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Mack Sennett

( Director)

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Biography Mack Sennett
photo Mack Sennett
In 28 years, Mack Sennett was at the studio "Bayograf". Lugging scenery, ran on errands, helping the operator, was shot in the episodes in D.U. Griffith. Often, after work he "accidentally" met Griffith at the gates of the studio and 23 quarters accompanied him to the house. Traveler conversation with the master - that's all "universities" of the future father of American comedy (ironic, but being a director, Sennett did not use any of the findings of his teacher).

Until 1914. the world was dominated by French comic films. Mack Sennett considered this unfair situation, and opening his own firm in 1912godu "Keystone Films" engaged in production of only comedy shorts. September 23, 1912, the first day of issue of the comedy "Keystone" - "Cohen at Coney Island" is a historic date for the movie. As an actor imitating Sennett Max Linder, a director joined the French school, but in his company, he was more artistic director, the inspiration, as the director. He created a completely unique individual style. "Maksennetovskie comedy" - whimsical poem, where, as in the cocktail was a mixture of everything: clowns, bathers, a car, a dog, a jug of milk, sky, sea, and some explosive material is constantly replaced by another one. Each combination of delighted laughter and. "Maksennetovskie comedy" - impromptu-fantasy: art and poetry were born to them in the long process of reflection, but suddenly, like an unexpected sharp joke. In Sennett's troupe was dominated by improvisation, freedom, fun and youthfulness - qualities that even today are inimitable charm of the old films "Keystone".

"Keystone Films" was placed in a four-story square tower. On the first floor is the boss's office: in the great room there was only a table, . leather chair and a hefty brass spittoon; to the office adjoined the biggest bath in Hollywood - eight feet in length, . six wide, . five depth (Sennett argued, . that he had better think in the bath),
. Employees occupy the second floor; accountants - the third. At the top were placed writers. The situation they have been the most spartan: solid box, hard chairs and benches on which to sleep is impossible.
Writers come at nine in the morning, climbed to the attic, down to twelve, raised in an hour, went down to six. Mack Sennett had for him a permanent mistrust: during the day several times he crept up the stairs in his socks to check whether its working writers. "Work" for him meant to sit and intently thinking. If he caught someone sleeping or reading the newspaper, . pointed to the door and said: "Get out!" However, the writers have invented a way to not have caught them: from the main studios have built up a carpenter to half an inch from the steps of the staircase in the middle of the script department,
. It worked perfectly. How would either silently crept Sennett on the stairs, he inevitably knocked me thumb on the high step, and his loud chertyhanie awakened Writers. When Sennett yet found a "trap", he laughed so hard that the windows shook. Such was the king of comedy.

Sennett studio, it seemed, was the embodiment of chaos and arbitrariness in the method of. Many compared the orders in this business with a madhouse. For example, the studio had an agreement with the fire brigades of the city, which (of course, not in vain) reported the fire started. Immediately hurriedly drove the car with the crew, along the way invented sensational scenes that were filmed and on the background fire. Sennett "invented" stupid kistounskih police and savory bathers. Bathing suits and night-dress gerls these were masterpieces ridiculous "bad" taste.
. If a dispute with Sennett on any stage other grew overpower, master of the studio pointed at the sign on the gate and asked: "Whose name is it?" He respectfully answered: "Your, Mr. Sennett"
. And arguing it was not as. The largest producer of American cinema 30's Frank Capra began at Sennett writer. One day he invited gag - one wheel of the buggy walks back and forth on the axis and each time nearly falls off. Sennett said: "Not funny". But Capra made a thing is absolutely prohibited, - a secret shared their concerns with the director of the film. Director invention liked, and he withdrew the gag. When Sennett saw him at the next viewing the finished product, it explodes. Called Capri and, poking his chest with his enormous fingers boiler, rapped: "Do you think this is funny?" I'll prove to you that there is. I'll take you to the show with the audience. "
At the viewing audience, looking at the joke on the wheel, roaring and held his sides with laughter. Capra was pondering what to ask for an allowance to the salary. But his face was flushed Sennett rage. "Whose name is on the gate?" - He shouted. "Your, Mr. Sennett". - "Yes, my!" You are fired! " But to be laid off did not mean too much trouble, if it is good to know Sennett. It was only nine in the morning announced on his oldest clothes and walk past the gates of the studio with a view of the hungry and exhausted. Sennett surreptitiously watched from the window of the guilty. After three days of this "repentance" picketing porter said: "Mr. Sennett asked what happened, why do not you come in?". And lucky flew up the stairs to join colleagues. Virtually every employee of the studio, starting with the gatekeeper and the stars like Charlie Chaplin, at one time or another "separations" and then "walked in the gate, and then resumed work as if nothing had happened.

. Each of the actors Mack Sennett had a definite Role: Roscoe Arbekl - good-natured fat man, . hot-tempered and awkward; Mabel Norman - pretty dreamer, . full of fun, . with a somewhat exaggerated emotions, . always ready for any prank, Mack Swain - curmudgeon; Ford Sterling - obsessed ...,
. Chaplin for the year of the firm "Keystone" (while the star is not "bought" the firm "Essen", . proposing a 10 (!) times the payment per week for only one movie a month) has found his famous mask: from film to film is "born" tramp costume, . its original gait, . Even many of the themes of future chaplinovskih masterpieces,
. Grand Chaplin, do not recognize any authority, and teachers, in his biography very warmly about the "Keystone". He was not the one received the baptism in the cinematic "maksennetovskoy Fonts" from her left Keaton, Lloyd, Langdon, Gloria Swanson ... Almost all the major actors of the American cinema the 20's, 30's and 40-ies started by Mack Sennett.

At studio Sennett called the old man, gently teased him, but no one ever considered him a fool. King Poppy - a people. Above that is ridiculous to him, will laugh millions ". Gegmeny once in a while Sennett and jokingly said that, according to rumors, Sennett's favorite cross-eyed actor Tyurpin going to go to the doctor and get rid of strabismus. The old man roared like a wounded buffalo, and threatened to shoot all the doctors in Hollywood. But it all ended in a funny short film: Tyurpin goes to the doctors for treatment of strabismus, and all the doctors in the city are oblique.

In 1912, Mr.. the studio came seventeen beautiful Mabel Norman, soon became a leading actress. Her long affair with Sennett and not over wedding. For Mabel it was drama. Later broke two major scandal, in which the actress was involved. Under mysterious circumstances, was killed director U.D. Taylor, whose name is associated with the name of Mabel. Two years later, her new boyfriend, millionaire Kortlend Daina, was found dead in his home, his corpse was detained driver Mabel with a revolver in his hand, which belonged to her. With career as an actress was over, she no longer able to find work, and in 1930. died of tuberculosis. The break with Mabel Norman proved to be the King of Comedy is not only vital test. In 1929, Mr.. during the "great collapse" Sennett, large gambling, has lost several million dollars.

But something kept Sennett. Including the mansion where he lived, probably without the need. Say that every year on January 17 he collected in his all, without exception, leaders "Keystone" - from actors to propman. The food was on the glory, the owner genuinely laughed, remembering the past days with colleagues.

. Mack Sennett died Nov. 5 I960 years.

. David Wark Griffith (creator of the monumental blockbuster and melodramas), Thomas Harper Ince ( "father of Western") and, of course, the "father of American comedy" Mack Sennett for many years made America a leading power in the world cinema

Mack Sennett

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Mack Sennett, photo, biography
Mack Sennett, photo, biography Mack Sennett  Director, photo, biography
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