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Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles)

( English poet, famous for his bold experiments in prosody.)

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Biography Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles)
photo Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles)
Born April 5, 1837 in London, the son of Admiral Charles H. Swinburne and Lady Jane, daughter of Count Eshbernema. After studying for several years at Eton College, was admitted to Balliol College, Oxford University, where he met with DG Rossetti, William Morris and E.Bern-Jones. In 1860 left university, moved to London, where he remained until 1879.
In March 1867 he met with the Italian patriot Dzh.Madzini, which inspired him to honor a man's freedom and ideals of the Risorgimento - the liberation movement for Italian unification. In 1879, a lawyer and close friend of Swinburne T. Watts (later Watts-Danton) saved die from alcoholism, the poet, put him at his home in Putney, where, under his careful supervision of Swinburne spent thirty years.

Spiritual biography of Swinburne is clearly divided into four stages. In his youth he was a fervent supporter of the Anglican Church, in Oxford, became an agnostic, left them and subsequently. In verses beginning of 1860 (the verse drama Atalanta in Calydon - Atalanta in Calydon, a collection of poems and ballads - Poems and Ballads) dominate the mood of bitterness and despair, yearning for death. Approximately ten years starting from 1867, Swinburne considered himself a positivist, and in the 1870's began to gravitate toward stoicism.

Swinburne is one of the most prolific and versatile British poets. From his pen came the twelve verse plays, t.ch. Atalanta in Calydon (1865) and Erechtheus (Erechtheus, 1876), raise the form of ancient Greek tragedies, and historical trilogy about Mary Stuart - Shastelyar (Chastelard, 1865), Boswell (Bothwell, 1874) and Mary Stuart (Mary Stuart, 1871). In 1877, individual issues out epistolary novel Letters for the year (A Year's Letters), reprinted in 1904 under the name Whirlpools love (Love's Cross-Currents). Excerpts from his second novel, Lesbia Brandon, saw the light only in 1952. In papers written by Swinburne kept them from French satirical pamphlet, he also wrote poetry in French, Latin and Greek. Between 1866 and 1904, Swinburne has published 14 poetry books. The first of these, a collection of Poems and Ballads (1866), caused a sharp accusations of obscenity, to some extent determine his reputation until today. Among the subsequent collection of the most famous pre-dawn songs (Songs before Sunrise, 1871) - inspired hymn to human freedom, be interpreted as a philosophical and political terms; Poems and Ballads. Book Two (Poems and Ballads, . Second Series, . 1878), . consisting mainly of elegiac poems of nature; New Geptalogiya (The Modern Heptalogia, . 1880) - anonymously published a cycle of seven poems parody of his contemporaries and his own; Tristram Lionessky and Other Poems (Tristram of Lyoness and Other Poems, . 1882), . One hundred years Rondo (A Century of Roundels, . 1883) and The Tale of Balin (A Tale of Balin, . 1896),

Swinburne has issued more than a dozen critical works. His works on English playwrights Elizabethan times and the era of King James I, issue it is not only a talented poet and critic, but a thoughtful scholar of literature and history, a connoisseur of past epochs. Important place in the literary-critical writings of Swinburne occupied by V. Hugo, about which he wrote extraordinarily high, and 19 in English poetry., In particular creativity William Blake and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Among the phenomena of world literature, which played an important role in shaping the poetic style of Swinburne, occupy a special place the Bible and verses of Hugo and Shelley. Against the background of the then English poetry of his poems stand out above all thanks to virtuoso use of alliteration and rhythm anapaestic. Knowingly going beyond the usual stable set for high literary order, . Swinburne argued in his literary-critical articles and implemented in the poetic practice of the right to apply to such until recently forbidden areas, . as, . example, . psychology of sexual attraction,
. Swinburne died in Putney April 9, 1909.

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Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles), photo, biography
Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles), photo, biography Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne Algernon Charles)  English poet, famous for his bold experiments in prosody., photo, biography
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