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Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Rossetti Dante Gabriel)

( English artist and poet.)

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Biography Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Rossetti Dante Gabriel)
Born May 12, 1828 in London. His father, an Italian immigrant Gabriele Rossetti, was a professor of Italian at King's College, London University. Dante Gabriel was educated at the school at King's College and then at various art academies in London. In 1848, together with D. E. Millet, H. Hunt and others, he founded the 'Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood', and a year later exhibited his first painting of the Virgin Childhood. His most famous poem, The blessed damsel was published in 1850 in the journal Raphaelites 'shoot'. Rossetti's interest in the Middle Ages and Italian literature of that time was reflected in many of his paintings and poetry, . and also determined the theme of his first book of old Italian Poets (The Early Italian Poets, . 1861), . which included translations from Dante, . his predecessors and contemporaries,
. In 1860, Rossetti married Elizabeth Siddol, who died two years later. Manuscript many of his poems was put in her coffin, but later recovered and published (Poems by DG Rossetti - Poems by DGRossetti, 1870). Balance life Rossetti spent recluse. Two of his recent book Poems (Poems) and Ballads and Sonnets (Ballads and Sonnets) came out in 1881. Rossetti died in Berchingtone April 9, 1882.
Although Rossetti made a living painting, most of all he is known as a poet. However, poetry and painting in his work complement each other: the most famous of his paintings are inspired by literature, whereas the best poems are distinguished portrayal. Often, as with the blessing of the young woman, he developed the same theme in verse and on canvas, and sonnets, often articulated his portraits and paintings. In poetry, as in painting, Pre-Raphaelites Rossetti remains: it common medieval flavor and taste for symbolism, and every detail carefully selected. Rossetti hardly touched the acute problems of his time - social, political, religious. The main theme of his poetry - love. The cycle of 101 sonnets Home Life (The House of Life), dominated by motives of youth, love, impermanence, doom, death, - one of the most characteristic of his works. Rossetti deliberately used archaic vocabulary, familiar words placed in an alien context, giving them a new meaning. Often he puts in words the wrong accent and selects the unusual rhymes to a new, unexpected effect. Each sonnet recreates some certain hour in the life of the poet's mood, atmosphere, now that he deemed worthy of perpetuation. Rossetti excellent knowledge of genre and literary ballads, using themes and artistic techniques of the old ballads, but giving them a modern, more sophisticated sound, as in most successful sister Elena and Tragedy of King.

Rossetti, the artist sought to convey not only the visible face of the world, many inspired by the fantasy paintings, filled with familiar figures in literature. Literariness Rossetti paintings, . where the subject is so important, . prompts talk of him as the adherents of the Romantic school, . very influential at that time and, like its other representatives, . He liked to depict hoary antiquity, . especially in Italy 15., . assiduously imitating the Italian artists of the period,
. However, the nature of his art Rossetti belongs to a new time, and in his paintings, such as in the Annunciation (1850), images of saints modernized to such an extent that the author has brought upon himself the attacks of public opinion. Strong feeling for his wife, who was his model who identified the nature of the image of most women's figures in the paintings, created before her death - a long line of the neck, long hair, languid beauty. Only later did it become preferred more sensual and lush feminine forms. Among his most successful works illustrate the works of A. Tennyson (1856-1857) and Death of Arthur T. Malory.

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Rossetti Dante Gabriel), photo, biography
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Rossetti Dante Gabriel), photo, biography Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Rossetti Dante Gabriel)  English artist and poet., photo, biography
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