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Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna

( People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the 'Golden Mask')

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Biography Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna
photo Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna
Born July 3, 1944 in Leningrad. She graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Movies (course Boris W. Zone). Upon graduation he entered the actress in the Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater, where she made her debut in the role of Polly in "The Threepenny Opera, Brecht. Almost immediately, her acting career went up, and with a record of Natalia Tenyakova flashed awards and prizes received at various competitions and shows a theatrical youth.

. In 1968 she was invited to the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after M. Gorky
. There she played in Aglaia tovstonogovskom play "Idiot" with Innocent Smoktunovsky starring. Then there were - Clay ( "The Fox and the Grapes"), Julia ( "Summer residents"), Marya Antonovna ( "Auditor"), Vera ( "Three sacks of wheat weeds"), Alexander ( "Fantasy Faryateva"). Her works are notable for independence, confidence interpretation, surprised at the variety of shades.

Tenyakova - man of the theater. It theatrical primarily in the sense of the word, when the theater presents us on the boards something totally different than the everyday ordinariness. Tenyakova never copies life, she creates it, creates. She managed to escape the melancholy flashes in the crowd.

Together with his family in the late 1970's Natalia Tenyakova moved to Moscow and became an actress Theater Mossovet. Here she was introduced to the already reaching performances - "Version" (Love D. Block), "Theme and Variations" (Lyubov), "The Brothers Karamazov" (Grushenka). She ought to adapt to an alien figure role. But Tenyakova was independently. And the performances, in which it was introduced, changed under the influence of the actress.

So it was with the show "The Brothers Karamazov". Execution Tenyakova role Grushenka recognized theatrical community one of the most surprising and successful. Tenyakova almost intuitively guessed the philosophical orientation of the performance. It is nowhere emphasized that tend to be particularly used for the part - Grushenka seductiveness, her feminine attractiveness. The actress confessed later that it is not very fond of Grushenka, but brought in this way heretofore unprecedented rigidity and cold splendor.

Later in the Theater Mossovet appeared performances staged for her. She has successfully performed the role of Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler), Mademoiselle Syupo (Ornifl, or cross wind) and other. Undoubtedly the outstanding works were played over a hundred times on the small stage theater Mossovet - Sophia Andreyevna ( "If I am alive") and Frosya ( "Stove on the wheel").

. Appearance Tenyakova in Moscow Art Theater named after A. Chekhov at the invitation of Oleg Nikolaevich Efremov sounded like the paradox of her acting destiny
. It nemhatovskaya inherently actress-singer, has always stood apart, becomes leading in the ansamblievom Theater

. Tenyakova not trying to soften a room or a room like, do not allow sentimentality, she judged her heroines, sometimes merciless to him.

. Actress characterized complicated way of dialogue, which sometimes brings to the role of high eccentricity
. While tragic glow actress reached in the role of Raquel ( "After the rehearsal, MAT, 1996). Natalia Tenyakova - a wonderful actress, creating on stage a variety of female characters, but her performance is always a woman with a capital letter.

. She formed an unusually successful duo in the life and art of Sergei Jurassic, which is like no one understands the uniqueness of her talent, helping him to reveal
. Award "Golden Mask" was marked by her work in the play "Chairs", staged S.YU. Jurassic in the Theater "School of modern play" (1994).

In the bank NM. Tenyakova lot of bright theatrical roles. Among them - Polly Picha ( "The Threepenny Opera", . 1966), . Ol-Ol ( "Days of Our Lives", . 1966), . Liselotte ( "Two Theater, . 1968), . Nastya ( "Happy Days unhappy man", . 1970), . Vera ( "Three sacks of wheat weeds"), . Armand ( "Moliere"), . Alexander ( "Fantasy Faryateva", . 1976), . Julia ( "Summer residents", . 1977), . Sophia Andreyevna ( "If I am alive", . 1979), . Polyxena ( "The truth - well, . and happiness - is better ", . 1980), . Luba ( "Theme and Variations, . 1982), . Panko ( "Widow Steamer, . 1986), . Madeleine ( "Kabala sanctimonious", . 1988), . Ranevskaya ( "The Cherry Orchard", . 1990), . Matchmaker ( "Marriage", . 1997), . Valentine Korneevna ( "Entrapment", . 2000) and others.,

. Demand actress in the movie, where her extraordinary theatricality emerges bright and gives the characters the sharpness and contrast of colors, allows the viewer to clearly understand its heroines
. The best known and loved Asenkova ( "green coach", 1965), Lida ( "elder sister"), Antonina ( "Our friends"), Baba Shura (Love and Pigeons).

. More than 50 roles portrayed on television, . including productions of "Life of unnecessary rights", . "Dark-complexioned lady sonnets" (Lady), . Uncle's Dream "(Maria Alexandrovna), . "Fiesta" (Brett Ashley), . Big cat's Tale "(Alice), . "Wanted gray human hair" (Natasha), . "Colonel Chabert" (Countess), and others.,

. NM
. Tenyakova - People's Artist of Russia (1994), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1982), winner of the prize "Golden Mask" (1995), a member of the Union of Theater Workers (1965).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna, photo, biography
Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna, photo, biography Tenyakova (Jurassic) Natalia Maksimovna  People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the 'Golden Mask', photo, biography
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