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Don Airey (Don Airey)

( Musician)

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Biography Don Airey (Don Airey)
photo Don Airey (Don Airey)
Don Airey was born in June 1948. in Sunderland, United Kingdom. He graduated from the School of Music in piano at the same time carried away by jazz and rock. At that time, Don began performing in bars and clubs, playing the organ "Hammond". He graduated from the University of Nottingham, and also received a diploma of the Royal Northern College of Music.

Since 1972, Mr.. began his career as a professional musician and for a time earned his living by gambling on cruise ships and resorts in Africa, Florida and the Far East.
In 1974. Don moved to London and became a member of the group Hammer, founded by drummer Cozy Powell (Cozy Powell). Ibid played guitar Mardsena Bernie (Bernie Marsden), famous for later in the Whitesnake D. Coverdale. Group has successfully toured, . after which Powell was invited to the Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore, . and Don Airey was in the ranks of the cult British fusion team Colosseum II, . which recorded three albums: "Strange New Flesh" (1976), . Electric Savage (1976) and Wardance (1977),
. At that time, Don began long association with musicians such as Gary Moore (Gary Moore) and Neil Murray (Neil Murray) (later - Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Peter Green, Brian May, etc.).

In 1977. Don participated in recording the album by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber) "Variations", . well as the first solo album, Gary Moore's "Back on the Streets" (Don, . particularly, . belongs arrangement themes, . subsequently turned into a famous blues hit "Parisienne Walkways"),

In 1978. Colosseum II broke up, and Don Airey joined Black Sabbath to record the album "Never Say Die". Soon Powell invited Don to Rainbow, and the end of 1978. Don became a full member of the group. With Rainbow, he recorded albums "Down To Earth" (1979) and "Difficult To Cure" (1981), . then in late 1981, Mr. Ritchie once again decided to infuse fresh blood Rainbow, . and Don left the band, . to join a new project, . headed by Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osborne) (even in the period of work in Rainbow Don recorded keyboards for his first solo album "Blizzard of Oz", . and also played on the debut album Michael Schenker Group (1980), . solo album, Cozy Powell Cozy Powell "Over the Top" and the solo album, Bernie Mardsena "And About Time, . Too "),
. Since 1981, Mr.. by 1985. Don has worked with Ozzy Osbourne (with his participation was recorded the album "Bark at the Moon"). After that, Don worked with Gary Moore, Alaska (Bernie group Mardsena), etc..

In 1987. Don writes the keyboard parts for the most commercially successful album, Whitesnake ( "Whitesnake'87"), participates in the tour of the legendary Jethro Tull, and participates in the recording of their album "Crest of a Knave", earned the Grammy Award. In early 1988, Mr.. Don began work on a long-awaited solo album "K2", a record which was attended by Gary Moore and Cozy Powell (album suffered a commercial failure, and left in 1989. only a limited number of copies in Germany and Japan). Don returned to work with Whitesnake and participated in recording their next album, "Slip of the Tongue" (1990). Autumn 1989. Don once again joined Gary Moore to work on the albums "After the War" (1989) and "Still Got the Blues" (1990), where he recorded all the parties Hammond did the orchestration. In the 90 years Don continued recording and touring with Brian Meyem ( "Back to the Light", . 1993), . Cozy Powell ( "The Drums are Back", . 1992), . Judas Priest ( "Painkiller", . 1990), . Glenn Tipton ( "Baptizm of Fire", . 1997), . Micky Moody ( "I Eat them for Breakfast", . 2000), . Uli Jon Roth ( "Transcendental Sky Guitar", . 2000), . G3 and many others,
. In 1997. He even noted at the Eurovision festival, where he orchestrated and conducted the orchestra during performances Katrina & the Waves, who took the first place. In 1999. released remastered album Don "K2". In the past two years, Don has worked with a group Company of Snakes (Bernie Mardsen, Micky Moody and Neil Murray). In the summer of 2001. Roger Glover, Don offered to replace on a tour of Lord John who had undergone surgery on knee. As a result, Don Airey very successfully addressed the European tour Deep Purple. 2001. Don concluded, touring with Graham Bonnet (Graham Bonnet - lead singer of Rainbow 79-80 yy) called Graham Bonnet & Don Airey Band.

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Don Airey (Don Airey), photo, biography
Don Airey (Don Airey), photo, biography Don Airey (Don Airey)  Musician, photo, biography
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