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Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)

( Actress)

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Biography Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
photo Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
Full Name: Lucille Francis Ryan (Lawless) (Tapert)
Date of birth: 29. 03. 1968.
. Is born: in Auckland, New Zealand.
. Children: Daisy Lawless (born in 1988.) And Julius Robert Bay Tapert (born October 16 1999.)
. Status: married to Robert Tapert (from 29 March 1998)

. Lucy Lawless was born on March 29, 1968 Mountains of Alberta, that under Auckland, New Zealand, under the name Lucille Francesca Ryan
. It was the fifth child of Frank and Julie Ryan and the eldest of the daughters of other. Her first real adventure was a trip to Europe (Vienna, Florence, Rome). She was then only 15 years old and she went with her mother.

"Florence was a very romantic place for a young girl like me, even despite the fact that I traveled with my mother," remembers Lucy. "I have always found the right words for all the boys with whom I have met". The same applies to its second trip to Europe in the coming years. "All New Zealanders think about how to escape from their small country on the edge of the world, so they go on trips. Australians, as we do the same, and travel the globe until the student has not yet run out of money. "

. These journeys continued, until one day, while in Europe with his friend Garth, Lucy did not discover that she is pregnant ...

. It is time to return to New Zealand and to stay with his family to raise her daughter to Garth
. Daisy was my most pleasant mistake I've ever done, "says Lucy Lawless, looking at his cutie.

Lucy married a Hart and they settled in Oakland, where Lucy decided to start his acting career. Her first experience was the role of commercial television - it was shot with a group of actors in the comedy show "Funny Business". She has repeatedly appeared on Australian television, until one is an American actress (whose name is, unfortunately, never learned) is not advised her to become a professional in his career. Lucy moved to Vancouver, Canada, and entered the actor's center of William Davis (institution, familiar to fans film "The X-Files").

Eight months later, she returns home and works on the show travels to New Zealand. A few years later she learns that the team should be withdrawn world-famous film "The Legendary Journeys of Hercules" holds casting for one small vtoroplanovuyu role, and Lucy decides to try his luck ...

. On the role of Xena in three episodes of "Hercules" was chosen as an American actress Vanessa Angel (TV series "Miracles of Science")
. However, upon commencement of filming these episodes, she became ill and producers of the film have decided to try Lucy in this role. Her success as Xena has led the producers of the film, Sam Raimi and Robert Teypert, decided to withdraw the new film "Xena: Warrior Princess", having gone so far already for the sixth season.

. Discussing all the irony of how she has this role and has become so famous, Lucy said: "I thought that this character can be a very successful"
. She smiled and added: "If you're a child who grew up in the reeds and grass, you can not expect anything else - the same American show, how it might not be popular?.. I was so naive, ignorant, and just a miracle that it all turned out exactly. This happens once in a million lives. "

On the question of whether learned actress in Zena, Lucy said: "Discipline is probably. I do not think about Zene, as a character. You see, when you call me Zenoy ... In general, it is part of me, but not all I. It is undoubtedly one hero, which is based on truth, it is the one who would have been me, if grown in such a situation.

. When I asked if Lucy is not afraid to be as aggressive as Xena, she confidently replied: "No, I'm not going so
. Why not? Because it is a state of mind. I do not concentrate on this. Above all, Xena gives me a lot of different characters - I play a farce, a comedy play, as well as many other characters. Plus, there are no other roles such complexity. As one guy is an intelligent show, which is not meant to be a. But it is precisely this.

The role of Xena - a role that in addition, that the actress had brought success and celebrity status, has changed the lives of most actresses. Three years ago, she and her beloved childhood Hart divorced. Subsequently, removing the "Zenu" Robert Teypert, executive producer of "Hercules" and "Xena", truly fell in love with Lucy, and they married in the thirtieth birthday of Lucy Lawless, 29 March 1998.

. It was at the same time, when Lucy discovered how the success of the film and her marriage changed her view of his career
. "Yes, this is true," said Lucy, with a clear New Zealand accent. "I do not know it because I'm married. That time I just turned 30. Now I'm at the crossroads of his life. "

"I am sure that others too have gone through this. I wanted to succeed and wanted to become a star. What then? Fame does not fill you with joy! Do you have money, but they do not fill you with all joy. Now I can dress well, next to me a man of my dreams, happy, healthy daughter, the work of which you can only dream ... Why am I not happy as an angel ?"...

She pauses to allow the listener to reflect on her words. "I think this is what all this is not something for which we live. I did a lot of soul searching since my birth until her marriage. Once, in the darkest moments of my life, I was given a cassette of the American guru of "saving himself" on behalf of Tony Robbins. You know, a guy with big teeth? ... Then God changed my life. "

"I knew that we set the atoms, but who we really are - our souls?" Our souls are immaterial. What is our destiny, if we once again turn into atoms, and dissolve in space? "

But then I realized that I can donate their skills to other. I am not a doctor and I can not save the life of someone. But recognizing their talents, giving himself to others and living in relationship with other human beings, we all grow. Space is more! "

So now I know I should do something good by using this phenomenon known. I do not dwell on what has made. A lot of famous people just came and went, but I want to continue this journey through his life. But do not know yet what it will lead.

And how this new attitude towards life has changed her? "Significantly reduced tension, become less stressful," says frankly Lucy. "If I had to miss some steep and posh party to drive across town, pick up her husband and go with him somewhere - this is important and correct, and I will do so."

"The main thing to be with their loved. This is real people and not any party with strangers, and that means that I'm much more happy person. I'm still waiting for the heavens will indicate my real purpose in life and I'll be much happier doing its real business. "

Lucy Lawless is now happy at work, in marriage, the mother of their children. She has successfully passed the test when she worked in New Zealand, and the husband at the same time remained in the U.S.. She confirmed that it was a good test of the stability of their marriage. As Lucy says, "Rob is there more often, we see each other for about nine and a half months a year, talking to two or three times a day. But not for long. "

. "... fame - is a natural attribute of what I'm doing, but it's not the end result and I do not dwell on this ..."

. Filmography:
. Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001)

. Simpsons, The "Treehouse of Horror X" (1999)

. Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus Xena (1998)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Armageddon Now II" (1998)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Stranger In A Strange World" (1997)

. Something So Right (1997)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Judgement Day" (1997)

. High Tide "Shanghaied" (1995)

. High Tide "Dead In the Water" (1995)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "As Darkness Falls" (1995)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Warrior Princess, The" (1995)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Unchained Heart, The" (1995)

. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "Outcast" (1995)

. Peach (1995)

. Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994)

. Typhon's People (1993)

. End of the Golden Weather, The (1992)

. Rainbow Warrior, The (1992)

. Ray Bradbury Theatre, The "Fee Fie Foe Fum" (1992)

. Black Stallion, The "Riding the Volcano" (1992)

. Bitter Song, A (1990)

. For the Love of Mike (1990)

. Within the Law (1990)
. Star Gallery - Lucy Lawless

Photos of Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
  • Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)

Photos of Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)
Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)

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  • I HAVE READ BIOGRAPHY I want to become an actress and I was considered Crazy I also look for an answer about the soul and I think FIND
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  • How do you do, Lucy! I am smitten Your talent! I from childhood litter film "Xena - warrior princes" and think that You much similar with her in plan of power of the spirit and nature! I want You good luck and creative success!
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  • HELLO, LUCY! I love you very much! I Balde from you! YOU ARE SUPER! I am very CHOCHU chat with YOU online! YOU ARE SUPER!
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  • Lucy Lawless is the most beautiful woman on earth, she likes me very much! is about to, Lucy Lawless would BESMERTNOY !
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  • Hello Lucy / My name is Anna.I am 15 years old and I you the best.
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    Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless), photo, biography
    Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless), photo, biography Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless)  Actress, photo, biography
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