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Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul)

( DJ)

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Biography Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul)
photo Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul)
Born Dec. 16, 1971 in the city Ayzenhuttenshtadt in East Germany, Paul grew up in East Berlin. Before the reunification of Germany, he had the idea of the capitalist world via the sounds of radio stations that existed on the other side of the border.
"We could see the western part of the city on the TV and listen to western radio stations. We recorded the music from the radio and played at our parties, because we in the east did not have anything like a club culture. In those days I listened to the radio show of Monika Dietl. I was really keen on music, "The Smiths" and New Order, their music was strong and emotional. Then in 1989, when the wall finally collapsed, club culture has spread all over Berlin. For the most part they have played a heavy Detroit techno. I liked the energy that the spirit, but something was missing. I was looking for something else. "
That search did not leave him. He created his first remixes of 2 old players. It was only later, in March of 1991, his unique style of dance music in the very first time played in the recently opened Berlin club "Tresor".
Around the same time, Paul took up creating their own original compositions. His first thing "Perfect day" was released in 1992. "I am delighted as a child, holding my own first record!" - Says Paul. "Perfect day" was released on the Berlin underground label "HFS", setting off a promising career.
In 1993 Paul created the club hit of the year, making a remix of the single Humate "Love Stimulation". The following year, was released his first album "45 RPM", while he also turned the plate in the legendary club "E-work".
. Over the next few years Paul garnered further respect by remixing tracks such famous performers as Inspiral Carpets, Sven Vath, Curve, New Order
. This was, of course, until then, until his second album "Seven Ways", which firmly proved him as one of the truly great international artists of electronic music.
. Album "Seven Ways" has led to a furious amount of national and international interviews, and many are played around the world sets, both with what was in the Top-100 charts
. Even the English music press, usually patronized by only his dj-wells, unanimously praised the record. Readers of "DJ-magazine" chose "Seven Ways" album of the year? 1. Singles "Beautiful place", "Forbidden fruit", "Words", as well as remixes of Salt tank, Quattara, Curve, finally secured him a place in the Chief Executive of British and European dance charts.
. Before Club "E-work" closed, Paul became a regular feature of his playing his sets with a unique musical magic and a special appearance of superstars such as DJ-and Nick Warren, BT, Dave Seaman and Sasha.
. In 1998, his first album "45 RPM" was released in the UK, and a new remix of the single "For an Angel" attacked the dance floors around the world
. Album stayed 2 weeks on the 1 st place in England and 4 weeks for 1 st place in the German dance charts and also reached the leading positions in dance charts in America, Australia, Denmark, Belgium and Scandinavia.
. Speaking before a crowd ignites, Paul is not going to hide from her somewhere in the studio
. He wants to be noticed, he needs constant contact with the audience, no matter whether it will be 500 people or 1.5 million.
"When I began my career dj-I, I saw a deep connection between the dj-eating and the public. I learned to feel her fluids, studied light crowd, he studied to create the atmosphere ". Paul says, - "When I play, I feel the interaction between the crowd and me. I have never come into play kulb already ready set. This is for me every time a new experience, and no one ever knows how to finish my set. "
. Now he gets experience constantly, as a resident club "Twilo" in New York, "Gatecrasher" in Sheffield, and in his native Berlin.
. In 1999, Paul divorced his former label, "HFS" and together with his team created his own - "Vandit Records"
. This label only release not only Paul, but also other fashionable dj-ev.
In England, "Deviant Records" released in 1998, the CD-trilogy "Vorsprung Dyk technik". Will include 33 tracks, this is the collection of remixes by Paul created him in that period, which combines classics like "Love Stimulation", "Playing with the voice in Germany", and a club hit as "1998" and the single "For an Angel ". A year later, in November of 1999, album "Vorsprung Dyk technik" was officially declared a silver Б■┌ with 60 000 copies sold, which is very rare feat for a CD-trilogy.
. Today Paul's touring calendar completely crazy, with constant stops at the trendiest hangouts in London, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, New York and Singapore
. Furthermore, Paul always welcome in Berlin, if not for the recording and radio shows (not to mention family and friends!).
For me, success is not important and not that the place I occupy in the charts. What's important for me, so are people, family, friends and all (especially) for whom I have changed something in life. I am very happy when someone says to me: "Hey, your song has changed my life!" Paul says - "I never made music to be trendy or earn big money. I make music for myself, it comes straight from my stomach, my music comes from the heart. And every track has its own little story. "
. We want you to get great pleasure from the music of Paul and be able to get about him pain information on our website in the near future.
. Just listen, enjoy and inspire!
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    Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul), photo, biography
    Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul), photo, biography Paul Van Dyke (VAN DYK Paul)  DJ, photo, biography
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