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Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich

( Soviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1940).)

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Biography Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich
Born on 6 (18) February 1895 in the village wagon County Akkerman Bessarabia province to a peasant family. Educated at the University for academic courses (1922, 1927), courses commanders-one-man manager at the Military Political Academy imeni NG Tolmachev (1930). In 1915 he was drafted into the army. Member of the First World War soldier, a machine gunner in the cavalry. In 1917, joined the Red Guard, in 1918 - the Red Army in 1919 - in the RCP (B.). In August 1918, led a cavalry regiment participated in the defense of Tsaritsyn, from November 1918 the commander of a cavalry brigade (June 1919 - in the case Budionov). In November 1919 - August 1920 Commander of 6 th Cavalry Division, which is in the 1 st Cavalry distinguished itself in fighting near Voronezh, Kastornaya, Maikop, Zhitomir and Brody. From August 1920 to October 1921 commanded the 4 th Cavalry Division, operating against the troops of Wrangel and detachments Makhno.
In 1925, commanded the 3 rd and 6 th cavalry corps. Since August 1933 the Deputy Commander of Belarus, in September 1935 with the Kiev Military District. In June 1937 Commander of the North Caucasus, from September 1937 - Kharkov, February 1938 - Kiev Special Military Districts. In the period of mass repressions was involved in carrying out arrests of senior and middle chain of command in Ukraine.

In September 1939, commanded troops Ukrainian Front, headed by crossed the Soviet-Polish border and occupied Western Ukraine. In 1939-1952 member of the CC, CPSU (b). During the Russo-Finnish War of January 1940 in command of the North-Western Front, whose troops have achieved a breakthrough Mannerheim Line. Despite the huge advantage in numbers of troops and armaments, was unable to break the opponent though pushed him deep into the territory of Finland. Replaced in May 1940 on the post Soviet Defense Commissar Voroshilov, shot for failures of the army during the Russo-Finnish War. In his new position has taken all possible steps to expedite the strengthening of the defensive army: to accelerate the process of upgrading, training of new staff, re-started the formation of tank shells, etc..

In the first month of the Great Patriotic War was the chairman G.H.Q. Same time from 1 July 1941 - Commander of the Western direction. After July 19, 1941 took the post of Commissar Stalin, became a member of the Supreme Command and the Deputy Commissar of Defense of the USSR. September 13, 1941 was dismissed as Deputy Commissar and appointed commander of the South-West direction (holding the post until June 1942). At the same time commanded the West (July - September 1941), Southwestern (September - December 1941, April - July 1942), Stalingrad (July 1942), Northwestern (October 1942 - June 1943) Fronts. In May 1942 he headed the South-Western Front (including the fault of Stalin, . refused to accept the proposal of the General Staff of termination) suffered a crushing defeat at Kharkov, . where he lost 230 thousand people, . 775 tanks, . more than 5000 shells,
. Later, as the representative Odds coordinated the Leningrad and Volkhov (March - June 1943), . Caucasian and Black Sea (June - November 1943), . 2 nd and 3rd Baltic (February - June 1944) 2 nd, . 3rd and 4 th Ukrainian (August 1944 - May 1945) Fronts,

With the participation of Tymoshenko, a number of major operations of the Great Patriotic War, including the Iasi-Kishinev. Nevertheless, during the war, nothing much has not shown itself and, like other military leaders of the old school, was forced to concede the first role of a young and talented generals - Zhukov, Rokossovsky etc.. Despite the fact that his daughter Catherine (1923-1988) married to Stalin's son Vasily, Tymoshenko did not become close to the leader man.

Since 1945, commanded troops Baranovichi (March 1946 - Belarus), June 1946 - South Ural, from March 1949 - The Belarusian military districts. From April 1960 - the Group of Inspectors General of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Since 1961 chairman of the Soviet Committee of War Veterans.

Timoshenko died in Moscow on March 31, 1970. Buried in Moscow at the Kremlin wall.

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  • MIK for Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich
  • true I was in it, and my village recently, a monument to him stands in the center of the Soviet Union, but still nothing LARGE. sorry
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    Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich, photo, biography
    Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich, photo, biography Timoshenko Semyon Konstantinovich  Soviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1940)., photo, biography
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