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Ian Paice (Ian Paice)

( Drummer in the group Deep Purple)

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Biography Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
photo Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
Ian Paice was born June 29, 1948, Mr.. in Notingeme, United Kingdom. He began playing drums since 15 years and helped his father in the orchestra, accompanying dancing. In the first half of the 60-ies Pace played in various garage bands - Georgie & the Rave-Ons, The Shindigs. In 1965, Mr..

Pace began his professional career in the group The MI 5, which in 1967. was renamed as The Maze. In this command, Pace met and worked with Rod Evans, who brought him a year later to listen to Deep Purple. It turned out that Ritchie Blackmore is familiar with his game, and from February - March 1968.

Pace became the permanent drummer of Deep Purple. Until the dissolution of the group in 1976. He also participated in projects of Jon Lord, and in-session work with musicians such as Eddie Hardin (Eddie Hardin), Ray Fenwick (Ray Fenwick), Pete York (Pete York). In 1976. Pace, along with the Lord founded the "Paice, Ashton & Lord". Since 1977, Mr.. until 1979. He worked on a record album with Maggie Bell (Maggie Bell), Tony Ashton (Tony Ashton), Plom Martinez (Paul Martinez), Bernie Marsden (Bernie Marsden), Ken Hensley (Ken Hensley).

In 1979. Pace joined Whitesnake in D. Coverdale, where he played until 1982, Mr.. Since 1982, Mr.. by 1984. was the drummer Gary Moore Band.

C 1984. - Again as part of Deep Purple. In the late 80-ies Pace participated in a session with musicians such as Pete York and George Harrison. In 1999. Paul McCartney invited Pace to record her album "Run Devil Run", then held a series of joint concerts, crowned with a symbolic statement on Dec. 14, 1999 at the famous Liverpool club "The Cavern". In concert, apart from McCartney and Ian Pace, also participated Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour (David Gilmour). In September 1999,. Pace participated in the jubilee, 30 years of "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" and a follow-up in 2000. intercontinental tour with symphony orchestras. September 17, 2000, Mr.. in the Austrian city of Gmunden, Ian Paice, together with the best drummers of the world was made at the festival "Superdrumming 2000.

In the past four years, Ian Paice periodically appears in the project "Ian Paice Drum Clinic", which is his personal master-class. In March 2001,. Ian Paice and Steve Morse have conducted several joint workshops in Australian cities. November 4, 2001 in London, Ian Paice spoke at a concert in memory of the deceased the same year, Tony Ashton (a close friend and member of the project "Paice, Ashton & Lord").

During 2001. Pace as a session musician, has participated in projects for artists such as Jim Kappaldi (Jim Cappaldi), Max Magaц?a (Max Magagni) and Mario Fashiano (Mario Fasciano). In December 2001,. Pace and the famous drummer Pete York, accompanied by nekolko musicians made a series of concerts in Germany. In the past year, there were also evidence, . that Ian Paice in the campaign a few old friends working on a project, . which can grow in the first solo album, Deep Purple drummer or transformed in the printed copy to DVD a unique training complex percussion skills,

Official site of DEEP PURPLE

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  • Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
  • Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
  • Ian Paice (Ian Paice)

Photos of Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
Ian Paice (Ian Paice)Ian Paice (Ian Paice)Ian Paice (Ian Paice)

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  • Rock-Drummer for Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
  • Well, what can I say ... Great drummer, great man!
  • Vitek for Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
  • entot left-hander is the best drummer of baroabanschikov and foremost a drummer whose communist Nieste п©я€п°я?я?
  • Stas for Ian Paice (Ian Paice)
  • Ha actually it ludshy drummer of all! Near eim can put only John Bonham of Led Zeppelin!
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    Ian Paice (Ian Paice), photo, biography
    Ian Paice (Ian Paice), photo, biography Ian Paice (Ian Paice)  Drummer in the group Deep Purple, photo, biography
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