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Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul)

( DJ)

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Biography Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul)
photo Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul)
Paul Oakenfold knows his worth. He succeeds and krut.Sam he admits: "If I were leather, I just would have been from Gucci, whether the machine - would be a Mercedes, whether a footballer - only Ryan Giggs. It is equally well played exciting trance, . hard house and breakbeat flickering, . as expensive Rolex, . softer than velvet, . but sometimes sharp steel, . he manages to be both expert, . operator, . author, . Executive, . time to take samples, . mix, . ,
. scratching
. Manages to keep up everywhere. Everything under control. He is a producer and a leading specialist on the record company. But the most he DJ. DJ who is deeply concerned about his own music - as it is reduced, recorded, linked, as are new sounds and sensations. DJ who brings with amazing accuracy, seeking always unexpected and always excellent results. He is in love with their work, in their records
. (once opening for the stadium before the concert U2, he accidentally nearly drowned them (question: what is where?) and feverishly dried hair dryer, carefully wiped dry.)
. It all began when a London boy became actively traded on the studio in search of work
. He refused, arguing that the heart beats of dance music somewhere in New York. And Paul went there, got the position of a courier - delivered in record labels. 14 months later Oakenfold returned to Europe, met with Jazzy Jeff & Salt N'Pepa. At that time fell explosion of hip-hop culture.
In 1987, Paul worked at the club Spectrum at Heaven in London, it was the first party in the style esid House. In 90, Paul went from house music and the motion carried away by "98" which opposed the concept bpm (Beats Per Minute) Fascism (98 beats per minute - that was adopted by the rhythm). DJ Nick Warren, (Bristol), teammate and friend, Paul, was co-organized a series of parties '98 Proof '. Oakenfold has released an unforgettable 'Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches', - an album that became a harbinger of the movement indie dance,
toured the world with a team of U2, founded the label Perfecto and experimented with elements of Goa trance.
Today, Paul - Resident # 1 in the club Cream (Liverpool), probably the # 1 club in the world of electronics. Songs by Paul created his famous name, will combine the melody and the rigidity inherent in a true acid.

Paul Oakenfold was born August 30, 1963 in England. In 1981, when he was 18, he first got behind the decks with the help of his friend Trevor Fung.
Later he moved to New York where he worked for several record companies and regularly poseschyal Paradise Garage. On his return to England, he began working for several record companies: Champion Records (promoutiroval several groups, among which, for example, Jazzy Jeff, and Salt-N-Pepa), Profile Records, Def Jam Records. At the same time, he managed to work as a DJ at London club Project Club. And also, he led a column on hip-hop music in the magazine Blues And Soul under the pseudonym Wotupski.
In 1987, he and Danny Rampling and others met in Ibiza, with Fung and Ian St. Paul (who later helped to organize the world-famous British trance label TIP Records). Visiting a number of clubs, for example, Amnesia, Paul Oakenfold heard a new style, then popular in Ibiza - balearic - a mixture of Chicago Hausa, pop and Indian music.
On his return to England, Paul recreates the atmosphere of Ibiza with balearic during his after party in Project Club. Later, he and ian St. Paul set up another club in London - Future (was later renamed Spectrum). Atmosphere Spectrum, and especially the party led Shoom Danny Rampling, were important in shaping the new culture then - acid house.
Paul Oakenfold performed on a large number of public events, such as concerts Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, U2.
In 1989, he organized its own label, Perfecto Records, and together with Steve Osborne, he created a remix of the track "Wrote For Luck" group Happy Mondays. In this work, . creative duo of Paul and Steve have done remixes for Arrested Development, . Massive Attack, . M People, . New Order, . Shamen, . Simply Red, . Stone Roses and U2 (the duo recorded under different names - Grace, . Virus, . Perfecto Allstarz and Wild Colour),
In the early 90's Paul Oakenfold worked very closely with the famous British label Ministry Of Sound and released a series of compilations.
Paul Oakenfold performed in many famous clubs in the world, was a resident of Cream. In 1999, he was placed in the Guinness Book of Records as "The World's Most Successful Club DJ" (in the book, it was stated that the annual income of Paul Oakenfold is 250,000 pounds sterling). He was recognized by the British magazine "DJ" the best in the world as a DJ, and worked as musical director of the famous London club Home.

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  • Maxim for Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul)
  • He just unreal DJ. His music - a proto unreal things. And most importantly, that Mr. ** on in his compositions is not never. So listen only to him.
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    Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul), photo, biography
    Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul), photo, biography Paul Oakenfold (OAKENFOLD Paul)  DJ, photo, biography
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