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Elijah WOOD (WOOD Elijah)

( Actor)

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Biography Elijah WOOD (WOOD Elijah)
Elijah Wood was born January 28, 1981 in the town of Cedar Rapids, State of Yaw, USA. His talent first began to unfold when he went to school, and the first for his ability have been seen in music. When he was 7 years old, he already has participated in performances by local choir, and a year later, Elijah has already participated in a theatrical production of "Wizard of Oz" at the festival "Viva Hollywood".

Once, while watching television advertising, Wood's parents visited the idea that their son could just as well to appear in commercials, like the rest of his peers. For example, in 1988, her mother gave her son Elijah in their local modeling agency Avant Studios, and after six months the boy was sent to a conference of the International Association of Models and talent that runs in Los Angeles. This was the first time when Elijah left his home state of Yaw

. One member of the jury, . participated in the selection of young talents Gehry Skalzo admitted as a, . was initially very reluctantly agreed to participate in this meropiyatii: "There were more than 200 children from around the world, . and a further 300 people aged under 30 years, . also decided to try their luck,
. Many of my colleagues asked me then if I had seen Elijah and I are interested. As a result, I have all day long with your mouth open watching him and could not hide his admiration for his seething energy and his talent. The only thing I feared, it is whether we can then devote all their energy in the right direction "

. Other members of the jury remember that when Elijah first appeared on the scene, there was silence in the hall: "He completely controlled the audience since its first appearance
. Its natural charm, his smile and charisma instantly captivated the hearts of audiences.

When Gehry Skalzo first saw Elijah at the festival, the boy was only 8 years. His talent was obvious and after a few days after the closing event Wood with his mother were invited to the agency for the development of an acting career boy.

Elijah himself recalls that he had and never dreamed of becoming an actor when he was first sent to the festival of talents - he was then interested in modeling career. However, when Skalzo read with him a couple of several monologues, and then asked him whether he wants to be an actor, a boy, without hesitation, replied: "Certainly. I'll be an actor ".

A month later Wood's family moved to Los Angeles where he began acting career Elijah, which the first three years in Hollywood, working under the strict guidance of Gary Skalzo.

After 6 weeks of auditions and casting Elijah got his first job - a role in the clip Paula Abdul "Forever Your Girl". This was followed by small roles in such tapes as "Back to the Future 2" / Back to the Future Part II, 1989 / and "internal investigation" / Internal Affairs /. However, critics first noticed the young talent only after reaching the screen ribbon Barry Levinson's "Avalon" in 1990, nominated for Oscars in several categories.

His first major role Elijah played in the film "Paradise" / Paradise /, where he played a boy who tries to bring together the characters of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. And in 1992, he starred with Mel Gibson in the film "Forever Young" / Forever Young /.

. In 1993, Wood made a couple of other young talent - Macaulay Culkin in the movie "The Good Son" / The Good Son /, . which failed at the box office and received bad reviews spectators, . who failed to perceive fair-haired boy from "Home Alone" as a young child psychopath,

In the same year Elijah acted as Huckleberry Finn in the eponymous film, and also starred in the film "War" / The War / c Kevin Costner. In 1994 the actor starred in "Norte" - the tape, which received a lot of negative feedback, and virtually all of which, however, contained the laudatory words about the young talent. The picture was not saved, even the presence in it of such stars as Bruce Willis, although the emergence of Bruce in the suit of a large white rabbit with a carrot in his mouth, I have personally raised at least smile. Released in 1996 year "Flipper" was not much better, but the situation, fortunately, was able to change the receiving praise from critics, "The Ice Storm" / The Ice Storm / directed by Ang Lee, there was a positive shift in the career of Wood

. Next tape with Elijah, . published in 1998 - "Deep Impact" and "Faculty" Rodriguez, . though not highly artistic works, . from the viewpoint of critics, . but used a steady love of the public and collected good cash in the global box office,
. It was after that Elijah started yet know the rank and file viewers, including those outside the U.S..

Tapes that were released during the 1999-2000 year have been largely unnoticed, and even more so faded in comparison with the latter the role of Elijah - the role of Frodo in the long-awaited eranizatsii "The Lord of the Rings". And as if this was not taken motion picture works of Tolkien fans and just ordinary viewers, . almost all, . watching movie, . unanimously agree on one thing - a young talent, . taken the main role, . coped with it 100% and now I can hardly even imagine anyone else in the image of Frodo,

Elijah Wood: Biography

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Elijah WOOD (WOOD Elijah), photo, biography
Elijah WOOD (WOOD Elijah), photo, biography Elijah WOOD (WOOD Elijah)  Actor, photo, biography
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