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John Fowles (Fowles John)

( English novelist)

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Biography John Fowles (Fowles John)
(p. 1926)
. Man astonishingly broad talent, . Fowles has published six novels, . written in a completely different stylistic manner, a collection of novellas and short stories tower of ebony (The Ebony Tower, . 1974); a book outlining his personal philosophy Aristos (The Aristos, . 1964; rev,
. ed. 1968); collection of poems (Poems, . 1973); a number of excellent translations from the French language, screenplays, literary critiques, many other books and articles, . not related to the actual literature and affect such diverse topics, . as Stonehenge and home canning, . Feminism and the game of croquet,
Fowles was born March 31, 1926 in Leigh-on-Sea (Essex). He studied at a private school in Bedford, has proved an apt pupil and a good sportsman. After serving two years in the Marines, continued his education at Oxford University, where in 1950 received a Bachelor of Arts in 'French literature'. The following ten years he taught English language and literature in France and Greece and in schools in London and its environs.

His first published novel Faulza, Collector (The Collector, 1963), brought him success and freed from the need to earn a living teacher's work. The end of 1960 were published two more novels, large in scale and bold in conception, - The Magus (The Magus, 1965; rev. version 1977) and French Lieutenant's Woman (The French Lieutenant's Woman, . 1969), . as well as two editions of the book Aristos, . subtitle - 'Self-portrait in ideas' - gives an idea about the content of this work, . and its significance for understanding the early stage of creativity Faulza,

In The Collector, The Magus, and Aristos the author's attention focused on the problem of human freedom (its nature, limits and the related responsibility), as well as on the fundamental relationship of love, self-knowledge and freedom of choice. In fact, these issues define the theme of all works Faulza. His heroes and heroines - nonconformist, seeking somehow to realize themselves in the conformist society.

Award of the prestigious literary award, the book French Lieutenant's Woman, according to many critics, the best work Faulza. It is both an experimental and a historical novel, . transporting readers to thoroughly recreated Victorian world, . but not for a moment allowing them to forget about, . that they - and modern humans are separate from the ongoing great historical distance,
. The book worm (A Maggot, 1986) the eighteenth century is described as detailed as in the French Lieutenant's Woman - nineteenth century. In the interval between the publication of these remarkable historical and experimental novels were published in two samples of the original prose Faulza - huge epic Daniel Martin (Daniel Martin, . 1977) and, somewhat unexpectedly, his miniature story Mantissa (Mantissa, . 1982) - Fantasia on a theme of confrontation between the creator and his muse.,

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  • AndymaN1 for John Fowles (Fowles John)
  • Magus - the most п?п?п°я?пҐп°я? thing I've ever read
  • Slava for John Fowles (Fowles John)
  • Fowles - the man who taught me to love books. Sometimes it seems to me that the opportunity to read all under what is his name - is the best that I have in life.
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    John Fowles (Fowles John), photo, biography
    John Fowles (Fowles John), photo, biography John Fowles (Fowles John)  English novelist, photo, biography
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