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Paul Cц?zanne (Czanne Paul)

( Outstanding French post-Impressionist painter)

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Biography Paul Cц?zanne (Czanne Paul)
His bold experiments with form and color have had a tremendous influence on the development of art 20 in.
Cezanne was born in the town of Aix-en-Provence January 19, 1839. In 1863 he arrived in Paris with Emile Zola, his high school friend. In Paris, Cezanne was preparing to enter the School of Fine Arts, but failed to contest. His early work on the dramatic plot and have a somewhat whimsical figure, they are made under the influence of Gustave Courbet and Honorц? Daumier. Soon after, he met Camille Pissarro with a circle of young artists Edouard Manet and became interested in new techniques of plein air landscape painting.

Two summers, 1872 and 1873, Cezanne spent in Auvers-sur-Oise, together with Pissarro, a pictorial method which has adopted a brighter palette and a more orderly imposition of smears. At the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874 the artist presented a picture of the house was hanged (1873, Paris, Museum п?'п·я€я?п?). He chose for his work the usual landscape motif, but its interpretation is clearly went beyond infatuation Impressionist study barely perceptible changes in air. Here the author primarily interested in the accuracy of the figure and the transfer of three-dimensional structure of objects and space.

Until the end of 1870 Cц?zanne wrote kinds of Ile-de-France, continuing to work in close impressionism style, and studied painting old masters in the Louvre. He tried to combine a bright palette of the Impressionists with a rigid structuring surround image. The artist believed that the need to return to classicism in nature, ie. complement the academic way of constructing songs observation of color patterns, knowledge of which is carried out when working with nature.

After the third Impressionist Exhibition in 1877, where Cezanne exhibited 17 paintings, he left the group and in 1879 went to Aix, where he lived until his death. In an attempt to 'understand their feelings' from the observations of the kind Cezanne continued with great care and caution on the surface of the canvas to create the illusion of deep space, . passing each of his change on the plane and in the future with subtle gradations of color,
. A glance Impressionist Cezanne replaced concentrated contemplation. To do this, even natural light and mild climate of Provence fit much better than the changeable weather of northern France.

Perhaps the best works of Paul Cezanne - the majestic scenery with the image of Mount St-Victoire, near Aix, in which he sought to find a new synthesis of color, shape and space. In his works the artist favored still lifes and landscapes, but he created and some great portraits and monumental multi-image compositions, such as paintings depicting swimmers and bathers.

By the end of life Cezanne was almost forgotten by Parisian society. In 1904 in the Salon d'Automne was his retrospective exhibition, and then in 1907 - a full posthumous exhibition of his work. These two exhibitions of works by Cezanne opened a new generation of artists. Research where he established the analytical method of space organization and build a beautiful shape greatly contributed to the formation of artistic conception of Cubism. Cц?zanne died in Aix on Oct. 22, 1906.

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Paul Cц?zanne (Czanne Paul), photo, biography
Paul Cц?zanne (Czanne Paul), photo, biography Paul Cц?zanne (Czanne Paul)  Outstanding French post-Impressionist painter, photo, biography
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