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Cornelius Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus)

( One of the greatest historians of ancient Rome.)

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Biography Cornelius Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus)
(ca. 55 - OK. 117 BC)
He was born, apparently in southern Gaul, in a noble family. He was educated, for the ordinary man, determined to devote himself to public service. We do not know what the personal name, Publius or Gaius, wore Tacitus. The first appointment he received under Vespasian. Subsequently, a quaestor, praetor (in 88, when he was introduced to the Commission officials responsible for conducting the century-old games in the memory of founding of the city) and in 97 - consul. Probably ran a small province in 89-93, and 112-113 took a more responsible post of proconsul province Asia. At maturity Tacitus was one of the most prominent Roman jurist.
In his youth Tacitus inclined to newfangled fluffy rhetoric, but even then did so with some reservations. Probably, in the age of 26 years wrote a piece, now called the Dialogue on the orators (Dialogus de oratoribus). This Ciceronian form dramatized treatise, in which several leading lawyers of the era of Vespasian discuss the changes in rhetorical style, and judicial proceedings that have occurred since the time of Cicero.

Soon after the establishment of the Dialogue, with Domitian, a period of censorship and repression. Tacitus has already been married (to 78) the daughter of Julia Agricola, who for seven years, driven by Britain, yet (in 83) has been revoked Domitian. At 98, when Nerva and Trajan domitsianovskim put an end to repression, Tacitus published a biography of Agricola. Tacitus believed that Domitian unfairly treated his father, and this belief, combined with outrage at the suppression of freedom of speech and action of the Senate led by Tacitus in a burning resentment against the emperor and the imperial system. Biography of Julia Agricola (De vita Iulii Agricolae) corresponds to the traditional genre of laudatory biographies, but in the customary framework naturally intertwined description of geography and history of the peoples of Britain's conquest of the island by the Romans. These episodes are obviously introduced in order to glorify not sparkle in the Roman political horizon Agricole and to make the text color, but today they have become an invaluable source of information on the early history of Britain.

In the same 98 Tacitus published another small treatise, On the Origin of the Germans and the location of Germany (De origine, moribus ac situ Germanorum) - description of the lands, peoples and customs of Germany. While this treatise is not so full of bitterness and irony, like Agricola, it is of considerable interest not only because it contained valuable information, but also as an example of a new style of Tacitus.

In the period from 98 to 116 Tacitus has focused on building its two main works, Stories (Historiae), and Annals (Annalium ab excessu divi Augusti). The first work covers the events from the death of Nero to the accession of nerves, the second of the period from the death of Augustus to the death of Nero. Together, they convey a story with 14 to 96 BC. Years of silence when Domitian Tacitus used to collect materials. Three centuries later, St.. Jerome quoted both works as a single product in 30 books. Of the 14 books of history, which appeared first, only four survived the first and part of the fifth. They provide a vivid description of a great Civil War 68-69 BC. and the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by Titus. From the Annals, presumably consisting of 16 books, we have almost completely most of the first six and a relative preservation - books from 11 to 14. Books contain a description of the reign of Tiberius, of the reign of Claudius, and most of the reign of Nero. It was created by Tacitus History 1. largely determined by the traditional notion of the first Roman emperors, especially about Tiberius and Nero.

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Cornelius Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus), photo, biography
Cornelius Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus), photo, biography Cornelius Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus)  One of the greatest historians of ancient Rome., photo, biography
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