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SIHANOUK Norodom (Sihanouk Norodom)

( The King, the Prime Minister and President of Cambodia)

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Biography SIHANOUK Norodom (Sihanouk Norodom)
(p. 1922)
Born October 31, 1922, eldest son Norodom Suramarita, grandson of King Monivona. He was educated in France, a colony which was then Cambodia. In 1941 the Vichy government of France handed over the throne of Sihanouk in the hope of his inexperience and complaisance, and soon Cambodia was occupied by the Japanese, without encountering any resistance from the Cambodian Army. After the war, Sihanouk began a diplomatic campaign for the recognition of Cambodia, a sovereign state, that he finally managed to do in 1953. In March 1955 Sihanouk, suddenly abandoned the authorities and handed over the throne to his father. Socialist People's Party formed a community which, in the same year won the general election, and Sihanouk was named Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1956 he was appointed Permanent Representative of Cambodia to the UN. After his father's death in April 1960, Sihanouk made a change in the constitution, under which the head of state was now elected through direct elections. In June 1960 became head of state, received an overwhelming majority of voters.
In the early 1960's Sihanouk sought to ensure his country financial assistance from both the west and from the Soviet bloc countries, while maintaining neutrality in the Cold War. Nevertheless, in 1965, confident that China will become the most powerful country in the South Asian region, he severed all diplomatic relations with the U.S.. With the escalation of the Vietnam War, eastern Cambodia is increasingly becoming the base for North Vietnamese armed forces.

In the absence of Sihanouk, his government was overthrown, and the head of state in 1970 stood the former prime minister, General Lon Nol. Convinced that the coup was supported by the United States, Sihanouk formed a government in exile in China and announced the support of their former enemies - the 'Khmer Rouge'. After the 'Khmer Rouge' managed to recapture the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh in April 1975, Sihanouk returned to. 'Khmer Rouge' Sihanouk was placed under house arrest, and only in January 1979, he was allowed to go to China soon after the Vietnamese troops toppled the regime of 'Khmer Rouge' and established the People's Republic of Kampuchea.

In 1982, Sihanouk once again formed a coalition government in exile, which included representatives 'Khmer Rouge'. In 1984 the coalition began negotiations with the PRC, and in February 1900, after the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops and the signing of a peace treaty in October 1991, returned to

. In November 1991, Sihanouk broke relations with the 'Khmer Rouge', . assumed the post of chairman of the Supreme Council and held that position until September 1993, . when once again occupy the royal throne after the ratification of new constitution, . established in the country a democratic monarchy,
. Sihanouk has officially announced that his son, Prince Norodom Ranariddh, receives the title of the first Prime Minister, and Prime Minister Hun Sen, the NSC - the title of Second Prime Minister. In July 1997, Prince Ranariddh was ousted by Hun Sen.

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SIHANOUK Norodom (Sihanouk Norodom), photo, biography
SIHANOUK Norodom (Sihanouk Norodom), photo, biography SIHANOUK Norodom (Sihanouk Norodom)  The King, the Prime Minister and President of Cambodia, photo, biography
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