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Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony)

( English novelist.)

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Biography Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony)
photo Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony)
Born April 24, 1815 in London. His father was unlucky scientist: for the sake of research neglected a small law practice and ran into debt, he was forced to flee from his creditors in Belgium. Frances Milton Trollope (1780-1863), writer's mother, a woman with determination and imagination, was devoid of practical minds. Collect the remains of the money, she immigrated to the United States, settled in the town on the frontier in Cincinnati, opened a shop of fashionable goods, and very soon went bankrupt. Returning to London, she benefited from their own misfortunes, writing a book Domestic manners of the Americans (Domestic Manners of the Americans, 1832), a caustic description of manners rusticity residents of the New World. In America, her name anathema, but in Europe she became famous. At the age of 52 she turned to literary work and published 34 novels.
Meanwhile, Anthony, a student who comes Harrow and Winchester College, not succeeded either in social or in the scientific field and was even declared a 'black sheep of the family'.

In 1834, thanks largely to the influence of his mother, he took the post of junior clerk in the management of mail in London (his chaotic career in this post he describes a large dose of humor in the Three clerks (Three Clerks, 1857). In 1841, Trollope was translated into Ireland. Marriage in 1844 and future family expenses required additional funds, and he turned to literature. As postal inspectors traveled a lot in Ireland, . close to know the country and used the experience gained in their first novels of Balliklorana McDermott (The Macdermots of Ballycloran, . 1847) and Kelly and O'Kelly (The Kellys and the O'Kellys, . 1848),

. However, as a writer Trollope took place only in 1855, . with the release of the Trustee (The Warden), . the first of six novels Barsetshirskih Chronicles (Chronicles of Barsetshire), . which included Barchesterskie tower (Barchester Towers, . 1857), . Doctor Thorne (Doctor Thorne, . 1858), . Parish Fremli (Framley Parsonage, . 1861), . House in Ellington (The Small House at Allington, . 1864) and The Last Chronicle Barseta (The Last Chronicle of Barset, . 1867),
. Each of the novels is a finished product, and except for the first two closely novels are unrelated, but chronologically continue to each other, and many of the characters move from book to book. In Barsetshire, a fictional county in western central England, there is peace, universal respect and a kind of simplicity of manners. A variety of types of priests and secular heroes inhabit Barchester, the administrative center of the county and the Bishop's residence.

Trustee and Barchesterskie tower - the most famous novels of Trollope. Dr. Thorne remarkable beautifully drawn characters, the characters - a country doctor and his mentally ill patient. Parish Fremli, a love story from the life of the clergy, brought real fame Trollope. In the house in Ellington appears his favorite heroine, Lily Dale. The latest news Barseta, despite some shortcomings songs, deserves evaluation given by Trollope: 'the best novel that I wrote'.

So it is not succeeding in the service, in 1867, Trollope resigned from the Directorate of Post. In the same year he became one of the founders of the magazine 'St Paul's Magazine' ( 'St. Paul's Magazine '), which produced until 1870, then made several trips. Trollope visited five times in the U.S., twice traveled around the globe and has written several travel writing about North America, Australia, South Africa and Ireland

. Having more time for creativity, . Trollope began another cycle of novels - from parliamentary life, . of six books: Will you forgive her? (Can You Forgive Her?, . 1864), . Finias Finn (Phineas Finn, . 1869), . Eustace Diamonds (The Eustace Diamonds, . 1873), . Finias returned (Phineas Redux, . 1874), . The Prime Minister (The Prime Minister, . 1876) and Duke's Children (The Duke's Children, . 1880),
. They Trollope tried to translate their socio-political views.

In the 1870's Trollope, like other writers of the Victorians, away from the humorous pictures of people and customs and turned to social satire, hitherto muted. Novel as we now live (The Way We Live Now, 1875) reflected the bitterness of the loss of moral values.

Altogether he wrote 47 novels and many works of documentary. Trollope died in London on 6 December 1882.

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Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony), photo, biography
Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony), photo, biography Anthony Trollope (Trollope Anthony)  English novelist., photo, biography
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