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NADOLSKY Stepan Romanovich

( Sculptor, a member of the Union of Artists (1932),)

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Biography NADOLSKY Stepan Romanovich
(1885, there are other data on the year of birth, Mr.. Minusinsk Krasnoyarsk - 1943, probably Rubtsovsk Altai Territory)

Stepan Romanovich Nadolsky was educated at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in fact until 1905 he studied at the Academy of Arts. The first significant work of the artist became a monument to the heroes of the war of 1812 in Smolensk. A further vital and creative work of sculptor associated with Siberia.

During the civil war with. R. Nadolsky wife H. L. Yanov-Nadolskoy lives in Barnaul. Here C. R. Nadolsky has a number of works which are the first incarnation of Lenin's plan of monumental propaganda in Siberia. On the pediment of the House of Soviets (now the building administration) has been established made of high relief with the figure of the worker and peasant.

Subsequently, close to this group sculptural repetition was made in Novosibirsk for building Sibrevkom (now the premises regional party).

In Barnaul Nadolsky drafted a monument to socialism. It was a
. "the new pyramid on ancient historical grounds with tiered eras, dating back to the present, ending with the Russian October Revolution and the prerequisite to the future, as a prelude to a new man, ending the pyramid of ages"

. He also completed a monument to the victims of the revolution in Barnaul, a monument in unrealized project
. I. Lenin to Semipalatinsk, bust in. I. Lenin and Barnaul writer with. Isakov. Works Nadolsky in this period in art and industrial workshops.
Later, he will make a series of sculptural compositions in Novosibirsk, and then in Moscow for the pavilion "Siberia" All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In Moscow for an exhibition he made several sculptural groups, among which "Oyrot reading a book" - a tribute to the memory of the Altai. One reviewer described the work among the "most attractive sculpture exhibition

. If Nadolskogo at the beginning of his way (a monument to Smolensk) has a marked influence eclectic sculptures of the second half of the XIX century, . ornamental reliefs in the 1920's is not quite the association figures, and decorative elements, . then gradually he begins to work organically and stricter,
. There is convincing as a young Oirot bent over a book. Sculpture "Young Oirot" successfully translated into a tree with the correct fit the shape of the cedar block.

Nadolsky then came to the complex composition solution - monument. At high pedestal silhouette draw shapes with the leader stretched forth his hand. The plan was supplemented reliefs: on one side shows the number of workers with a banner, on the other - a group of Kirghiz. Reliefs embodied the idea of internationalism. During this period he was the first in Barnaul, a bust K. Marx (the location of these works are unknown).

Intelligentsia Barnaul in those years often met the poet Sasha Piotrowski. Here hotly debated problem of the formation of the young Soviet art, read new poems, short stories. A frequent guest was here and Nadolsky. He made quick, easy outline to present. During this period they were created not as sculptural portraits of writers and partisans. Known for reproductions of those years the bust of the writer-Siberian Stepan Isakov. The sculptor took an active part in implementing the plan of monumental propaganda in Siberia. Initially, it was designed "Monument to socialism". Nadolskim monument was conceived as a "new age-old pyramid on the historic grounds with tiered eras, dating back to the present and ending with the Russian October Revolution and the premise in the future as a prelude to a new man, ending the pyramid of ages".

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NADOLSKY Stepan Romanovich, photo, biography
NADOLSKY Stepan Romanovich, photo, biography NADOLSKY Stepan Romanovich  Sculptor, a member of the Union of Artists (1932),, photo, biography
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