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KONONIN Stanislav

( Honorary Citizen of Ivanova)

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Biography KONONIN Stanislav
photo KONONIN Stanislav
In the work book Stanislav Alexandrovich Kononina only one record of employment. According to his confession, he never sought to "top" career was built as if by itself. Strongly influenced his future studies in Germany. Two years in Dresden, turned the concept of cultural production, the quality and prestige of the product. Dresden health lessons helped in the work, the ability to conduct business with foreign partners. Foreign economic activity and export capabilities have always been its emphasis. This product JSC Ivanovomebel "well proven in the U.S. markets, Germany, Belgium, Mongolia.

. Starting in 1960, with positions mechanics shop, Kononin quickly passed through all stages of the job ladder, and already in 1973 he became chief engineer of the Ivanovo furniture factory, and in 1984 headed the company
. He was the first in the country led the development of unique technology of finishing furniture boards on germanskom equipment "Hildebrant". With his light hand in the production were delivered to the first four machines of the Ivanovo Machine-tool integration, to this day producing prestigious furniture from solid wood. Stanislav not just about implementing someone else's - on his own accounts 37 rationalization proposals and three inventions. Led by Kononinym company was and remains a school of excellence for domestic furniture manufacturers.

. Stanislav most value in people honesty and responsibility, considering the success of the head of the ability to collect reliable team of like-minded
. Together with the entire domestic industry association, burdened by the social sphere, in 1992, was in the economic impasse. Deprived of their own revolving funds, furniture manufacturers have been forced to halve production. The peak of the crisis began in 1994. Then the team developed its own Kononina phased development strategy, and it paid off brilliantly. The company found its niche in the domestic market, continued technical re-creates new jobs, increasing production of competitive products. The new strategy includes increasing sales through an integrated promotion of products on the market.

General Director of JSC "Ivanovomebel" never dissociated himself from the human concerns. In order to contain departmental accommodation, sports center, dining. The enterprise has a remarkable therapeutic and Wellness Center, which services and working, and retired. Schools and kindergartens, . Institute of Maternity and Childhood, . Diocese of Ivanovo, . Regional Protection Fund blind, . Russia Union of Afghanistan Veterans, . Frunzenskaya organization BOC, . Red Cross, . City Clinical Hospital N 1, . Troops, . Family Orphanage Raskovoj, . Ivanovo Medical Academy - are just some addresses charitable AO Ivanovomebel "in recent years,

Kononin not spend time on politics, considering the main policy of the business, who gave their lives. In this life there were many happy, successful years, but they are all closely connected with the work. In the next few years, he set out to convey leadership now in the capable hands of students. Generously shares the life and production experience with the young deputy. He considers the situation in the country difficult, but not hopeless, and expects that fostered his company to continue to be one of the flagships of the industry.

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KONONIN Stanislav, photo, biography
KONONIN Stanislav, photo, biography KONONIN Stanislav  Honorary Citizen of Ivanova, photo, biography
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