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SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph)

( American religious leader, founder of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of our day).)

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Biography SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph)
photo SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph)
Born in a family in the family farmer in Sharon (pc. Vermont), December 23, 1805. When Joseph was 10 years old, the family moved to Palmyra (pc. New York). On Smith's youth, little is known, told that he was distinguished by piety and in the age of 14 experienced a vision of God and Jesus Christ. According to Smith, in 1823 an angel named Moroni appeared to him and told him of the existence of a book on the golden plates containing the 'fullness of the everlasting gospel' and the story of the former inhabitants of the continent, the descendants of the pious Jew who had moved approximately. 600 BC. from Jerusalem to America. Of this kind, and was the author of the book, the prophet Mormon. The place where the sacred book, Smith was discovered in 1827, and with the help of magical stones (or points) - the Urim and Thummim - he translated it into English from the original language, in a special, according to Smith, 'novoegipetskimi' characters. Book of Mormon (Book of Mormon, 1829) Smith won a multitude of followers, which he organized the Church (1830). Smith taught that his church - the only true and that God, through him, restore the ancient priesthood, which was lost in the world as a result of human depravity. In his church Bible was revered as a sacred book, . But Smith argued, . that his translation of ancient writings, . The Book of Mormon, . and priceless pearl (Pearl of Great Price, . 1851), . as well as his published revelations Doctrine and Covenants (Doctrine and Covenants, . 1835) are the Holy Scriptures,
The hostility of neighbors to a new religion in 1831, forced Smith to move from their church in Kirtlend (pc. Ohio), and from there further to the west, in Missouri. Mormons were enterprising people, their communities ( 'the fence of Zion') with a socialized economy prospered. Settlers in Missouri afraid of these strange people, there were skirmishes that led to the re-arrest of Smith and other Mormon leaders. In 1839 the Mormons were driven from Missouri. Most of them returned to Nauvu (pc. Illinois). Here, Smith established a theocratic-knit community, which had its own police. Referring to the divine revelation and its leadership in the priesthood, Smith managed the affairs of the community in all spheres - economic, social and theological. He had a certain political influence, and in 1844 he expressed his desire to become U.S. president. The community began to increase dissatisfaction Smith. His opponents published a newspaper 'displays', in which he was subjected to fierce persecution. Soon after Smith incurred the wrath of the authorities of the State and together with his brother Hiram was arrested on charges of treason and conspiracy. They put in jail in Carthage (pc. Illinois), and three days later, June 27, 1844, they were shot by mob.

Admittedly, Smith was an exceptionally gifted man, with a rich imagination and brilliant organizational skills. He founded the religion is very eclectic. The idea that humanity is capable of eternal progress, influenced and his theology (he taught about the 'progressive' stages of salvation).

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SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph), photo, biography
SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph), photo, biography SMITH Joseph (Smith Joseph)  American religious leader, founder of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of our day)., photo, biography
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