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Actress Lyudmila Alfimova, familiar to many in the film "A Wedding in Malinovka", moved from Kiev to Vinnitsa Depth and confess - such happiness is only a movie. For thirty years has been on our TV screens a favorite with many movie "Wedding in Malinovka". He now perceived the audience with great interest. However, is it any wonder that we live in a nostalgia for old movies. After all, they so much kindness, joy, sincere feelings, which are so lacking today in real life!

. Fans, "Weddings in Malinovka" will certainly be interesting to know, . that played a major role - a guerrilla commander's wife Sofia and enjoy our many other kinorabotami Honored Artist of the Soviet Union Liudmila Alfimova moved from Kiev to the village Pechera Tulchin district in Vinnytsya and for several years now lives there,
. She married a respected and well-known person, . local collective farm chairman Ivan Kalnitsky - Hero of Socialist Labor, . Chevalier many orders, . who heads the farm for half a century! Ivan Sergeevich continues to work in Pecheri, . despite its venerable age, . - He recently turned 75 years old!,

. And helping him in every way and supports his wife, Lyudmila
. The years do not erase her welcoming smile, gentle blue eyes good.

"After the ten-year I flew in a fighter plane"

- Lyudmila Ivanovna, as you were in Vinnytsia outback?
- It is of interest to many who come to me, but nothing surprising or unusual in that there. Sometimes I even think that all my life I dreamed of be with such a fine man, Ivan Sergeevich, and even in this earthly paradise, as Pechera. If not mistaken, in the seventy-third year in a neighboring Petrashovke Odessa Film Studio film "Farewell, cops!"

. I remember a few days, Ivan Sergeevich watched the shooting from afar, and once during a break between takes decided to come to us to become better acquainted with the actors
. Even before he met with Ivan Sergeyevich heard about him a lot of good. And in that day on the set proved Nonna Koperzhinskaya, Nicholas Shutko, Michael Kramer, Lucy Prikhodko, was with us and the director of the Odessa Film Studio Sima Biniova. When Ivan Sergeevich acquainted with me, I noticed his agitation. It turned out that he had long dreamed to get acquainted with the performer of the role of Sofia. And then suddenly the meeting, but even so unexpected!

Ivan Sergeyevich told another that he asked the projectionist, who brought "A Wedding in Malinauka in Pecheri not give film. And in the evenings after work, when he was sad watching him in a country club, each time enjoying a meeting with Sofia.

We had a long talk with him about this and that and then, looking around, found that you were alone in the linden avenue. Later I learned that Ivan Sergeevich - disabled veteran of the second group. Life had not turned. Do not believe it, but so far it seems to me that we are holding hands, under the lime trees.

. - Others are your heroes, too, liked Turgenev?
. - Yes, especially a nun Mironov from the movie "For Two Hares" (this is not film, but the real fireworks), Odarka of "Goodbye, cops!"
. However, Ivan Sergeevich saw all forty films with my participation, including "Young Years", "A Common Story," "bag, full of hearts," "Between the high-grain," "Weeds," "Visiting Kovalevka" " The right to love ". I've created images - very different. Today I even surprised myself, as I could every time so transform. Indeed, except for games played the roles, I presented 169 films. This will agree, a lot.

Sometimes I think that today in this rural calm I am resting from his labors of the righteous, from the constant traveling, the endless shooting.

- Spectators of the older generation, of course, remember the film, directed by Efim Gakelya "His Generation. You played Marika ...
- Marika - my first film role. I started acting in the fifty-eighth year, after graduating from the Kharkiv Theater Institute. My teachers were National Artists of the USSR Les Serdyuk, Mikhail Pokotylo, as well as Boris Stavitsky, who works today in Kiev Theater named after Ivan Franko. Incidentally, I was always invited to the theater. I myself realize that the more theater actress. But apparently fate would have it, order differently. However, I still have one unfulfilled dream.

Since my childhood I dreamed to become pilots. Ten-year after she graduated from the flying club, flying in a fighter plane, even mastered aerobatics. Parents do not really like my hobby. And in school, where going to do, I was turned down: was told that girls do not take. That's left to me except to comprehend avtomotodelo. I even got the right riders and drivers. I've always been drawn to the technique. Apparently, in a previous life I was a man. With dreams of flying still not parted, and agreed that, if not in real life, at least in the theater or cinema can become pilots. Here and entered the theater. And my first husband, Felix was a fighter pilot.

"I auditioned for the role of Sofia, the last of the" indian Battalion

- However, some time you could not see on the screen?
- My husband and I lived in Kiev, he finished the Institute of Civil Aviation, writing thesis. When bore a second daughter, I am temporarily not working. The houses often had no penny. I remember when appearing at least some money, immediately ran for milk and bread. In looking forward, when the children grow up, to continue to be removed (by that time I had worked at the studio named after Dovzhenko). And somehow one of my fans, with which we became good friends, in a letter to me asked if I need any help. I told her that I needed - no one to sit with children. She sent me her aunt, and she looked after during the year for my girls, giving me the opportunity to be removed ...

I played the image of Sophia is very dear to me. It seemed that this role was written specifically for me. Although the percentage of chance that she just went to me, there. And that's how it all. Actress Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater, which was supposed to appear in the role of Sofia, suddenly fell ill. Then invited to the set "woman's Battalion" - as they called us, the young actresses of the Kiev theater actor. I auditioned for the role of last Sofia. Film is directed by Andrew Tutyshkin all lamented - too young, this Alfimova. In the meantime, I have tried on a wardrobe of her heroine - thin shirts and velvet jackets, shoes liked my boots with laces. My made-up, painted lines and left a shadow under the eyes. And so I appeared before the film crew on the background scenery of the palace, where п⌠я─п╦я├п╦п╟п╫ Tauride usually strolled with his gang. Then Galina Shakhovskaya, . choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater, . which put dancing in our comedy, . exclaimed the director: "What do you all see, . because you went to the heroine of the Tretyakov Gallery, . shoot as her! "I am very grateful to her for this" push ",
. The footage with my participation material was sent to Lenfilm for approval in the role of Sofia. Soon there came a telegram: "Congratulations on the beautiful Sofia! Good luck!". Following approval for the main role with me was happy all the film crew. We worked very smoothly. The film stars talented actors - Vladimir Samoilov, Zoya Fedorova, Andrei Abrikosov and Gregory, Tamara Nosov, Mikhail Pugovkin, very popular at that time singer Nikolai Slichenko. Once in the village Khoroshki Poltava region, where the movie was made, after a hard day we were invited to the dinner chairman of the local farm. No bathing, without removing the suits, we boarded the bus and went to his home. Very surprised to see in his house a lot of musical instruments. Were there and accordion, and piano, and bass, and mandolin, and saxophone. I remember every one of us on something brenchal. Hosts asked Nicholas Slichenko sing, but he refused, citing fatigue. We were so uncomfortable for him. Especially since his wife has invited us to the chairman's birthday, and she was a big fan Slichenko. However, we sang for him.

- How perceived "Wedding in Malinovka" first audience?
- The premiere took place in 1967 in a Moscow theater "Russia". Although it could be broken: it was that day reported the tragic death of Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. And we do comedy! We are so excited, but the premiere did take place. During appearances before the movie we tried to be very restrained, quiet, and said no extra emotion. Then the film was shown - it passed with overwhelming success. It seemed to me quite natural that it all happened that way: in real life, joy and sorrow so often coexist. By the way, were planned to take the second part of the film, but, alas, its authors have died, not having carried out their plans. It's a pity that none of the directors and scriptwriters have not dared to take up the sequel. It hurts more and the fact that the younger generation takes little interest in their culture. Imagine, just turn on the TV recently, and the announcer Studio "1 +1" invites viewers to see "Wedding in Malinovka" and declares: in the main starring Vladimir Samoilov. And everything about me not a word. After all, I thank God, still alive! It's a shame, because such errors - elementary unprofessionalism. Believe me, not for myself, sorry - my fans are still writing me. Disturbing other - in fact few, we still have these artists. I think it would be interesting, yet they are still alive, to find them, to invite the television or just talk about their fates. But it seems that nobody is now no need. A pity. Another striking elementary failure copyright. Movies with my participation in television and film distribution are shown continuously. But I, like other actors, has not received a penny. Life today is difficult and such fees altogether would not prevent us, the more that live on my pension in 59 hryvnia 60 kopeks, you know, it is simply impossible. So we are forced to Ivan Sergeyevich grow vegetables and fruits.

"My husband did not allow me to combine"

- You have a beautiful house.
- Once upon a time there lived steward of Count Potocki: Pechera and all the surrounding villages were in possession of Count. The house had to be rebuilding. When I moved to Pecheri, found here some ruins, where the cattle around here. For three years we Ivan Sergeyevich settled in the future housing, then I "disembowelled" his Kiev apartment and furniture brought here, some things. For twenty-six years, we are not separated by Ivan Sergeyevich. Seven years, as the undersigned. Moving to Pecheri, I asked the husband to give me a tractor or combine - gladly would participate in planting, harvesting collective harvest. But he had this idea for some reason do not like it here and I have to sit at home. However, bored once: the house on me. I followed her husband to work and meet him, cook him delicious meals. Summer and fall working in the flower garden - very fond of roses and tulips, look after the garden, fuss in the garden. And I have a lot of their own recipes for pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, and, of course, salads Sauerkraut. Sometimes, to unwind, to her old "Six" travel to outlying. And very much like to sit on the bike and ride through the village, a little cheer just like me, grandmothers. After all our years - we are not a hindrance.

- Your daughter has grown up ...
- Yes, the elder Elizabeth - actress, worked in the Kiev theater actor. Although, unfortunately, at its creative history occurred is not the best of times: in Ukraine today is removed very few films. The younger daughter Alena left with his family in America, is a nurse in the cardiology hospital in New York. We Ivan Sergeyevich had twice provedyvali our "American". In addition, I've already thrice grandmother. And in general, live a quiet rural life, measured. On our farm was a bower. Nearby - Southern Bug. Waking up early in the morning, we come here with my husband, enjoy nightingales in the birch grove, the noise of the river, vyzvanivayuschey in the crystal clear air. Ivan Sergeevich loves to listen to my stories about the shooting, which took place in Pecheri, Sokoltse, Petrashovke. In this picturesque area director Yuri Lysenko rented movies "Blood human - is thicker than water", Arthur Voytetsky - "And now the glorified Son of Man, Stanislav Klimenko -" groom ". All of our well-known masters of cinema went here, we can say, in the footsteps of the great Alexander Dovzhenko, taken a liking to this beautiful area. So I continue to live in the world of cinema

. Filmography:
. Years Young (1958)
. His generation (1958) ... Marika
. Ordinary Story (1960)
. For two hares (1961) ... nun Mironov
. Heirs (1962)
. Bag full of hearts (1964)
. Burian (1965)
. Wedding in Malinovka (1968) ... Sofia
. Between the high-grain (1971)
. Farewell, cops! (1974) ... Odarka
. Right to Love (1977)
. Visiting Kovalevka (1980)
. Grooms (1985)

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