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POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra)

( American poet, translator, critic, editor)

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Biography POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra)
photo POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra)
With all the controversy of his views and actions - one of the key figures in British and American literature, 20 in. Speaking about him, TS Eliot was using borrowed from Dante's formula 'il miglior fabbro' ( 'the artist better than me'), and K. Sandberg as early as 1916 wrote of Pound: "From the living he has done more than anyone to arouse new ambitions in poetry '.
Ezra Loomis Pound was born on October 30, 1885 in Haley (pc. Idaho). Educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Hamilton College. A few months teaching at Indiana, then went to Europe, where he spent most of his life, while constantly proclaiming himself an American. The first book of poems, . published in 1908 in Venice, . shows, . how many in his youth, he was obliged to DG Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelites, . about nothing less than eloquent testimony to the first experience of Pound-criticism - the book The Spirit of Romance literature (The Spirit of Romance, . 1910), . Inspired by his passionate interest in the initial pore of European culture,

In 1908, Pound moved to London and began an unprecedented action for the sake of literature. Parading exotic taste, . He has published translations from the old Italian and Provencal poetry, and follow it, . typed transcription of Anglo-Saxon epic poem Sea Wanderer, . as well as the cycle of brilliant Chinese poems, . written in prose from the archives of the American Orientalist E. Fennolozy,
. Introducing the London magazine 'Poetri' (Chicago), and then 'Little rivyu' (New York), he has published on their pages Dzh.Alfreda Prufroka love song of TS Eliot, Portrait of the Artist as a Young and Ulysses Dzh.Dzhoysa, Tarr W. Lewis. Services rendered by him to other writers, was not to merely that he published them, and every encouragement, but also in his rare critical gift. In 1921, Pound, Eliot edited by barren land, reducing by half the manuscript and giving the kind of poem in which it is printed on this day.

Latest Pound's London years were marked by the appearance of two of his most important poems - Tribute to Sextus Propertius (Homage to Sextus Propertius, 1917) and Hugh Selwyn Moberli (Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, 1920). In 1920 Pound moved to Paris, where he played a prominent role in the fate of the young Joyce and E. Hemingway, from 1925 for 20 years he lived in Rapallo (Italy).

Work Life Pound left unfinished, Cantos, was begun about 1917, came out editions from 1925 to 1970. This lengthy 'poem with a dose of history' covers the period from ancient times in the history of Greece and China to modern times and represents an attempt to give a summary of the true values of human experience, . using for this purpose translation, . paraphrase, . opposed to each other motifs and honed sketches,
. Topics, . arising from the very beginning, . associated with ancient Greece and Rome, . from Provence, . the idea of hero-outlaw, . with myth and metamorphosis, in the future introduce the reasons, . relevant to the history of the Renaissance and the Chinese history, . reforms of Leopold II of Tuscany 18,
. and biographies Dzh.Adamsa.

In the Cantos are reflected only the high art of Pound as a master of verse and his inimitable sense of poetic rhythm. This product contains a sketch of his intellectual autobiography. So, songs that sound echoes the ideas of Confucius, said to the increasing interest in Pound this thinker.

Pound has paid increasing attention to the distribution of money - is defined in the management of society. Around since 1939 there is growing conviction that the surest way to an understanding of modern history - is the ability to detect in it a hidden antagonism 'between usurers and those who wish to work for conscience'. The clash of England and France with the regime of Mussolini he saw as a manifestation of the same conflict, . and after America declared war on Italy, . delivered a series of radio addresses to the American troops, . which involved a charge Pound for treason and subsequent conclusion first in corrective training camp near Pisa (1945), . and then to the hospital Sv,
. Elizabeth Washington (1946-1958). Pisa cycle Cantos, established in Italy, received the prize in 1949 Bollingenskuyu (Pound - its first recipient). Pound continued to work on the Cantos and in the hospital Sv. Elizabeth, as well as translated Sophocles' tragedy Women ofTrachis (1954) and the Confucian Odes (1954). On his release from the hospital in 1958, Pound returned to Italy, settling in Venice. His last years were spent in self-imposed silence. Pound died in Venice on Nov. 1, 1972.

Major poetic books Pound - a collection of short poems Masks (Personae, 1949), Cantos 1-84 (1948) and continuing their cycles Hammer (Rock Drill, 1955) and Tron (Thrones, 1959). Translations collected in the book of translations of Ezra Pound (The Translations of Ezra Pound, 1953). Legacy prose in the book Literary Essays (Literary Essays, . 1954), . Guide to the Arts (Guide to Kulchur, . 1938), . Letters of Ezra Pound (The Letters of Ezra Pound, . 1950) and Collision (Impact, . 1960) - essays on the monetary system and on historical themes.,

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POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra), photo, biography
POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra), photo, biography POUND Ezra (Pound Ezra)  American poet, translator, critic, editor, photo, biography
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