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Radlov Sergei Ernestovich

( Director, playwright, theoretician and historian of the theater.)

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Biography Radlov Sergei Ernestovich
Born in St. Petersburg on August 23 (4 September) 1892 in a family of Russian philosopher EL Radlov (cm. Radlov, ERNEST Leopoldovich). A graduate of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University, the classical scholar, a disciple of FF Zelinsky. As a student interested in the history of the ancient theater. Published several articles on the ancient theater in the journal 'The Love for Three Oranges'. Getting it to the editor, Dr. Dapertuto - Vs.Meyerholdom, determined the fate of Radlov. When Meyerhold in 1918, organizes courses mastery of stage productions (Kumastsep), Radlov first taught there, and then (after the departure of the Master to the south) is replaced by his teacher as head of the courses.
In 1918 Radlov put the comedy of Plautus Twins in his translation. In this first practical theater work attempted to implement the ideas in his article on the ancient technique of the actor. Created performance-reconstruction in ancient costumes and masks, using the techniques of ancient Roman game actor. Ten years later, this attempt reconstruction Radlov repeated in the Theater Lab of the Institute of Art History. At the same time put Sbitenschika JB Knyazhnin - in the stylized forms of the ancient Russian theater. Interest in the game areal theater to Commedia dell'arte, which emerged in the Studio Meyerhold, leads him to the idea of a 'popular theater'. Petrograd theater department (PTI) Narcompros proposed directors SE Radlov and VN Soloviev a theater arts divertissement, which was opened in the Iron Hall of the People's House, soon renamed the theater folk comedy. Troupe was formed from the dramatic and circus performers. In productions uses clowning techniques, . acrobatics, . buffoonery, . eccentric, . regardless of the material: in the classical works of Shakespeare, . Moliere, . Calderon, . Commedia dell'arte, . and in their own comedies and melodramas - Love and Gold, . Prisoner, . Monkey donoschitsa, . Corpse bride, etc.,
. The theater lasted two years.

In January 1922 Radlov Theater opens research workshop S. Radlov. Continued experiments, solving the problem of 'theatrical science' - the stage space, movement, the principles of mise en scene, verbal improvisation. Summarizing the experience of experiments workshop Radlov articles about the actor's art of pure elements. Continued its research work at the Institute for the Performing Arts, which establishes the director's office and manages the actor's studio. He places the student performances - Village Justice, Elektra, Fuente Ovejuna, Marriage Bal'zaminova and others, which develops all the same questions of theatrical art. Radlov, 'left' director, who worked on small areas of experimental theater, goes on stage Akdramy (Academic Drama Theater - Theater Aleksandrinsky).

In 1923, the stage Akdramy Radlov together with the artist VV Dmitriev puts drama Ernst Toller Eugene unhappy - about the fate of a disabled World War II, committed suicide. Radlov released simultaneously with the traditional version, the director EP Karpova his people - Sochtjomsja Ostrovsky, involuntarily arose competition, which, according to reviewers, won Radlov. Lysistrata of Aristophanes (1924), he puts in the processing, made in conjunction with Piotrovsky. Job Radlov Akdrame not proceeded smoothly, although in June 1925 he became staff director of the theater. Two of his performance - Wolf's soul by Jack London and the Society of air lanterns Zamyatin went without a name on the playbill producer (season 1924/1925). In 1927 Radlov puts jubilee performance Yu.Yurjev Othello. The designer was Valentine Khodasevich, with whom he worked in the People's Comedy. In the same 1927 release Japanese performance Oda Nabunago. The recognition also brought productions in Akopere (Mariinsky Theater): The Far ringing Schreker (1915), Love for Three Oranges by Prokofiev (1926), Alban Berg's Wozzeck (1926), Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov in its original edition (1928). He has released at different stages of six operettas: The girl-detective (1924), Sonja (1926), Grooms on Wheels (1927) and others. In all his works are discovered methods areal Theater. A special place in the work Radlov been organizing and directing mass shows. June 20, 1920 he put the massive scope of the embargo Russia on Stone Island. Spectators were located on the shore, which was specially built amphitheater, the stage is built on an island inside the lake. In a spectacle attended by People's Artists of comedy and amateur 'actors' from the Red Army. Mass action to the world commune (1920), enacted on Vasilevsky Island, was delivered Radlov together with professional directors KA Mardzhanov and NV Petrov and designed by artist N. Altman. It was attended by 4000 people. His huge troupe director drove to the bridge with the help of electric bells. Different character was of a grand spectacle of victory of the Revolution (1922), delivered in the Opera House of the People's House. On the huge stage was located polutoratysyachny chorus, soloists pantomime placed over him on the jetty lined. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the October Radlov put a grand celebration with the use of searchlights, rockets, fireworks, lighting effects, the roar of sirens and the roar of artillery shells. In the 1930's Radlov headed the Leningrad Akoperu, . then - Akdramu (1936-1938), . conducted classes in the College of Arts and continued to work in the formal teaching of the Young Theater (1929-1935), . named after the theater-studio under the guidance Radlov (1935-1939) and renamed in 1939 in Leningrad Theater,
. Lensoveta. He worked in Moscow - King Lear at the State Jewish Theater (GOSET) and Othello at the Maly Theater.

When the war began, the popular young theater Radlov was not evacuated. In besieged Leningrad was the play La Dame aux Camelias by Dumas, Tamara Jacobson starring. In the critical condition of artists in March 1942 evacuated in Pyatigorsk. In March, starts theater. In August, in Pyatigorsk Germans entered the theater did not have time to evacuate. In early February, the Germans transported Theater in Zaporozhye. There, the premiere of Hamlet with hook in the title role. In September 1943 the Germans brought in theater in Berlin. One part of the theater led Radlov found in the south of France, where they performed for the Russian spectators Guilty Without Guilt by Alexander Ostrovsky. After the liberation of France Radlov come to Paris and then on the proposal of the Soviet legation in Paris, fly to Moscow. This was a trap, at home waiting for their arrest, accused of treason and sentence - 10 years in prison. Wife S. Radlov - Anna Radlov, poet and translator of Shakespeare, in February 1949 died in the camp near Rybinsk. Radlov serving the entire period. In 1953, he was released in 1957 - was rehabilitated. Freed from prison, he worked first in Daugavpils, then in Riga Theater. In five years time to implement long-planned series of Shakespeare - Hamlet (1954) in Daugavpils, . the Riga Russian Drama Theater - King Lear (1954), . Macbeth (1957), . the Riga Youth Theater - Romeo and Juliet (1955, . with P. Chomsky),

Died Radlov in Riga October 27, 1958.

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Radlov Sergei Ernestovich, photo, biography
Radlov Sergei Ernestovich, photo, biography Radlov Sergei Ernestovich  Director, playwright, theoretician and historian of the theater., photo, biography
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