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ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard)

( British statesman, leader of the Labor Party.)

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Biography ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard)
photo ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard)
Born January 3, 1883 in London. He graduated from University College, University of Oxford, in 1905 received the right to practice. In 1913-1923 - a teacher and lecturer in social sciences at the London School of Economics and Political Science. During the First World War he served in the Armored Corps, was promoted to Major. In 1919 he was elected mayor Stepni in 1919-1927 was Alderman. In 1922 he took his seat in Parliament as a member of the Labor Party from the district Laymhaus in Stepni, and in 1924 was appointed Deputy Minister of War. In 1927, Attlee became a member of the Commission on the Status of India under the chairmanship of Sir John Simon. In 1929-1931 he - Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1931 - the Postmaster of the country. Along with the majority of his colleagues on the Labor Party Attlee broke relations with Ramsay MacDonald, when he in 1931 formed a coalition government. In 1935, after John Lansberi took the place of the parliamentary leader of the Labor Party. Opposed the policy of non-interference in the civil war in Spain and denounced the pact Hoare - Laval. When in 1940 Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, Attlee joined the coalition Cabinet as Lord Privy Seal, and in 1942 became the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. After the victory of the Labor Party in elections in July 1945 became the Prime Minister.
May 27, 1947 Attlee stated on behalf of the party, that the main purpose of the British Government are the transition to peacetime economy and socialism. During the reign of Labor were nationalized the Bank of England, the coal industry, iron and steel, telecommunications, production of gas and electricity. July 5, 1948 entered into force on a single system of social insurance, decorated the National Insurance Act, the safety in the workplace, the provision of public assistance, which replaced the previous legislation on the poor. A law on national health care, in fact introduced free health care and pass the hospital, with few exceptions, state property. India, Pakistan and Ceylon was granted independence and the status of the Dominions in the Commonwealth. It was reorganized agricultural production and confirmed by the Industrial Disputes Act and the Trades Union Congress 1927. Attlee approved an agreement between the 5 powers - the Benelux countries, France and Britain - signed March 17, 1948, as well as the creation of the North Atlantic Pact. In elections in October 1951 the Labor Party was defeated, and Attlee as prime minister was replaced by Winston Churchill. In December 1955 Attlee was noble title, then he left his post as leader of the Labor Party.

Attlee - author of Will and Way to Socialism, Labor Party in the future (1949); collection of selected works objective and policies; autobiography How it happened (1954). Attlee died in London on October 8, 1967.

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ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard), photo, biography
ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard), photo, biography ATTLEE Clement Richard (Attlee Clement Richard)  British statesman, leader of the Labor Party., photo, biography
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