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Isakovsky Mikhail

( Russian Soviet poet)

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Biography Isakovsky Mikhail
(19.I.1900, der. Glotovka Osielsko parish Elninskaya district of Smolensk province - 20.YII. 1973, Moscow)
Hero of Socialist Labor (1970), winner of State Prizes (1943, 1949). He studied at Osielsko Zemstvo elementary school. Education often interrupted had nothing to go to school. In 1915, Mr.. passed examinations for the 4 th grade school Smolensk F.V. Voronin, in 1917 transferred to the gymnasium Elninskaya. Studies had to leave for the same reason - because of poverty. Since the autumn of 1917. begins working life II: during the year worked "temporary teacher" in Osielsko school, was Assistant Secretary Osielsko parish. Fall of 1918 became a member of RSDLP (b), since the beginning of 1919. - Editor Elninskaya county newspaper. About his work in Elnya, as well as about his life prior to this work, with the inclusion of a number of episodes from the life of subsequent years, and. recounts in his autobiography, "On Elninskaya earth". In 1921, Mr.. I. transferred to work in the Smolensk provincial newspaper "Work Path". There was a newspaper editor, secretary, department head. In 1931, Mr.. moved to Moscow, where he led the magazine for about a year "collective farmer". Aggravated eye disease forced to leave work.

Poetry began writing in 1912, and in 1914. his poem "Please soldier" was published in the Moscow newspaper "Virgin Soil". The first collection of poems - "On the steps of time" (1921, Smolensk). The beginning of the poetic activity and. considered a book of poems "The wires in the Straw" (1927), received a sympathetic review M. Gorky. Then the book: "Province" (1930), "Masters of the earth", "Selected Poems" (1931). The main theme of poetry and. 20-early 30-ies. - The theme of the village past and present. Many poems are directly connected with local events and everyday life ( "Farms", "The past", "Shuba", "Over the river Ugroy", "Geography of life", "In the forest village", "Earth", "I grew up in a remote side" "Sing me, sing, Prokoshin", etc.). Some verses about the modern village suffer certain declarative. Many of the poems and. steel mzvestnymi songs (set to music by composers M. Blanter IN. Zakharov, and. Dunayevsky, B. Mokrousov, etc.). And. - By well-known song "Katyusha", which caused more than 100 alterations and extensions. During the Great Patriotic War, was evacuated to g.Chistopol. Created poems and songs have been generally accepted: "In the Forest front-line", "Ogonyok", "Oh, my fogs ..." etc.. A number of poems written in connection with the expulsion of German troops from the towns and villages of Smolensk ( "When Yelnya", "Hello, Smolensk," There Vshodskom in the area ... "etc.). Immediately after the war wrote a poem, which became known songs ( "The enemies of the native hut burned down").

Peru. belong to the many literary and critical articles, . autobiographical book "On Elninskaya earth." In 1987, . after the death of the poet, . published (40 years after its writing) the poem "The Tale of Truth" - the product, . on their problems does not fit into the mainstream of formal representations, . reigned for decades,
. In addition to the original poetic work, paid much attention to transfers. He has translated several works of Ukrainian, Belarusian folklore, Serbian, Polish poet, besides them translated from Latvian, Ossetian, Tatar, Hungarian, Urdu, Italian. Honorary Citizen of Smolensk. His name is given to streets and towns in Smolensk Oblast and Russia. name and. College is a culture in Smolensk.

Plaques installed on the building of the former private school VF. Voronina, Pedagogical University. To the 100 anniversary of his birth. Smolensk is a monument to the poet (sculptor - People's Artist of Russia A. Sergeev).

Vol.: Collected. cit.: in 5-min. - M., 1981; At Elninskaya land. - M., 1975.

Lit.: Russian Literature, 1980. -? 3; Merkin GS. Soul must work. - M., 1989.; Koshelev Ya.R.: 1) M. ISAKOVSKI - Pages of life and creativity .- Smolensk, 1995; 2) Living Heritage / Isakovsky M.V. Hundred songs. - Smolensk, 2000.

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Isakovsky Mikhail, photo, biography
Isakovsky Mikhail, photo, biography Isakovsky Mikhail  Russian Soviet poet, photo, biography
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