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Uborevich Jerome P.

( Soviet military leader, commander of rank 1 (1935).)

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Biography Uborevich Jerome P.
Born 2 (14) January 1896 in the village Antandriyus Vilnius province to a peasant family. He studied at St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute in 1915 graduated Konstantinovskoe Artillery School. Member of the First World War, Second Lieutenant. In March 1917 joined RSDLP (b). After the October Revolution was one of the organizers of the Red Guards in Bessarabia, in December 1917 was elected commander of the revolutionary worker-peasant regiment. In January-February 1918, fought against the Romanian and Austro-Hungarian troops. Captured, where in August escaped. Then commanded separate Kotlasskij heavy howitzer battery, had been an instructor of artillery, the brigade commander of the Dvina, from December 1918 Head of 18 th Infantry Division 6 th Army, the enemy is blocking the way to Vologda. Since October 1919 commanded the 14 th Army, which has inflicted a heavy defeat for the Whites Eagle and Kromy and participated in the liberation of Kursk, Kharkov, Poltava, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa. In March-April 1920, commanded the 9 th Army in the North Caucasus in the defeat of the Whites in the areas of Ekaterinodar (Krasnodar) and Novorossiysk. In May - July and November-December 1920, commanded the 14 th Army, South-West, in July - November - the 13th Army of the Southern Front, which led to fighting with the forces of General Wrangel. In the difficult defensive battles in the area Apostolovo-Nikitin army troops wore out the enemy, and then in conjunction with the 2 nd Cavalry and the 6 th army inflicted defeat.
In January - April 1921 Uborevich - assistant commanders of Ukraine and Crimea. After the beginning antonovschiny - a peasant uprising in Tambov province was appointed Deputy Tukhachevsky and with it sank the uprising in blood. The summer of 1921 was sent to Belarus to fight the rebels NI Makhno and S.N.Bulak-Bulahovicha, successfully applied the experience gained in Tambov. In August 1921 - August 1922, Commander of 5 th Army and troops of the East Siberian Military District. In August - November 1922 the War Minister and Chief of the People's Revolutionary Army of the Far Eastern Republic, a member of the Far-East Bureau of the CC RCP (b). Under his leadership, was designed and conducted Maritime Operation in 1922. Supervised by storm Spassky and purification of the Far East from the remnants of the White armies. Since 1924 the Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Ural Military District. Since 1925, the commander of the North Caucasus, from 1928 - the Moscow Military District.

Since 1926 Uborevich - Member in 1930-1931 Vice-chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR. In the 1930-1937 candidate member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1930-1931 the head Red Army. Since June 1931 the commander of the Belarusian Military District. Simultaneously, since 1934 a member of the Military Council of the People's Commissariat of Defense of the USSR. May 20, 1937 Uborevich was appointed commander of the Central Asian Military District.

May 29, 1937, was arrested on charges of involvement in the so-called military-fascist conspiracy in the Red Army. The structure of 'the center of conspiracy in addition Uborevycha entered its' head' Tukhachevsky, . commander of the first rank Yakir, . corps commanders AI Cork, . RP Eideman, . BM Feldman, . VM Primakov and VK Putna, . but also committed suicide May 30, 1937 Chief Political Commissar of the Red Army Army Commissar of the first rank JB Gamarnik,

From 1 to 4 June 1937 an enlarged meeting of the military council at the People's Commissariat of Defense with the participation of members of the Politburo of the CPSU (b). Before the meeting of the Military Council, all participants were familiarized with a receipt obtained using physical force 'confessions' Tukhachevskogo Uborevycha and other. These same fraudulent testimony widely cited KE Voroshilov in the report, . which he began with the approval, . that 'bodies Commissariat disclosed in the army long existed, and with impunity wield, . strictly conspired, . counter-revolutionary fascist organization, . headed people, . who stood at the head of the army ',
. At the meeting of the Military Council was made by Stalin. Referring to the testimony of detainees, he concluded that there was a 'political-military conspiracy against the Soviet authorities, encouraged and funded by the Germanic fascists'.

The investigation was conducted in haste and was completed on June 9, 1937 already, when the Attorney General of the USSR A. Vyshinsky formally interviewed the accused. On the same day, after an audience with Stalin he signed the indictment. June 11 before the start of the trial at the reception of Stalin's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR NI Ezhov and Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR Court V. Ulrich.

Before the trial investigators were instructed by any means untried to persuade them to show the court the testimony given by them during the investigation, and to assure that this will ease their plight. These instructions were carried. Investigators, fabricated charges, accompanied by the accused at his trial, were with them in the waiting rooms and in the courtroom

. June 11, 1937 A special bench of the Supreme Court of the USSR V. Ulrich, . Marshals of the Soviet Union Blyukher and Budionov, . commanders YI Alksnis, . Shaposhnikov, . IP Belova, . Dybenko and ND Kashirina considered the case of 'military-fascist conspiracy' and sentenced him to death members,
. The sentence was executed the next day.

The trial of Tukhachevskogo Uborevycha and others was used by Stalin's leadership to further strengthen repression in the army and navy.

In 1957 Uborevich was rehabilitated.

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Uborevich Jerome P., photo, biography
Uborevich Jerome P., photo, biography Uborevich Jerome P.  Soviet military leader, commander of rank 1 (1935)., photo, biography
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