tiled roof.

In the design of the facades of villas and town houses of Palladio usually applied by a great order, as can be seen in Kerikati palazzo in Vicenza (1550). Huge columns rise to stylobate (stone tablets under the columns) - Conventional, . as in the Palazzo Valmarana (started in 1566) and in the unfinished Loggia del Capitanio (1571), . or very high, . absorbing the entire first floor, . as in the Palazzo Thiene (1556),

At the end of his career turned to Palladio's church architecture. He owns the church of San Pietro in Castello (1558), and San Giorgio Maggiore (1565-1580) and Ile Redentore (1577-1592) in Venice. Shortly before his death, the architect created a project Teatro Olimpico, which was subsequently built Vicenza Scamozzi. Palladio died in Vicenza August 19, 1580.

Palladio has won great fame not only as an architect, but also as the author of the treatise The Four Books on Architecture (1570), which was translated into many languages. In this work, . representing a Renaissance interpretation of the treatise of Vitruvius Ten Books on Architecture, . along with the measurement of ancient monuments of Italy and France, he placed illustrations, . designed to illustrate his own principles of architectural composition,
. His work has influenced the development of the classic lines in the European architecture of 17-18 centuries. In England, the followers of Palladio became I. Jones and C. Ren, France - the architects who worked under orders of the French kings Louis XIV and Louis XV, in Italy - V. Scamozzi.

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PALLADIO, Andrea (Palladio Andrea), photo, biography
PALLADIO, Andrea (Palladio Andrea), photo, biography PALLADIO, Andrea (Palladio Andrea)  Prominent Italian architect, the late Renaissance., photo, biography
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