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GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union, the freeman Ivanova)

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Biography GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich
photo GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich
(born March 24, 1923)
Born into a peasant family. After graduating from junior high school he worked as a turner at the shipyard in g. Makhachkala, Dagestan ASSR. In the Army - from 1942., In the battles of World War II - January 1943. In 1944. Graduated from the Moscow shooting-mortar school. 20/07/1944 it - the platoon commander submachine Infantry Regiment - was among the first crossed the river. Zap. Bug, west of Mr.. Luboml (Volyn region.) Participated in the capture of the bridgehead. 1.08.1944 Mr.. one of the first crossed the Vistula in the region r. Magnuszew (Poland) and provided the crossing units Regiment. 15/04/1945 Gold Star of Hero handed him Marshal of the Soviet Union GK. Zhukov. Gorbachev also distinguished himself in the battle for Berlin. The award - the Order of Alexander Nevsky. After his discharge from the army ranks in November 1946. returned to. He became first secretary of the Komsomol District Committee. In 1950. moved to Ivanovo. He worked as a turner at a factory of. GK. Queen. In 1966. elected secretary of the Frunze District Party Committee. Since 1972, Mr.. Gorbachev - President of Municipal Committee of People's Control. He was executive secretary of the Ivanovo Regional Peace Committee. Participant Victory Parade, 1945, 1985, 1990, 1995. Along with military awards were the Order "Badge of Honor ', the Order of Merit, Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Fund' for peace '(1991).

Caption this photo: ... March 1945. 65km from Berlin to Kyustrinskom bridgehead on the Oder River. Regimental commander Dronov Nikita Dorofeyevich ( "Dad"), surrounded by company commanders (his "sons"). Not heroes, but in April 1945. We all know that we are truly heroes, for 2-3 days after the photographs in the newspaper "Pravda" was published the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of 24 March 1945. Of the eight, I was left alone live. I stand in the second row on the right second Gorbachev IP

... Ivan Petrovich remember their faces, young, beautiful, laughing - people native brothers Basil, Theodore, Elijah, put his head for the Soviet homeland in the north, Ukraine, Crimea. He remembers names and all their comrades, when they left after the bloody battle for the top ten in the living of the whole company. Remembers a meeting at the Elbe and the pretty American, British, French guys from Allied. They were all his coeval, and rejoiced that the world is saved, that they overcame fascism. So where are you now, guys, on which side of the barricades?

Happy forty-fifth! Decree on conferring the title Hero of the Soviet Union, March 24 - the day of his birth, a second lieutenant, company commander submachine Ivan Gorbachev. And the Victory Parade in Moscow, when he walked in the ranks of the 1 st Belorussian Front. And then - Parade of the Allies in Berlin. They then walked together, and before them opened all the joyful world.

.. Different people had taken him for life. Why not just come across twelve years as chairman of the Municipal Committee of People's Control: violations of party ethics, abuse of office, registry, fraud, and callousness toward subordinates ... Had to be punished, and punished severely.

But no matter how difficult the situation may have occurred, he never forgot that we are talking about the fate of human. Perhaps it was in this position, as nowhere before, in good stead the science of love for a man who has in the war years gave Gorbachev a regimental commander Dronov. For him, love means fighting for human rights. That's what was his science.
What is he, Gorbachev, valued and respected in people? Duty, loyalty, honesty, and be bound by the way, personal modesty, the landlord's gumption. But what most arouses his protest? Mismanagement, philistinism. In all its manifestations. From greed, consumerism to sly 'position': that I, more than anyone want?

Satisfied with it that time? Perhaps it is now it is especially clear how much more must be done. Everyone is responsible for his area of work. But the Communist leader is responsible more than any other. And it is natural. Not sorted out in due time with the builders, not ask, do not help. It seems to be doing something: the staffs at the launch sites, heard in committee on the Bureau of the city committee. A plan for new housing in this year failed. Many complaints about the public transport. Like truancy and violations of labor discipline declined, but they are still there, and many.
Maybe sharply judges? But if frankly, what we are demanding to each other than intolerance of shortcomings, the greater will be our success and reliable our tomorrow. He, a former war veteran, is well understood that the world needs to strengthen and protect, promote and protect the labor, and conscious discipline.
In the year of victory he was only twenty-two, and now behind him, four decades ... And life goes on. The main thing - he was sure of it - it remains in the system.

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GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography
GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography GORBACHEV, Ivan Petrovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, the freeman Ivanova, photo, biography
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