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Borokh Alexander Isaakovich

( Physio-therapist, Doctor of Medicine (1966), Professor (1969), Honorary Doctor of Russia (1995).)

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Biography Borokh Alexander Isaakovich
(rod.11.I.1925 with. Orlovka Holminskogo region Chernigov region)
Graduated in 1949. Smolensky medinstiut. Since 1949 g.po 1952. - In a clinical internship at the department of faculty therapy under the guidance of Professor KV. Punina (see). From 1952 to 1957. - In the Pacific Fleet as the Chief of therapeutic departments. Medical colonel. Since February 1957 - in the Smolensk Medical Institute: Assistant and Associate Professor of the faculty and hospital treatment (1957-1967 gg.), . Head of the Department of Hospital Therapy (1967-1995 gg.), . Professor (since 1995), . first head of the Steklov Institute internship,
. Senior Consultant Hospital? 3 Smolensky oblzdravotdela (1967-1983 gg.). Chairman of the Smolensk Oblast Scientific Society vrechey therapists, an honorary member of this society, co-chairman of the Council on Health for the regional governor, the chief cardiologist of the Health Department of. Editor section of Great Medical Encyclopedia (Edition 3). Member of the Great Patriotic War. Awarded 2 medals and 12 medals.

B. - The author of about 220 scientific papers, including 9 monographs on diseases of the lungs and heart, co-author of two textbooks on diseases of the lungs and manual practitioner, executive editor of 15 others. books, autobiographical book "Sketches of healing. And not only "co-author of a number of manuals and handbooks of practical medical. B. conducted extensive studies on changes of lung function in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), one of the first (1981) presented (along with MP Muravyov and VV Zarudin) prove erroneous view of the etymology of infectious asthma,
. Developed in conjunction with VG Stepanov and SK Zubkov, a new method of treating asthma in obtaining a patent for an invention. Provided evidence (1986) Development of protracted postpnevmonicheskogo bronchitis as an alternative to protracted pneumonia. Under the scientific supervision of B. the first time in the USSR in the 60-ies. conducted an epidemiological study COPD. B. substantiated the idea of the basic therapy of acute myocardial infarction and introduced it into practice, clarified the conventional classification of ischemic heart disease. B. initiated the establishment of one of the first in the USSR Pulmonology (1964) and first in the Smolensk region emergency department of cardiology with the block of intensive supervision, . treatment and intensive care unit (1973) and the rehabilitation of patients with myocardial infarction (1987),
. The clinic, . directed by B., . the first time in the Smolensk region introduced more than 20 major diagnostic and treatment methods or their complexes, . including kardiomonitorirovanie patients with myocardial infarction, . ultrasound of the heart, . sensing of the heart and pulmonary artery and dr.Podgotovil 26 candidates and 3 doctors of medical sciences,
. Russia Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) was awarded the silver medal of. I. Pavlova 'For the development of medicine and health'.

. Vol.: Clinic of chronic nonspecific inflammatory-sclerotic process in the lungs .- Smolensk, . 1961; Autoimmunizatsiya with nonspecific lung diseases .- M., . 1973; Diagnostichek errors in pulmonology .- M., . 1977 (co-authored), chronic nonspecific lung diseases .- M., . 1985 (co-authored), diagnostic and therapeutic-tactical errors in pulmonology .- M., . 1988 (co-authored); Respiratory diseases,
. Guidelines for physicians .- M., . 1989 and 1990 (in collaboration); Drama Therapy .- Smolensk, . 1995; Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory .- Smolensk, . 1996 (co-authored); Life after a heart attack .- M., . 1999; Asthma: treatment and prevention .- M., . 1999 and others,

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Borokh Alexander Isaakovich, photo, biography
Borokh Alexander Isaakovich, photo, biography Borokh Alexander Isaakovich  Physio-therapist, Doctor of Medicine (1966), Professor (1969), Honorary Doctor of Russia (1995)., photo, biography
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