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Fastovsky David

( Photographer)

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Biography Fastovsky David
photo Fastovsky David
Find the issue of David Fastiv profession - master of time. He knows how to stop momentarily so that the corpuscle of perpetual flux opposes a lot of time and finds a value, because life is fleeting, because the master knows how to grab this moment and show it. In his hands the camera in front of him life, who caused it to us, David Fastiv, photographs - placed in the frame of skill the past moments. So he made a picture and all - it is already past, which becomes the most valuable in the future. Shared memory. Common Destiny. Lived through Time.

The first time I saw this in the 73-m near the village of Popovka Rogachev highway near Moscow. At the same time, Yahromskom direction in 1941 was shed so much blood ... Germans were eager then to the east to link the ring around the capital from the north ... yes did not work - because of the owners of these so knocked out on the stone obelisk standard soldier's names ... every day we passed him ... brought spruce paw ... placed at the foot of the snow-covered pyramid ... I thought: maybe because my brother and someone will bow, laying flowers there, at Voronezh, in the town of Bobrov ... Here passed our trails ... and we lived in the neighborhood two weeks total ... the house of creativity "Birch", which belonged to the publishing house "Young Guard".

Obviously, our amateurish attempts to take a picture touched a professional sense of a passing short man sporting a cut, and he simply said: "And let me photograph you!?. And what is surprising: he had his own camera, not our couple - import, as they say, "featured". In front of me - the memory of the first meeting with David Fastovsky, Daney: Toll Golovkov, correspondent of "Izvestia", and my wife, and Daniel - behind the scenes ... it with the camera ... stand at the monument, his hands on his ski poles and putting them on their chins, and look into the distance ... to where the boys watched, shading us on seniority ... is here in the picture, we have over them, and they are a total of eighteen ...

At the time of David, roam for a long time without a permanent job because of the presence in the form of "disability" under the fifth paragraph, accidentally heard from friends that the journal "Rural Youth" came a new editor in chief. Friends and recommended the same taste, even though the magazine and "tsekovsky" (owned by the Central Committee of Komsomol) ...

David went - and has not lost. Oleg Maksimovich Poptsov hired him at once, looking a few dozen pictures, but first, for conspiracy or something, designed the department of letters, where neither the salary nor the prospects ... but a month later handed to David Fastivske ID photographer for the magazine.

With the advent Poptsova log transformed so that, in spite of the odious name and previous reputation as a bad egg, after the first issue has acquired a new reader. And she went to shoot Province ... Rural life was supposed to appear happy and prosperous, happy and joyous, beautiful and forward-looking ... at least in the magazine ... and make it so should have been a journalist and photo-... and where to get it, this life ... across the country traveled photo correspondent and now says to me: "I regret now that while many did not take off ... not Chernuhi ... that everywhere and always have ... but the truth, which is now irreplaceable ... But all do not have time ... I had to do magazine ... ".

And did David Fastovsky beautiful covers, workshops, and photo reports and portraits, and sport shooting (especially soccer and gymnastics, because he had to deal with them in their youth) ... I was searching for his own handwriting - and compromise so as not to burden the conscience and not to transfer to the paper lies ... not to poison the souls of people ... It was not easy ...

That's really really Fastovsky seen life in the most natural form, in the outback, and these wanderings were not in vain. They hurt not only the soul, began to covertly attack sores.

Then, in the wording of a staff member recommended David to try to overcome the disease itself, offering to read a book Garth Gilmour "Race for Life" ... and David ran - in the literal sense of the written ... and it changed his destiny. If you submit FATE advance incised line of life, you should only listen to her voice and then I go, whether to run on it, without deviating ... Fastovsky ran!

Mysterious, this line then lay by my house - Daniel lived a little further along Leninsky Prospekt ... Every morning we met: I paced the route to the Sparrow Hills with colly Bally, and David ran past us daily 20-kilometer (!) morning workout!

. A few months later he had forgotten about his sores, and the social temperament of a runner is not satisfied with his personal success - he had to share their skills with others, to infect them, and ..
. ran friends ... moreover, in his report was the most athletic theme to emerge. But this was not enough for him - Fastovsky organized - with great difficulty overcoming the resistance of the Sports Committee monopoly - "Moscow club races - WORLD" at the Central Park of Culture. Gorky

. In the basement unpretentious little yellow house, . wedged between the fence of the park and the Crimean bridge, . was comfortable, . few close little rooms well breathe, . because David Fastovsky knew his charm and infectious agitation to bring the club interesting, . intelligent people ..,
. many, . not professional athletes, . could boast the participation and victories in various competitions, . and the chairman of the club with a simple marathon switched to ultra-long distances: marathon in Odessa (100 miles in the pouring rain), . RACES Moscow - Ruza, . Moscow - Ryazan, . Leningrad - Vyborg and, . the vertex, . repetition run Radishcheva way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, . where David, . overcoming serious injury leg, . reached the goal ..,
. more than half the participants have gone the distance.

Once he broke the Seattle International Marathon. True, the president of the club David Fastivske, as usual, clipped a few "Ivan Ivanovich," but they have gone the distance quickly: two miles and not ran ...

I asked him today:

- Tell me life flashed faster when you ran, what with your art? How they got along?

David may not respond immediately:

- I'm sentenced to run ...

Often he interfered in the running mission - should have been more likely to return: that competition, the preparation for it and very strict regime ... any art, which to give the whole, and all you need ... Here's how it both ways?

"I love the process of shooting, the display ... printing ... I love my job ... "

In America Fastovsky for nine years. The image of his life remained the same, and both passion tormented him ... Of course, he did not leave the camera - on the contrary, managed to get a good phototechnics, because the maestro need great tool ... With his cover of the first issue of the newspaper "Evening New York", along with Russian-language press appeared American edition ... he has been invited to many exhibitions, included among the hundred best photographers in 1996.

And I'm new to America, I ask of David: how to stay himself? What you have to pay for it? And he, an old friend and colleague, said to me: "Creatively - unlimited possibilities ... work to do ... competition, but there is no bias ... and want so much to shoot ... ".

He already tight framework of reportage, he conceived the picture. For example: "Times Square". Uninhibited free people ... and not very happy, successful and in the "Downs" ... around the city - the capital of the world ... a parallel album of portraits of eminent contemporaries, people known to the public ... them here so much ... It's hard and creatively, and the purely practical, because all insanely busy and mobile, painted in the weeks and months in the years ahead ... but he wants it. If Fastovsky wants - and will happen ... "Chasiki ticking - he says - time, time ... conceived book ... ".

I will open the reader a secret: the first version of the book I hold in my hands .... me early to talk about it, and permission of its author I have not received ...

- This time of wisdom, David? - I ask.

- Probably, - agrees Fastovsky - I had to write it ...

- You know - I say - no matter how long you ran, it will go with you, but fotolisty remain, and the book, then you already happy: grown children, built a house and planted the trees ...

Do you believe in fate, dear reader? In the car here in America, after ten years of silence, I heard the voice of David Fastiv giving interviews on the radio ... after another ending marathon ... and again I met a friend on another continent just as suddenly and randomly, like the first time in a snowy field, Russia ...

Here she talks to you, David Fastiv camera - is his look, his hand, his heart, so meaningless any descriptions and epithets, and his works do not need it ... and if you want to talk to him yourself and find out more - the best time, and perhaps the only possible - utrechkom in New York, near Forest Hills, next to him on the run in a daily workout desyatimilnoy ... any weather ...

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Fastovsky David, photo, biography
Fastovsky David, photo, biography Fastovsky David  Photographer, photo, biography
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