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Auguste Rodin (Rodin Auguste)

( French sculptor.)

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Biography Auguste Rodin (Rodin Auguste)
Born in Paris on November 12, 1840. From 1854 he studied at the School of drawing and mathematics, and then Antoine Bari. After Rodin was denied the right to put his first job, a person with a broken nose, at the Paris Salon of 1864, and was not adopted in the School of Fine Arts, in 1864-1870 he worked in the studio of Albert-Kare Belleuse at Sevres. Because of unemployment that followed the end of the Franco-Prussian War (in which Rodin had time to take part), he went to Brussels and there until 1877 designed the monumental decorative sculpture of several knowledge. In Belgium, he continued self-education, mainly in the field of medieval art and creativity Rubens.
In 1875 a trip to Italy and familiarity with the works of Michelangelo was inspired by Rodin to create a statue of the Bronze Age. When it was exhibited in 1877, she was named defeated, in the title reflected the mood of frustration prevailed among French youth, after defeat in war. Recognition of talent Rodin was the purchase by the State of its two statues - John the Baptist (1878) and Walking (1877), . and the fact, . that the French government commissioned him to create sculptural portal; work on the Gates of Hell, he devoted the rest of his life,
. Inspired by the works of Dante and Baudelaire, in the form of portals of Gothic cathedrals, as well as in the work of the Florentine sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti, he initiated the establishment of Gateway in 1880, but did not finish the job. This work was a watershed in the creation wizard. Such works as The Thinker (1888), Eva, Fleeting Love (1886), Ta, which was beautiful Olmer (1885), Kiss (1886), Ugolino, and many others were sketches to the gates of hell. Simultaneously Roden performed a number of major works. In 1884 he began work on the sculpture of the Burghers of Calais, in 1886 - a project of the monument to Victor Hugo, and in 1893 - over the outline for the statue of Honore Balzac. In 1898, the society, ordered the sculptor, the statue of Balzac, waived his services. This rejection was accompanied by a great public scandal. The audience did not see in the submitted Rodin plastic etude portrait resemblance to the writer. The statue of Balzac was the last major work of Rodin, in the last years of his life he has created many wonderful portraits (among them portraits Dzh.B.Shou, Duchesse de Choiseul (1908) and Georges Clemenceau (1911)). By the beginning of the 20. Thank sculptor has spread worldwide, and the French government gave him a pavilion at World Expo 1900. Rodin bequeathed his works to the French people, and now they are stored in his museum in Paris, in a building owned by the sculptor himself.

Art of Rodin's warmth and breathed new vitality into the sculpture 19 in. In his works, the movement of the human body becomes a means of conveying a wide range of emotions infinitely, and natural and free of the figures, the sculpture by unknown earlier time, reflect the richness of inner life. The greatest of the works of Rodin, The Gates of Hell, meets spiritual quest era when the old system of moral values was destroyed. Rodin's interest in the psychological and emotional life of man is distinct from its Impressionist. However, he sympathized with their rebellion, and conceptual, intentional unfinished works created after the mid-1880, allow us to speak of him as one of the first masters, have implemented impressionistic technique in sculpture. Roden gave blshuyu mobility and spirituality sculptural form with a strong plastic modeling and dramatic chiaroscuro. In his works he managed to convey the connection between the inner world of man and his outward appearance, this aspect rodenovskoy plastics proved to be very important for the formation of a creative concept works by Jacob Epstein, established in 1930. Bright dramatic gestures of the statues of Rodin used in his sculpture Jacques Lipchitz.

Roden died at his home in Meudon, 17 November 1917.

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Auguste Rodin (Rodin Auguste), photo, biography
Auguste Rodin (Rodin Auguste), photo, biography Auguste Rodin (Rodin Auguste)  French sculptor., photo, biography
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