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Peter RenL Baumann

( DJ)

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Biography Peter RenL Baumann
photo Peter RenL Baumann
His name: Peter RenL Baumann
The first mention in written sources: January 5, 1968
The historic homeland: r. KTlliken (Switzerland)
. Length: 173 cm
. Weight category: 65 kg
. The cornea of the eyes: hazel
. Sisters, brothers: all alone
. Recovers: football, badminton, skiing
. Special obsession: a rabid football fan
. Favorite hobbies: playing cards, in which cut all his team during a tour
. The perfect filling of the stomach: Italian spaghetti, chicken
. Thirst quenches: juices from natural fruit
. Favorite creature: Psovaya
. Heard: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, JAMIROQUAI
. DJ baker

. Rene was born in international family
. His mother Ruth Baumann (born in Switzerland) was married to an Italian Luigi Cipriano, but before their baby is a bad habit to get rid of daily demand money for diapers, dad and trace. Ruth was alone with a 2-year-old child in her arms. It is well-bred and their offspring in the future could be proud of the achievements of his son. Incidentally, she still works in a flower shop in town, the birthplace of her little boy.

Difficulties did not frighten young Baumann. Despite a small increase, even a teenager, he played for farm-club football team of his city. In 1984, together with friends Baumann carried away by fashion breykdensom, demonstrated a passion for razmalevyvaniyu walls and love the American lifestyle. After high school, Renee went to culinary college, which promised to him in the future, "Butter" career as a baker or confectioner's shop in private. But soon loomed on the horizon, a new, as it turned out, more solid passion boys.

He began DJing at the club "Don Paco". There he met his future manager Oliver Imfeldom, with whom they establish friendly relations on the basis of breykdensinga. In 1988, Baumann as one of the leaders of the club movement, his city was sent to popular in Europe festival-competition called "Disco Queen / King Corporation", . since 1979 annually in the discotheque "Tropic" the German city Memmingema,

He was awarded the Grand Prix of the contest and received the right to participate in such an event of a higher rank "Top 10 Disco King" in Ibiza. And this does not frighten the talented Swiss DJ. He took third place (out of ten) once in three categories: dance, external image and style. Recall that at this time our hero is still performed under his real name.

In 1989, after a fruitless search for an interested in his music label under the alias DJ Bobo Rene recorded his first single "I Love You", which sold worthless edition of 400 copies, and, naturally, did not even hit the charts. For information: Bobo - a comic character from the fairy tales, which, while imprisoned, constantly escapes. According to Rene Baumann, comical, but at the same time very personal way Bobo is the best suited to him. Then he gathered under his starting group of dancers and backing singers, whose composition is almost unchanged.

In 1991, Bobo producing his first truly professional single, "Let's Groove On", but again it was waiting for a commercial failure, again due to lack of a contract with DJ Bobo.

Dreams Come True ...

It was only in late 1992, the first "podkontraktny" single Bobo "Somebody Dance With Me" made him famous author and artist virtually all Europe. In November 1992, "Somebody Dance With Me" solemnly ascended to the top of the Swiss hit parade, . in other European charts it was waiting for at least the first ten, . in some countries, he managed to take on the 1 st place, even the famous hymn to love Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You",
. In Germany alone the single sold over 250 000 copies, which looked fantastic for recording in the style of "Eurodance", and the residence of the future king of dance queue stretched "gold" discs.

It was not long, and was born debut album DJ Bobo "Dance With Me", which is on the hit composition eclipsed all its competitors in style. I remember 1993, when the DJ at school discos, I scroll through the "Keep On Dancing", "Everybody" and "Take Control" four or five times during the evening and the audience raved and demanded more. For those good memories know that in the early 90's Bobo was a rarity on the dance scene.

Autumn 1994, went on sale and the second most hit until the disk Bobo "There Is A Party" with a huge bunch of upbeat songs, the sounds of which it was difficult to resist. "Let The Dream Come True", "Love Is All Around" and "There A Party" have become classics of music for the feet.

Bobo went to the first European tour, which was unchanged from the sold-out. But his fans are worth nothing at all to wait until next year, their idol simulates an amazing show, which will visit twice as many countries, including the exotic South American region

. October 6, in the foyer of the Central stadium of the city of Zurich at the end of the concert DJ Bobo and his team of nine dancers and backing singers gathered journalists at a press conference, . where there was a special album by DJ Bobo "Just For You" with even more dance remixes of the best songs Bobo, plus two new songs: "Christmas" It's Time For Christmas "and the romantic ballad" Love Is The Price ",
. DJ Bobo style is defined as an Italian rap dance house direction, and creative movement, he clearly borrows from rap artists, combining it with its unique technology.

As a result, the DJ Bobo becomes the "sell" the Swiss musician in the world.

He managed to assemble a team of these workaholics. Bobo and his team are trying to keep 100-percent healthy lifestyle: no cigarettes, alcohol, drugs. At this time in short intervals between debilitating tour guys recorded new songs, shot videos and participated in television.

The new album "World In Motion" was published in the autumn of 1996. Again, the new songs of our hero cuts. Singles "Pray", "Respect Yourself", "It's My Life" and "Shadows Of The Night" storm the European dance charts with a periodicity of 2-3 months, and Bobo again puts on the royal armor.

In September 1997, published "winter version of the album" World In Motion ", which makes the tradition of innovation, stuffy disk" Just For You ". The new songs are track "Can You Hear Me" and a cover of QUEEN "Radio Ga Ga". The logical success secured more ambitious tour with funky pyrotechnics and svetoeffektami. For one evening Bobo replaced no less than eight costume.

Finally ...

Information for fans dancing king. Rene Baumann, today, apparently on the single. Relatively, because he was once married but divorced, and now meets a girl, a dancer from his team. Her name is Nancy Rentssh, and before meeting with Bobo, she worked in another dance group 3-O-MATIC.

Bobo has recently become famous as a producer. A year ago he changed his place of residence and now settled in the Swiss city of Lucerne, where he has a well-equipped studio. Interestingly, Rene Baumann does not use the services of bodyguards and during the tour moves from city to city by bus.

In late March, sales started his new single "Where Is Your Love". All the evidence indicates that it opens a new "magic" chapter in the musical career of DJ Bobo, because its new, sixth album, released on April 28, the so-called "Magic" (Magic). The contents of the album is great interest, because in training the magic and enchantment with Bobo and his team had nothing at all - six months since the end of their last tour.

On 29 August in Lucerne, starts his new "magical" tour. Next, meet the new miracle! What is a surprise prepodneset us this funny dancing and singing, roly-poly DJ?
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Peter RenL Baumann, photo, biography
Peter RenL Baumann, photo, biography Peter RenL Baumann  DJ, photo, biography
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