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Leger Nadezhda Petrovna

( Painter and mozaichist.)

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Biography Leger Nadezhda Petrovna
(HI.1904, der. Osetischi Vitebsk Province. - 7.HI.1982, France)
Grew up in a large peasant family, which during 1 st World War II, settled in Belyov Tula Province. After 1917. engaged in painting and ballet at the local Palace of Arts. In 1919, Mr.. left home without permission and went to Smolensk, where he enrolled in the State supreme art studios. Studied at VM. Strzheminskogo and his wife, EH. Cobra, who led the team UNOVIS (affirmative New Art) in Smolensk.

In the early 1920. along with realistic pictures ( "My dear Xenia", "Portrait of a student" - 1921) performed the abstract works in the spirit supermatizma: "Press-papier" (1918), "Getting Traffic. Rise-1 "(1922)," Still Life with Vase "(1925), etc.. In 1971, Mr.. at the personal exhibition at the International Art Center in Paris showed a number of works marked a double date: 1920/1968 he. etc.. In 1922, Mr.. went to Warsaw, using the right of refugees from Western Belarus to return to their villages, passed to Poland. Two years working maid in the Polish family and a milliner in the hat shop. At the same time engaged in the Academy of Arts and studied the Warsaw museum collections. In 1924, Mr.. married St.. Grabowski, a student at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, went with him to Paris and entered the Academy of Modern Art, which was led by F. Leger A. Ozanfan. In 1927, after the birth of his daughter Wanda, left her husband and moved closer to F. Leger. In 1920-30-ies. helped Leger in monumantalnyh and decorative work, increased his sketches, and later assisted in his Academy. In 1930-ies. oranizovala edition of the journal "Contemporary Art" in French and Polish. At the beginning of the 2-nd World War, joined the Society of assistance to the front. During the Nazi occupation of France worked in the underground, distributed in Paris partisan leaflets. In 1944, Mr.. joined the Union of Soviet patriots and the Union assistance to former prisoners of war, organized an exhibition of artists - members of the resistance and the auction of paintings, which brought 3 million. francs in favor of the Red Cross and the Union of Soviet patriots. At the opening of the Tenth Congress of Communist Party of France in 1945. exhibited monumental portraits of members of the CC, performed on gouache L.

In 1952, Mr.. married F. Leger and settled with him in Zhivsyur-Yvette, near Paris. After the death of Leger in 1955. she, with the assistance of the Communist Party, established the museum in the Bote and in 1970 he. donated to France.

In 1950-70-ies. painted portraits and still lifes, marked by the influence of Leger. She has sung the portraits of the leaders of the international communist movement, the heroes of the Resistance, figures of French culture, as well as portraits of the LN. Tolstoy, PI. Tchaikovsky, M. Gorky, VV. Mayakovsky, SS. Prokofiev, DD. Shostakovich, R.K. Shchedrin W. Kosmodemyanskaya, SW. Gagarin etc.. Created a series of portraits Leger. Has a monumental genre (the emblem of France - Marianne at City Hall in Montrouge, 1945) and posters ( "On behalf of millions of our children demand the world!" - 1950-s. etc.). In recent years, mainly engaged in the mosaic, in particular, a mosaic portrait.

In 1960-70-ies. often visited the Soviet Union, has performed a lot of paintings by Soviet impressions ( "Farmer", "Tajik musicians, etc.). Gave the Soviet Union a few of his prints and paintings F. Leger, 60 mosaic portraits, executed in her gouache, and more than 2000 high-quality reproductions of paintings of the Louvre, which constituted a traveling exhibition that went in the early 1970's. number of towns and villages of the USSR. For contribution to the development of Sino-French friendship was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1972).

Lit.: Leger, F., Boke W. Nadezhda Lц╘ger: Exhibition Catalog. - M., 1963; Mosaics Hope Leger: Catalog of the exhibition of mosaics, donated by the Soviet museums. - M., 1972; Leger NP. The exhibition of reproductions of paintings and sculptures: Catalog. - Moscow, 1975; Khardzhiev H. The history of Russian avant-garde. - Stockholm, 1976. - P. 125; Dubenskaya L. By Nadia Leger

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Leger Nadezhda Petrovna, photo, biography
Leger Nadezhda Petrovna, photo, biography Leger Nadezhda Petrovna  Painter and mozaichist., photo, biography
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