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LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich

( Artist)

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Biography LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich
photo LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich
(19.V.1945, Saratov)

In 1968 Lisino ends Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (hudgraf) and lives in Navapolatsk. Soon after his parents die, and he is all alone, without work and livelihood. In a small provincial town no one understands its Non-figurative and decorative painting, the ratio of inhabitants to a strange artist and reserved man is becoming increasingly hostile. A Showa, who then as now days can not hold without the writings of paintings, has been unable to buy a brush and paint. About to cooperate in the local art studios, writing all sorts of posters, slogans and draw portraits of the leaders, there could be no. He's just physically and psychologically unable to do so, having, moreover, an undoubted gift. So Khlebnikov in his time, dying of hunger, could not write poems on the actual order. By the way, he considers the gift of Providence that do not fit into the system, not all the world with official artist who always felt a falsehood, and not become a member of the Union of Artists.

. Nevertheless, I had to live somehow, and Lisino arranged an ordinary worker at the refinery
. After some time he will get acquainted with the fate of journalist Alexander Morozov, who invites him to work in Smolensk Puppet Theater. Seva moved to our city. In the theater, he draws puppets and scenery, without ceasing to engage in parallel to his own paintings, all by improving skills. However, this duality weighs the artist, the more so in the theater creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Lisino decides to leave the puppet theater. He went to work in knigotorg as the designer and there is a casual acquaintance with the well-known translator and director of the lottery book, . arrived in Smolensk on business, . certain Flying Vladimir M., . interested in the work of Seva,

He invites our hero to Moscow, where he met with Svetlana Tsharadze, which is engaged in collecting paintings and protector of artists. Lisino well acquainted with some of the artists and renowned collector of unofficial art Leonid Talochkin. All of these people appreciated the paintings of our artist. Lisino participates in several unsanctioned by the authorities apartment exhibitions (the so-called apt-art), as a result loses his job in Smolensk, as it enters the negative material from the Lubyanka.

. It should be noted that in this period, he is not leaving entirely his favorite decorative manner of writing, begins to paint landscapes, portraits and views of the city in its original style.

. Once again, he suffers from poverty, hunger
. Temporarily salvation comes from Moscow friend, Svetlana, who, intending to go to America, had a connection with the ambassadors of various countries, who bought paintings and Lisinova. However, the money will soon end, and the artist has to find a job as a fitter-inspector in the thermal point in the basement of St.. Communist, where he worked for almost nine years.

There is, however, blessing in disguise. It is in this underground (literally and figuratively), a new bright period of his creative. He paints a picture of the plot, characters who are representatives of the social floor, sleeping in the boiler room, and common laborers.
. Since 1983, Lisino begins to exhibit in Leningrad, where the first exhibition dilapidated informal artists
. His notice when entering into fashion "Mitka" feeling in him a kindred spirit. The subject of his underground period, extremely close to them. "Mitka", also working, who janitor, who is a watchman who is serving morgue, depict asocial types, representatives of the deepest bottom of the social. Seva they considered their own, called in his Mitkovskiy manner "our Seryozha Sevushka Lisino.
In Peter Seva acquainted with such famous artists as the Orlov brothers, Cyril Miller. His it recognizes an artist Kowalski, who has close ties with the Smolensk. Subsequently, he headed "Fund Free Art", located in the famous house? 10 at the Pushkin Street. Here, and to this day, live and work in the workshops over a hundred independent artists.

. At the beginning of perestroika Seva unexpectedly falls in Paris at the invitation of the teacher, a Frenchman who works in the Smolensk Pedagogical Institute, and admires the work of our artist
. Hit in the French capital and center of all the arts are literally right out of the cellar was a shock to Lisinova. He eagerly absorbed the culture of France (as, indeed, the entire world, presented here), visiting museums and galleries from the Louvre to the Pompidou Center, met with the artists of emigrants from the USSR, Zelininym, Shelkovskaya. Russian-language publisher of the anthology "A7YA" played a major role in the artistic life of our country's mid-eighties. In the Slavic department offered to him to do an exhibition, but, alas, in those more maloliberalnye years it was impossible.

After returning from Paris, the themes of his paintings several changes. He begins to write vivid landscapes. Soon he leaves the heat station and all becomes a freelance artist.

. As we have noted, Lisin organically does not accept all kinds of artistic unions, so his shop he had never been, and he worked exclusively at home
. And only in 1993, after a number of publications in the mainstream press, it is with Director of the Department Head of the Administration of Smolensk region SG Chibisova gets his small shop, and then only briefly. After the change in administration, he offered to pay for the rental of a lot of money, which our hero can not afford to be. Workshop of the take away from him nine months later, after he gets it. And to this day Lisino fruitfully works in his apartment.

. In the early nineties Seva receives an invitation from the gallery of George Myers of Los Angeles, where for several years lived his good friend from Moscow, Svetlana Tsharadze, with which he continues to maintain relations
. Immediately upon arrival at the El-Hi with an artist is an unusual and tragic case. Gallery owner and a very rich man Myers suits at his home in the prestigious area of Beverly Hills reception for Lisinova, Russian painter Dlouhy, who lives in New York, and a number of ladies interested in art. When all the guests had just sat down at the table and not yet had time to drink a glass of vodka Absolut, the door suddenly rang. The owner went to open. Soon the hall heard the noise and loud voices. A number of guests rushed there, but soon returned and something fell on the floor. Seva, understanding nothing, because of ignorance of the English language, remained to sit at the table. Suddenly, the room broke into three negro, armed with rifles. They beat the owner, and something demanded of him. Lying on the floor, Svetlana asked, finally, to Seva in Russian, that he, too, lay down, and then began to explain to blacks that this man from Russia, and it can not be touched. But their leader scornfully replied that they do not care where he is, they supposedly hate all whites.

Subsequently, it turned out that these bandits, who were under the influence of cocaine, demanded that the owner of big money. Along the way they tore off ladies jewelry and kicked trying to intercede for these men. The situation was saved the son of Myers, who slept on the second floor, but was woken up and went downstairs. Realizing what had happened, he gave the Negroes the required amount, and those taking with him all the musical equipment, left the house.

. After such a shock Showa virtually confined to the house of his friends in Los Angeles, working hard, creating a picture after picture
. Later they were exhibited in the El-Hi, and San Francisco at the exhibition entitled "Russian show. On the last day of stay in the U.S. Seva still attend sessions Lady Blues, Ella Fitzgerald, then quite an old woman, giving almost his last concert.

. After American Showa start to put in Smolensk during the two international festivals, held under the auspices of the club KEPNOS
. It is widely promoted playwright Maria Arbatova. It appears as a long article about the artist in the "General newspaper. In 1994, the journal Society and publishes an interesting article about Lisinove, accompanied by a number of reproductions of his works from different periods. Then pass through several personal exhibitions of our artists in Smolensk. Smolensk museum acquires work Seva. But later in the financial crisis in the country, as well as the lack of proper taste of the rich man in the street, his works are not bought.

. In the mid-nineties work Lisinova notice Germans from Hagen, who arrived on a visit to sister city of Smolensk
. And soon invited him to Germany for the opening of the festival devoted to decade of friendship between the two cities. Arranged solo exhibition Lisinova. consisting of 20 of his works, some of which were uncovered at the Germans.

In 1998 Lisinova held jointly with the Russian, artists Graudina Herman, who lived in Kassel, where he moved from Smolensk in the war. His father was director of the Smolensk State Bank, fell under the hammer of repression. This exhibition was in charge of Dr. Bush, who played the role of good fairy in the fate of Seva. The man, who often come to our city with all sorts of cultural and humanitarian missions, was continually acquire works Lisinova. At the same time Smolensk artist with a worldwide reputation in Germany gets its homepage on the Internet.

It should be noted also that in Moscow Seva held exhibitions in the organization MOOSH and Gallery on Prospekt Mira. Zimmerli Museum in Nц╣o Jersey, said the desire to buy his paintings, and collector Norton Dodge, who is engaged in collecting paintings by Russian artists, non-conformists in 1956, he bought five works.
. Currently, the artist works in a multidisciplinary manner, combining different style, but tending more towards abstract landscapes
. He writes and portraits, making graphics. The artistic potential of the master is far from exhausted. We think it is in the prime of his creative powers.

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LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich, photo, biography
LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich, photo, biography LISINO Vsevolod Nikolaevich  Artist, photo, biography
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