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( Artist Odessa Russian Drama Theater)

Comments for Oleg SHKOLNIK
Biography Oleg SHKOLNIK
photo Oleg SHKOLNIK
Students in our country - past and present - millions, but merited only Shkolnik Ukraine - Oleg. By the way, those who know him as seeds Markovic, Vova Sidorovich or Elkin pal Clay knows, so to speak, only half a schoolboy because he was above all an artist Odessa Russian Drama Theater, which is not only a comedian but also a tragic actor.

. - Oleg, seeing you in the role of Richard III in Shakespeare's play of the same name, I thought that you could, more tragic than a humorist, comedian.

. - I would hope that I'm a professional, and if so, should be able to all.
. Yes, I often use in comedic roles, but if you can play something tragic, that is, of course, happiness
. There are, of course, concerns about the fact that there is a mask, more precisely - the usual perception of the artist. Here it appears, it will be funny and cheerful. And coming on stage in the role of Richard III, I am very afraid of this, moreover, part of the audience and went to a play with the idea to see "yumornogo" murderer Richard. Then, to my great happiness, they said that all that was before, somehow goes to one side, and Richard was not articulated with the fact that I did on TV. That is a stereotype of perception can be destroyed.
. The difficulty lies in the fact that theater audiences are much less than television.

. - In general, your soul lives only in the theater or on television, too?

. Let's just say - I really love to do their work, and the more I have all sorts of works and proposals, the more comfortable I feel
. Sometimes more interesting work, is less happy, and I do not agree on everything, but, say, what we do on television, I also insanely nice. For such a short time to play so many different characters!.. The theater, of course, is another story and Technology. On TV, all initially in pieces, fragmented, like in the movies. If the TV is the average plan, have a common front of the camera, then in the theater - always a general, but the physical costs - in the theater when it is necessary "to capture" live audience a warm. But if today, thanks to TV, I open up completely on the other hand, rather than in the theater, then all is good.
And thank God that these happy moments come from two sides. I think that the last year for our Russian Drama Theater in a sense, turning largely thanks to "Richard III" and another fresh premiere - the play "The Contest" by Alexander Galin, we have set to themselves. There is a return of the spectators in the theater, even a small renaissance - in fact something for that fight.

- Interesting, but the jealousy of colleagues in the theater when you "wake up famous, somehow there?

- No, I did not notice. Maybe it affects a good specificity of Odessa.

- By the way, even though you and Odessa, but learned, I think, in Moscow?

- Yes, I graduated from the Shchukin Theater School at Vakhtangov. Was a chance to stay in Moscow, but for the sake of the residence had to divorce his pregnant wife, which I do not become. (His wife - also from Odessa, we had studied in the same school.) And he returned to Odessa, I started working ... Musical Comedy Theater, which was rad.

- Really? This is when the living Water?

- Yes, three years we have worked with him, and already then I went to Samara - drawn to the drama theater. I was there once downloaded work fine - theater in Samara was very powerful and interesting. Say glavrezhem there was a well-known People's Artist of USSR Peter Monastery. And only eight years later, I returned to Odessa is already in the Russian Drama Theater, where I was invited to the role of Mendel's Creek in "Sunset" Babel. I thought all mission - to come to Odessa, and fixing vye, in fact, play Babel on the author's homeland. The play then became a business card of the theater, we played it for eight years.

. - After the first role of the Crick in the Drama Theater to you, it seems, showered parallel proposals, would open America?

. - Yes, with a musical theater show "Richelieu" which arose at the base created by George Golubenko and Leonid Sushchenko satirical theater at the House of the actor, I traveled the entire United States
. But, if you ask me what I then saw in this blessed country, the answer is: nothing but the roads. So it was all arranged: a tight schedule, travel, life in a bus or a motel. Woke up early in the morning and went to night to the place of performance. The bus was still packed and ammunition "- the scenery, which had itself but the location and structure.

- And how you there the public?

- The audience, mostly ours, emigrant, took us well. This kind of public. On the one hand, she advanced in psychology, on the other - as it remain in the time that went away, but each of his accounts, claims by that time, and more importantly - with nostalgia for him. I have seen come there, say, 20-25 years ago and are now in full-order sufficiency. And such interpretation, let us assume that he is a man of peace and that kissing American soil, but when you drink with him two or three glasses, and play "grape seed" immediately "floats", covered in tears. Still, emigration - it is, I think, a tragic epidemic.

. - You are there, of course, also met with leaders of culture and Diasporas, I know for myself, too, decided almost Hamlet's question: to go - no go?

. - Yes, especially when we were playing Russian Drama Theater in New York and around the play entitled "drayman and the King"
. Then we were invited to the theater he created the famous Russian composer Alexander Zhurbin, incidentally, the author of music for "Sunset" Babel.

. - Yes, I regularly listen to Zhurbina on Radio Liberty and, in my opinion, in the States, he feels comfortable ...

. - True
. Another thing is that the American way of life encourages creativity in the side show. And this babelevsky performance, coming in the States under the name "drayman and the King", also most like the show. The city Faerlone was our performance at living there a great Russian actress Elena Nightingale. Then, of course, talked with her for a long time: that, yes, how and why. She's all right, but not playing, not removed. She said: "All - I am my grandmother, the rest is over". Has the right ... I think playing there it is not even interesting, because other approaches. As for my thinking of moving to permanent residence, then they really were, but remained just motives - to live and work, I still be here.

. - And what do you think are most threatened by the theater today - in America, in Ukraine - everywhere?

. - Probably, that's all this soulless urbanization and simplification to the primitive human relations
. Indoctrinate the public, computerization ...

- Well, you yourself, probably, without a computer can not do?

- No, walk around, I'm in this sense, a complete moron. Although the daughter says that I "hacker", because quite accidentally won in a contest computer, and now her daughter - a graduate of the juridical academy-it "nayarivaet.

. - And what kind of competition, curious?

. - Was in Odessa, a beer festival held firm Slavutich
. And they are great friends of our Russian Drama Theater, even became sponsors of the play "Richard III". At the festival I was asked to greet the public. What I did with pleasure, taking with him his girls - his wife and daughter. It turned out there were several competitions, including anecdotes about the contest ... beer. His wife was urged on: could not tell a funny anecdote? Had "vinnovodochny" anecdote to remake a beer: two hanurika barely scrape together the morning on a bottle of beer. They took one glass and clapped with relief, said: "My God, a simple" Amber "as drunk as Slavutich. Over anecdote-winner, I received a box of beer and was pleased, but it turned out that all the winners of competitions, also got on the box, still have each other vybaryvat the grand prize - a computer. In the quarterfinals it was necessary to include more varieties of beer, and in the semifinals - to determine its density. Somehow I happened to be more precise all the rest. But the funniest thing that had to play the final glass of beer in Anti Checkers. I must say that I never played checkers, maybe that helped to win.


. - Oleg, do you think, is there a "historical community" - the people of Odessa with its own mentality?

. - Certainly
. Incidentally, in the repertoire of show-theater "Richelieu" is the dominant theme. In one of his performances has been the phrase "Odessans all countries, unite!" - It just was born there. And there was another grand, in my opinion, a reprise, which invented Garik Golubenko: there are two, and one says: you know, Odessa recently celebrated two hundred years.
. And second: why two hundred, not two thousand? - And where did you get the idea that two? - Asked first.
. - Well, read the Bible, there is clearly written: Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob ..
. Where is it, do you think happened - in Ryazan, or what? Indeed, at whatever point the earth ball or met two odessite - is necessarily strong contacts, any relationship ...

. - By the way, your namesake and colleague at the "gentleman-show" Oleg Filimonov, not without sadness told me that every year in Odessa, Odessa is becoming less
. I explained that this is the fact that disappears as he put it, "Institute of Odessa court, and with it - and especially the speech, customs ... Many had left ...

- You know, it may be, and decreases - are lost in Odessa, but is growing in the world. Anyway, Odessa - an amazing place chosen by God, this is where "produced" the generation of these so funny, talented people, which then disperse throughout the world and give his art to humanity. Something is really happening here.

- The question of cultural relations with the authorities in Odessa, apparently, also decided in a special. For example, after the premiere of "Competition" leaving the theater governor of Odessa region Grinevetsky warmly greet you, and you answered even warmer. General, all praising it to me - a rare bow.

- Well, actually I had the governor not so often at the premieres. And just now it and he went to theater that means a good shift begins. Besides me, and not only me, really like his attitude, his attitude to culture, education. And it shall be with us longer.

- A person you interact with art and business? Certainly living Vovan Sidorovich local "cool" is often invited to their companies. Maybe your own business you already have?

- A business I am not concerned only with the creative business. Vovan Sidorovich as Semyon Markovich, me. Of course, interesting and roads, but I myself - a man very much rave and not "cool". In the circles, of which you speak, do not rotate, and little is know about them. Here in the theater dressing room I share with my friend and teacher, who is also finishing the Shchukin School, People's Artist of Ukraine Kupnikom Semyon, and he once remarkably determined: "We - working the scene". We come here with a rear entrance, change clothes in the robe, let it even a suit of King, but it's Workwear. And there is only one place where you have to prove their worth - that is there on the stage, but not on you like this "grate" against each other. And because the profession is quite public, but otherwise I love the silence, the home, well, still a small circle of friends.

- But interestingly, some extremists, say, UNA-UNSO, or the like in Odessa, has not bred?

- Thank God, no. I hope that Odessa is not suited for them today and in future will not also be approached by the spirit and climate. I've recently read, . what, . is, . near Leningrad, . that is, St. Petersburg, . There the company of young people, . that in the swamps, . where there was fighting in the Great Patriotic, . are the spoils of war - helmets, . shape, etc., . dress up and play in the Nazi,
. But are not harmless, and scare people, someone to rob, there is even a relapse of murder. As in the city who have suffered such a terrible blockade, could be born like that? The grandchildren of those who starved and died without passing the town of fascists, "have fun" so wild a way? This monstrous. This is a zombie.

- Who is a cohort of your favorite writers?

- Chekhov, Kuprin. Great pleasure I get from the Russian language Leskov, like Russian, including the Soviet poetry - "Silver Age", and Samoilova, Slutsky, Tarkovsky, Ascension, Akhmadulina. But lately, while working on Richard, passionately in love with Rimbaud, and this is very "helpful in working on a role. Generally, on tour I try not to walk around the city, because many people want me to touch, but there are places where I appear with great pleasure - it Bookstores. I need something to quote travels - his wife is already howling, because no place to put.

. - By the way, you've changed your heavily used "Lada", which stirred the readers of his "antiquity"?

. Yes, now I suppose, too, is not new (88-th year of birth), but Mitsubishi
. I am very pleased with it, and driving too great to relieve stress, especially at a decent speed out of town.

"Kiev Gazette
Stanislav Bondarenko "Time"

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