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RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice)

( French composer.)

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Biography RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice)
photo RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice)
Born March 7, 1875 in Siburne near Saint-Jean-de-Luz (PyrцLnцLes-Atlantiques department). Very early discovered musical talent, in 1882 began studying piano with A. Giza, and in 1887 harmony in C. Renee. Two years Ravel studied in the preparatory class of the Paris Conservatory, in 1891 entered the piano class Sh.de Berio. Theoretical disciplines held at the diaphragm and Dubois, in 1898, studied composition at the G. Faure
. In the years of apprenticeship from the pen of Ravel's happened only a few minor works, . among them ancient Minuet (Menuet antique, . 1895), . and only in 1899 he showed the now well-known piano Pavanu deceased Infanta (Pavane pour une infante dfunte),
. At the conservatory, Ravel became friends with Spanish pianist P. Vinesom, who became the first performer of the works of the composer

. In 1901, . after a failed attempt to win the Prix de Rome, . Ravel created the piano cycle Water Game (Jeux d'eau), . who played a revolutionary role in the development of the French piano school: the best features of Liszt piano combined here with the original use of colouristic opportunities Instrument,
. Recent attempts to win the competition for the Prix de Rome, Ravel made in 1902 and 1903, failed, did not prevent the composer to compose at this time a beautiful String Quartet in F major. The failure of Ravel with the Rome Prize in Paris, has created a lot of rumors: they said that the cause was a quarrel between Ravel and Faure. From then until the end of his days Ravel kept devoid of noteworthy events of life 'cabinet' of the composer. Exceptions were only the First World War, when he served as a driver in the medical team, in 1927-1928, he toured in the U.S.

. List of the most significant works of Ravel as follows: Sonatina for piano (1905); opera Spanish hour (L'heure espagnole, . 1907) and the Child and Miracles (L'enfant et les sortilges, . 1917); ballet Daphnis and Chloe (Daphnis et Chlo, . 1909) - excellent essay, . which appeared after another masterpiece - a great piano cycle Night Gaspard (Gaspard de la nuit, . 1908); Noble and Sentimental Waltzes (Valses nobles et sentimentales, . 1911), . originally written for piano, . but he soon arranged for orchestra, chamber opus Stephane Mallarme's poem Three (Trois pomes de Stphane Mallarm, . 1913); Piano Trio (1914); choreographic poem La Valse (La valse, . 1917); suite Tomb of Couperin (Le tombeau de Couperin, . 1917), . also written first for piano, . then orchestrated by the author, a song cycle Madagascar songs (Chansons madcasses, . 1926); orchestral Bolero (Bolero, . 1928), two piano concerto (one of them - for the Left Hand, . 1931),

In 1933 Ravel was in a car accident. As a result of injuries began to develop a brain tumor, and by 1936 the composer ceased to recognize their own music. Ravel died in Paris on December 27, 1937.

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RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice), photo, biography
RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice), photo, biography RAVEL, Maurice (Ravel Maurice)  French composer., photo, biography
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