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Yarmolnik Leonid

( Theater and film actor, TV host, producer)

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Biography Yarmolnik Leonid
photo Yarmolnik Leonid
Yarmolnik Leonid I. (genus. in 1954) Russia's actor, showman, businessman
If you try to determine what is the secret of popularity Leonid Yarmolnik, it will be not so easy. Even the view of spectators on this occasion is ambiguous. Some consider it an extremely talented and charming actor, others do not see it as anything special. It is possible that to some extent right and those and others.
Judging by his appearance, then there really is nothing particularly memorable. Yes, and such major roles that made it to the glory of bright talent, a Yarmolnik was not. Still, Leonid Yarmolnik popular, it has its admirers, it knows about it write. And learned Yarmolnik not now, when he has his own television program and he became famous for leading. His popularity grew gradually, and became higher and higher only because the actor did not sit waiting for suitable roles and did not cry at their fate, if not received their.
He has been actively worked: playing in the theater, was filmed, and agreeing on an ad hoc role, participated in concerts, and television programs. That is, searching for himself and created himself. Some people probably did not like about him said that he was too bustling, seeking cheap popularity. Others, such as young, active and 'rootless', supported him, joining together to achieve success. Needless to say that Yarmolnik its popularity has earned as deserve it, those who once started with him.
For years, viewers remember the chicken tobacco depicted Yarmolnik in the transfer of 'Around laughter'. But this pantomime, he played a few times. And the actor did not hide and that his thought is not itself a reprise, and took her from E. Hassan.
. According to Leonid Yarmolnik himself, he always dreamed of becoming an actor, but his secret desire to further increase after a boyhood he saw a mime, and managed to repeat his number, and then showed him 'the encore' to all the friends and acquaintances
. Leonid was fifteen years old when his family moved to Lviv, and the man admitted to the National Theater and the Studio.
So it decided the fate of Yarmolnik. Until then, parents and teachers advised him to do after high school physics and mathematics, as Leonid often took first place at the school competitions. Be Yarmolnik not as stubborn as can be, and stubborn, he was now a physicist, as his character from the movie 'Moscow Holidays'. Perhaps, Leonid would be a writer, journalist or teacher of literature, as on a par with physics, he liked and Literature. Both of these items seemed to be a boy 'alive'.
So, after working in the theater-studio Yarmolnik decides to enter the Leningrad Theatrical Institute. But here he waylaid failure. At the entrance examinations Leonid advised to think about another profession, because with the West-emphasis in the theater to do nothing. However Yarmolnik it was difficult to shoot down a planned path, especially after he had already worked in the theater and was introduced to this world. Yarmolnik reassured myself that once Raikin also expelled as incompetent, and decided to try his luck elsewhere.
. Fate Yarmolnik linked with the Shchukin Theater School at the Vakhtangov and the studio actor and director Yu.Katina-Yartseva
. Later he studied with A. Shirvindt about teaching abilities which are legendary. His students say that he may just lead eyebrow or move his lips, and they immediately guess how to play a role. Leonid Yarmolnik proved an apt pupil. In a theatrical environment for the young actor noticed since graduation show, where he used just one stroke raspivaya tea from the saucer to the image of intellectuals, whom he played, was a striking and memorable.
. After graduating from college Yarmolnik been looking for, where to work
. And not because it did not take to theaters. He visited many collectives, everywhere tried, he enrolled in the troupe. But Yarmolnik really wanted to play at Lyubimov, which still continues to take a brilliant director, and therefore sought to get into the Taganka Theater. Lyubimov took it in his theater, but no more or less significant roles on the stage of the famous theater Yarmolnik play did not succeed, and he left.
Since Yarmolnik became 'free artist'. It is true, then, in the late seventies - early eighties, it was not quite suitable for such creative freedom, but we can say, and not suitable. Yarmolnik experienced it myself in full. Notwithstanding, the fact that he has successfully acted in films, performed concerts, so it 'free' life have been the object of attention from law enforcement.
In those days, especially popular among the actors was the word 'trash'. It was a great opportunity for them to somehow odd jobs. For Yarmolnik 'moonlighting' often became the primary means of income, and the actor still refers to that word with respect, believing that it is tantamount to a reward. Indeed, if you were invited to speak, then you known as a good actor.
Turning to the very actor and critics became a film 'Sleuth', which in 1979 withdrew the director V. Fokin. This rezhissser famous among the professionals to their special skill to work with actors. He has a gift, even in well-known actors discover new facets of their talent. This happened, for example, Zinovy Gerdt, which is in Fokine began to play the tragic role.
As Yarmolnik, he played brilliantly in the film 'Sleuth' two roles: one - the real, the other - imaginary. Everything that happens with his hero, in fact turns out to be nothing more than a dream. However, the viewer immediately a feeling of unreality of everything that happens on the screen - so charming and nightmarish bandit Gnat, played Yarmolnik. After that, the movie actor for a long time not been able to play a positive role. Even the artistic council determined its Role as a negative hero. Although Yarmolnik in these roles, and tried to avoid the straightness. Thus, the German prisoner of his role in the film 'Sasha' (1981) can not be entirely negative, since it was originally entered into a hidden drama. And Yarmolnik perfectly demonstrated the tragic fate of a young boy, who had been captured.
Still, viewers more accustomed to Yarmolnik as eccentric, character actor. However, it is not always so. It does zadannoeT, predetermination of roles, he often improvises and during the filming acts as in the circumstances would have done himself in place of his hero. Therefore, his role is always something unexpected. Suffice it to recall so many different savages Yarmolnik played in one of the subjects 'Yeralash', and weevils in the film 'Two Arrows' director A. Surikova. Yarmolnik managed not to get lost, even among such well-known actors such as N. Gundareva, A. Dzhigarkhanyan, N. Karachentsov. It is a worthy partner of the famous George Zhzhenov he made in the film 'Return of the resident', which played a criminal.
In the creative destiny Yarmolnik there is one very curious fact. He basically has to play the heroes of past centuries or foreigners. So, with the help of producer A. Prachenko he was in Cuba in the film 'Captain Blood'. Alla Surikov in his film 'Man from the Boulevard des Capucines' sent him to the Wild West. Even in a comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai on contemporary theme - 'A private detective, or Operation' Cooperation '- it acts in the conditional, and even mythological situation. A total Yarmolnik starred in over fifty films, but starring, perhaps, only in the film 'Moscow holidays', where he addressed more in the new quality - a producer.
. Despite his employment, and a lot of new projects, a tireless Yarmolnik not limited to the work: he has many other hobbies, among which special preference is given to diving
. This for him is not a sport and recreation and leisure, as he deals with them more often with someone of his no less famous and rich in invention friends - Alexander Abdulov, A. Makarevich, Boris Khmelnitsky, A. Jankowski.
. A special place in the work of Leonid Yarmolnik always been television, where he first came thanks to his innate wit and natural demeanor
. He participated in television gigs, 'flames' transfers 'around with laughter', a popular TV series 'in the game Detective'. But the actor's finest hour was the transfer of 'L-club'. In August 1996 Yarmolnik took third place in the rating of TV presenters, conceded only AL Yakubovich, which is now in its fourth year of holding the palm, and V. Pelypa. And the program itself of the night was the night.
Yarmolnik wonderful family man who dearly loves his wife, costume designer, and daughter. Now he can provide his family a decent life, and only trusts his wife to keep house. True, the very nature of the actor not cheated business acumen, and if necessary, he may build a house. According to him, the only one's own hand-built house he gave to his friend A. Makarevich, while he and his family live year round in the other, in spite of a good apartment in downtown Moscow

. Filmography:
. Your rights? (1974)
. No room for error (1974)
. Citizens (1975)
. Red and Black (1976)
. Spring Appeal (1977)
. One fine Childhood (1979)
. Sleuth (1979)
. The same Munchausen (1979)
. The Woman in White (1981)
. Sashka (1981)
. Tale told by the night (1981)
. Joke?
. (1981)
. Returning Resident (1982)
. Cherchez la Femme (1982)
. Sparrow on Ice (1983)
. Love for Love (1983)
. Inspector Losev (1983)
. Unexpectedly (1983)
. Password "Hotel Regina" (1983)
. Two chapters of a family chronicle (1983)
. The hero of her novel (1984)
. European History (1984)
. TASS is authorized to declare (1984)
. Copper Angel (1984)
. Profession - Investigator (1984)
. About cat (1985)
. Captain Fracassi (1985)
. Cheery news dangerous journey (1986)
. Captain "Pilgrim" (1986)
. End of operation "Resident" (1986)
. Club of Women (1987)
. Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (1987)
. Holy smoke!
. (1988)
The Frenchman (1988)
Two arrows. Cartoons of the Stone Age (1989)
. Not agreed by the characters (1989)
. Rouen virgin nicknamed Boule (1989)
. Private detective, or Operation Cooperation "(1989)
. Passport (1990)
. God's creation (1991)
. Marsh street, or a tool against sex (1991)
. Captain Blood (1991)
. Nuts (1991)
. 7 days with a Russian beauty (1991-96)
. Waltz golden calves (1992)
. Nastya (1993)
. Coffee with Lemon (1994)
. Moscow Holidays (1995)
. Heads and Tails (1995)
. Operation "Happy New Year" (1996)
. Crossroads (1998)
. Barack (1999)
. It is hard to be a god (proizv.)

. Produced the films:
. Moscow Holidays (1995)
. Crossroads (1998)
. Barack (1999)
. Other works:

. Moderator:
. L-Club
. Gold Rush
. Hotels
. Garage

. Voice of cartoons:
. Happy Gregory (1987)
. Leonid Yarmolnik.Biografichesky Review.

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Yarmolnik Leonid, photo, biography
Yarmolnik Leonid, photo, biography Yarmolnik Leonid  Theater and film actor, TV host, producer, photo, biography
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