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TEC Johann Ludwig (Tieck Johann Ludwig)

( German poet, novelist and critic.)

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Biography TEC Johann Ludwig (Tieck Johann Ludwig)
Born May 31, 1773 in Berlin in the family roper. He studied at the universities of Halle, Gц╤ttingen and Erlangen, focusing especially on the history of English literature - especially the Elizabethan era (16.). In 1794 began his collaboration with the Berlin publisher and writer-educator Kr.F.Nikolai (1733-1811), . commissioned by Teak continued prose cycle IK Muzeusa (1735-1787) Ostrich feathers (Straussfedern, . 1787), . expanding his short stories (1795-1798) mostly satirical, . didactically-rationalist wing, . dramatically different from his earlier exotic, . highly original work, . what, . particularly, . Almanzur (Almansur, . 1790),
. Mixing of rationalism and romanticism is typical for all creative Tika
. Major works Tika - a sad affair in letters history of William Lovell (Die Geschichte des Herrn William Lovell, . 1795-1796) and Folk Tales by Peter Lebrecht (Volksmrchen, . herausgegeben von Peter Lebrecht, . 1797), . including both retelling stories and legends of popular books 15-16 centuries., . and their own stories, . extraordinarily original, . full of magic and mystery, . as, . example, . Blond Egbert (Der blonde Eckbert),
. Folk tales have attracted the attention of the brothers Schlegel, especially August Wilhelm, who proclaimed Tika 'romantic' poet. In 1799 he began work on the Tick romantic compositions (Romantische Werke, 1799-1800); in the two volumes came in, in particular, the typical romantic drama The Life and Death of St. Genovevy (Leben und Tod der heiligen Genoveva). In 1804 published a vast and unwieldy piece Emperor Octavian (Kaiser Octavianus), which is considered the finest example of Teak its 'romantic manner'.

In 1802, Tick and his family settled near Frankfurt an der Oder, in Tsibingene, the estate of Count K. Finkenshteyna, where it remains - with absences such as trips to England (1817) - until 1819. At this time, it creates the processing of medieval German poetry (Songs of Love Swabian era - Minnelieder aus dem schwabischen Zeitalter, . 1803), . prepares meetings of Elizabethan plays (Theater of Old England - Altenglisches Theater, . 1811) and the German dramatist 16-17 cc,
. (German Theater - Deutsches Theater, 1817).

In 1819, Tick moved with his family to Dresden, where in 1825-1830 head of the literary part of the court theater. In these years, he departs from the romanticism and wrote a series of short stories, usually realistic story often serves as a moralizing on social and literary themes. The last major piece Tika - a novel of the Italian Renaissance Akkorombona Vittoria (Vittoria Accorombona, 1840). He also wrote many articles did not leave a trace, and in continuation of the unfinished work A. Schlegel, edited translations of Shakespeare's plays performed by Count V. Baudissin (1784-1878) and daughter Dorothea Tieck. In 1842 at the invitation of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV Teak moved to Berlin, where under his leadership, staged ancient and Elizabethan drama. 1820-1840 His work had a profound influence on English and American Literature. Died Tick in Berlin April 28, 1853.

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TEC Johann Ludwig (Tieck Johann Ludwig), photo, biography
TEC Johann Ludwig (Tieck Johann Ludwig), photo, biography TEC Johann Ludwig (Tieck Johann Ludwig)  German poet, novelist and critic., photo, biography
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