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Budin Olga

( Actress)

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Biography Budin Olga
photo Budin Olga
Date of Birth: 22/02/1975
. Country: Russia
. City: Moscow
. Agency: Profifilm

. Ethnic Type: European
. Height: 164 cm
. Weight: 48 kg.
. Hair color: dark brown
. Eye Color: hazel
. Dress size: 42-44
. Shoe size: 36,5
. Foreign language: English

. Olga Budina was born in the family of employees
. As an actress she was born twenty-one years later, in 1996 in Gleb Panfilov's film 'The Romanovs - Crowned Family'. In 1997 graduated from the Shchukin Theater School and since the theater had almost no cases.

One of the few actresses of the new generation, made a meteoric film career. Within one (2000) the year there were just four films with her participation: the above-mentioned 'The Romanovs - Crowned Family', 'Check', 'His Wife's Diary' and 'Border. Taiga novel '.

'His Wife's Diary' St. Petersburg film director Alexei Uchitel, was the highlight of last year's 'Kinotavr', was 'Nick' as best film of the year, and was, moreover, is nominated for 'Oscar'. Since then, journalists thoroughly undertook Budin.

But Budina not only one of the most popular young actresses n it is also a very stylish girl. And this style of make-believe itself.

She is young, extremely charming and good -. And they are incredibly truly lucky! All films, where she was shot, receiving various awards. Well, episode, "Boundary. Taiga novel "made famous Olga Budina! Fate favors Olga - still in school shooting by Gleb Panfilov in the movie" The Romanovs. Crowned family ", then Alexei Teachers in the picture titled" His Wife's Diary ", plus the series" Simple Truth "," Directory of Death, "" D.D.D. "," History of Terror "," Check ". Not bad for a beginning biography.

"As a child I categorically did not want to be a small. Always imitated adult. If you went for a walk with his younger brother, I imagined myself a mother. I remember one of my girlfriend said she knew one woman's secret: at this adult lady should be heeled shoes.

And told how to make a "heel". We had to wear woolen socks, under the heel to put a reel of thread. And thus obtained "boots on the heels". So I did. Reels always upright, and it was very painful, but I still went home only on his heels. With make-up case was simpler. My mother was Leningrad mascara. It is also called "rasplyuykoy" as to makeup, we had a good spit on the brush. But to take a brush, I was afraid: what if mom notices. She took a tooth brush and painted her eyelashes. After each "make up" I have inflamed eyelids. Parents, I explained this by saying that the day was looking very sad movie and cry. They believed. I generally sensitive girl. I remember going on TV, my favorite movie "Communist". My mother at that time was removed and asked me to help. I refused. "Mom, - I say - some cleaning?" Look - here the love and passion. " Mom turned off the TV. I was offended, locked herself in her room. And then left the house. Two hours spent on the landing, "- recalls with a laugh, Olya.

On stage Olga dreamed more from school. In Humanities Lyceum, where Budina studied in historical and literary class, she not only performed on all the activities of the Lyceum of knowledge before the eighth day of March, but even established its own theater and set musical "The Princess and the Pea". Was organized and its vocal-instrumental ensemble, where Olga soloed. However, parents felt that all of this - children's hobbies and profession must be serious. In the eleventh grade at the family council it was decided that Olga would go to the Pedagogical univesitet. But once she was on the Arbat and saw the crowd in the cozy courtyard peer-entrants Shchukin School. Olya's heart skipped a beat, and she zapisalas in the "pike" to listen. Prepare for tours she did not have: a poem-song repertory of the girl was immense. But "immediately" Olya commission, headed by Vladimir Etush that after zadetskoy tale "The trestles were grandmothers and fable" The Butterfly and dove "read a poem ... Spanish. Surprised Vladimir Abramovich asked: "Is that all?"
At that Olga said: "No, not all.

I "betrayed" the Russian translation. When the turn came to dance, Olga asked permission to take the "attribute" and pointed to a shawl (a talisman for all examinations). Then they all laughed: excitement Olya confused "attributes" with "props". Learn Budina began with enthusiasm. But at the first session was obtained in all subjects "conditioned" tests, and she threatened expulsion (Olya still could not understand that it is required). Christ only successful demonstration of individual works. And already in my second year Olya received the highest rating on acting - "plus" (put it rarely). Budina spent in school all day and sometimes night: sometimes slept on mats in the gym, covered Uchilischnaya costumes.

"It seemed to me that even out on the street distracts me from something very important," - recalls the actress.

Mom, of course, worried that her daughter does not protects the health of all threatened to take the documents from the school. Instead ... regularly brought home pots of food for Oli and the same "crazy" classmates.

The first success came unexpectedly in the third year. Gleb Panfilov searching for performers on the role of the daughters of Nicholas II for the film "The Romanovs. Crowned family, causing the sample to almost all the girls in Moscow and Moscow region. Samples were approximately as follows: the director showed a candidate pictures of the royal family and asked: "How do you think of someone you like?" A friend, classmate Ole advised to try on the role of Anastasia. The debut was a rather interesting. In the story a girl and the prince had measles, and the hair not fall out completely, before leaving Tobolsk them all shaved bald. Olya at that time wore their hair long, she was put in front of the camera instead of a mirror and a comb cropped. When Budina came from the set and saw a bald, she started a real hysteria. The first victim was brought to the art.

Film about the Romanovs had a great audience success and recognition pofessionalov, but at the end of school talented graduate Budina was out of work ... After some time it was the turn serials "Directory of Death" and "Empire under attack" painting "His Wife's Diary", which was put forward for an Oscar as best foreign film, "Youth Series" Simple Truth ".

. But the real popularity of spectators came to Ole after the movie Alexander Mitta "Bounds
. Taiga novel, where she played the beautiful Marina, for the love of a fight for life and death, two officers (M. Basharov and A. Guskov). Shooting of "Borders" took place in Bryansk in Shaykovke. And the first who recognized the future darlings of the whole of Russia, were local residents.

"Oh, we loved so much!" One woman, her name is Tatiana, sewed our dresses. After all, we do not even have time to celebrate his kinogarderob. At first she hath wrought a cream dress, in which my heroine Marina waltz dances in the second series. And when she had it sewed, said: "Olya, I have one dress. I wore it on his own wedding. "
It is in this country saw the dress heroine Olga in one of the most touching scenes.
In his free time shooting Budina most loves to read (she has a great home library). Olya likes to have fun, go to the disco with friends.

In Budin many fans, but that is understandable - do not pay attention to a girl just can not. Always some unusual attire, a bizarre combination of colors t hiccough, specially selected shoes and hairstyle.

. Today, the heart of the beautiful Olga's free and waiting for the big love:
. "I am not in favor in order to specifically look for love or fight for it
. Real, love must be mutual and happy to do both. I believe that I ever spilling a wonderful feeling. I met her knight, for which I can completely change the life, and even, if need be, cease to act in films. "
. This will happen sometime, but for now, to the delight of fans, Olga Budina full of creative ideas and plans.

. Working in film:
. "Check", role: secretary, dir: A
. Borodyansky, 2000.
The Romanovs - Crowned family, role: Grand Duchess Anastasia, dir: D. Panfilov, 2000.
"Do not send it to us" messenger? ", Role: call girl, dir: In. Chizhikov, 2000.
"Flowers for the winners' role: a prostitute, dir: A. Surin, 2000.
"His Wife's Diary", role: Galina Kuznetsova, dir: A. Teacher, 2000.
"The Border - taiga novel", role: main, dir: A. Mitta, 2001.
"The joys and sorrows of Little Lord", role: Nora, dir: Ivan Popov

Work on television:
Diary of a detective Dubrovsky, role: a neighbor, dir: A. Muratov, 2000.
Empire under attack ", dir: SW. Roizman, 2001.
Salome, role: Salome, dir: L. Pchelkin, 2001.
. Work for us:
. Theater Sphere
. Sports:
. Aerobic
. Shaping

. Skills:
. Vocals
. Dance
. Fencing
. Piano
. Accordion
. Olga Budina

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Photos of Budin Olga
Budin OlgaBudin OlgaBudin OlgaBudin Olga

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  • Katia for Budin Olga
  • I just love Olga Budina! I believe that this is the best actress of all time! Keep it up!
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    Budin Olga, photo, biography
    Budin Olga, photo, biography Budin Olga  Actress, photo, biography
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